Saturday, April 29, 2006

Okay I lied. But look...

How are these not the funniest pictures you have ever seen?

Moco the Porn Star

And Moco's self portrait.
I am sitting here procrastinating and looking at these and just CRACKING UP. If you knew Mocosita you would think they were pretty fucking hilarious, too.

Last post...

... for April. Did I frighten you?

Okay, so I may be MIA for a few days while I wait for the cable to be completely hooked up at mi depto. I am trying to blog more regularly at the behest of my loyal fans, so this one will put a little crook in the plan. But you'll be fine. Go out, get some fresh air, maybe take a lap around the block. Talk to your families. Ride a bike.

Just think, the next time I blog I will be surrounded by all my STUFF. That is such a good thing for Joycee.

Oh yeah, last day of work yesterday, blah blah blah, it was rather anticlimatic because they fired another kid there but I got some extra money for some inexplicable reason (cashed out some PTO when I have been there only 2 months? I am so not arguing) and now I get to buy more stuff. Okay now I get to pay off my one Visa. Same same.

That's it, gotta get moving - meeting Property Manager Janice in about an hour or so ~

Thanks for ALL of your well wishes, both on and off the blog. You guys are the only reason I am still here! >snf<

Friday, April 28, 2006

Once in a while... actually looks livable. Tomorrow they are calling for rain, though, and that makes sense, because movers generally wear heavy boots, heavy boots track mud... I don't think I have to go into much more detail.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yay! Presents!

It's funny. I quit my job, and suddenly I am busier than ever. Today I did a miracle escrow (opened and closed within 24 hours - well, it WILL be closed within 24 hours), and also signed (for the third time) one of Nina's files on my way into work, ran around all day doing stuff, and didn't get home until 7pm. I mentioned to a couple of the girls still in the office at that time that it was important to note that I had QUIT and yet was still working my ass off. See how nice I am?

Today I also had a nice surprise visit from Jeri T (well, it's P now and has been for like a really long time). She brought me a present!

Wasn't that nice? Not to mention fitting. You know, Jeri and I have been in touch over the years, somewhat sporadically (I blame her, you know, I am famous for keeping in touch with my friends...) and she never really knew that the word "bitter" is one of my all time favorite words. I use it all the time. She said she was reading the blog one day and decided that I sounded sort of bitter. And then she happened upon this mug... the rest, as they say, is history. Present aside, it was a great visit and I hope that we continue to keep in touch because a) we have a great history, and b) at this point I need all the friends I can get. Somehow I became unpopular. It's really quite interesting to me. One day I am filling a bar full of people at a going away party and the next I am like a leper. I guess the going away party was really for them. Who knew.

Okay, so tomorrow is my last day at Transnation. I will be moving over to First American (back to First American) in Lincoln Tower on Monday. I am looking forward to it because I will bring a few files over, and it will be nice to be all comfy-cozy working with roughly the same people as before. Roughly the same procedures, roughly the same policy, that kind of thing. It should be good. Not expecting miracles, just happy to be back in the norm again.

Not much new besides that. I am looking forward to getting settled this weekend (not looking forward to the process) (or the check writing) and sort of moving on. Back to the business of living in the US and all that. For now anyway.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Waiting on ANTM...

Yep, it's on like season 7 here or something, but I still love my America's Next Top Model. Sheer comedy. I am idly wondering how I can get my hands on the seasons that I missed between here and Mexico...

So yeah, I gave my notice to Nina on Monday morning. She totally understood. I mean, how could she not? So her assistant is on vacation (chance of a lifetime - under normal circumstances you simply do not take vacation during month end), and I told her that I knew she needed to phone Wayne so I'll stick around for as long as they want. Turns out, I am the first escrow officer on record who was ever asked to stay out there notice period. Consequently I have been busy doing Nina stuff, and its the busiest I have been in ages. Wayne did phone me from his sick bed, and didn't chew me out, told me he was sorry that Marketing didn't want to do their job, and forwarded me some emails showing that he pleaded with them to do something but they still resisted. Maybe they are getting a vibe from me that no one else does. I don't know.

Bottom line - I will have a full paycheck Friday and I need it to pay the people I need. So that's good. Also, today I had an appointment at 8:15 to get the old cast off, and then after that I ran to St Vincent's Hospital to re-sign a buyer whose paperwork was wrong. Ran for the rest of the day, working harder than I have in a long time for a company I barely work for. Is it not clear that all I really wanted to do was think again?

(Did you notice how I totally glossed over the cast issue? Pretty anticlimactic, considering I just pulled it off my arm and handed it to the nurse, and now I have a brace for 2 weeks, but you know, it's great to have that bulky thing gone. So, yay me!).

So right, Kim S and I went out on Saturday night - first we went to Washington Square and shopped for some things, and then from there we got a bite to eat at a place called Bajio something or other (great shrimp tacos but they got rid of their horchata machine and they need hotter salsa), and then we met one of her friends downtown around 8pm. It was prom night for a bunch of schools, so her friend (a guy) sighed dreamily at the young nubiles in pink tafetta and hooker shoes while we sipped cold beverages. We hit a couple places and then met her boss and his buddy at a bar in "The Pearl", a way-cool-trendy-hip-we-think-we-are-something-bigger-and-cooler-than-Portland-but-when-all-is-said-and-done-it's-PORTLAND neighborhood replete with pretentious theme bars (apparently martinis are still "in") and the beautiful people that frequent them. Her boss and his friend were very fun though, hilarious actually. Goldie (the friend) was a cartoon character at best description (Rugged knows what I mean) and I really enjoyed bullshitting with him. Because, you know, he wasn't just making sure everyone else saw that he was there. I did have a fun time, it just wasn't my scene (am I making that obvious). Got home at a decent hour, and then I don't think I did a dang thing all day Sunday. I know I didn't shower.

So yeah, just playing the waiting game. Got everyone scheduled for the weekend and then I start work at First American on Monday. It will be fun. The atmosphere is just a lot warmer.

Okay, time to watch my show. Seriously.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's sunny, but I still can't feel my toes

So yeah, some things are coming along.

Wednesday I got a call from Nikki and Linda at the place I used to work, offering me to come back. I'm doing it. I have nothing against Transnation, it's just that a) I need to be marketted, and b) I am drawing a pretty big salary out of an office to which I am not contributing a dime back. How can I? The clients I have re-enlisted are doing what they can, but the marketting folks need to get me out there to get more. No matter how many times I have complained about it to them and to my county manager, I still sit there and DON'T go out and visit lenders. Stupid. Also, at the other company, I have access to better Customer Service resources so that when my client asks me for something, I can actually get it to them in a reasonable timeframe. I am still waiting to find out zoning information that I asked for a month ago. I am not kidding. It also took me for flipping ever to record an accommodation BSD that should have taken half a day. I finally got that info back a week later. What the heck is that? The gals over in the branch I am in right now are fine, nice and all that, but since I was just dumped on them, I don't get much of a warm fuzzy from them, and I really don't blame them. Okay, that's my story.

I meant to quit Friday around 12n, but I ended up taking a signing for my boss, and then when I got out she went into one, and I had to leave at 1:30. I know she will want to call in the county manager so he can chew me out, so I am giving her the opportunity, because I don't have anything to hide. I am just not getting my needs met, and perhaps I am high-maintenance to that degree. Not a bad thing - high maintenance in this business means I make them money. Seems like a win-win to me.

I got my haircut at Evolution on Friday, it looks good but so far I haven't taken a shower yet and tried to do it myself, so we'll see how that turns out. Around 3ish today, Kim S. is coming over and we'll hit Washington Square and do some shopping, and then go out and meet some of her friends and another friend of ours for a couple of cocktails. The moratorium has been briefly lifted because Barbie is out baby/house sitting for her boss in Wilsonville. Except I had a dream last night that she came home today and said, Yeah, I just didn't want to be there anymore, so I am staying home, and I had to frantically call Kim and tell her I couldn't go and she was mad and you know, my dreams are funky, because in the same dream I was in a bar that doesn't exist but I dream about all the time, in Cancun, and then went out back to throw out the trash, and accidentally knocked the entire trash dumpster thingie down, which was basically a big fence covered in white plastic, and really big, and I don't even know where THAT came from...

The best news of all though is that I heard from Property Manager Janice and she told me 29 April is the day! So I phoned the movers, and after a day of phone tag, was disappointed to find that he was booked til 1 May! But he gave me a referral to a company that has the same rates, etc, and I phoned him, and I am all set for Saturday afternoon ~ sweet. That'll be nice. Now all I really need to do is call the bug guy and set that up, call Scott from Comcast (almost typed Cablemas) and set that up, and get my comal and other things from Kathy. I don't even know what is over there, besides the comal because I desperately miss it, and maybe a coffee maker? Who knows. I hope I can make arrangements sometime this week to get that stuff, even though I still have this stupid cast, I should be able to struggle it all in the car.

So that is the update for now. I guess I'll take a shower and get the day going. I have been slipping the cast off for showering purposes but it still feels wierd and hurts like a bitch when I'm done, but it sure beats putting trash bags over it every morning!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two sunny days in a row and I need to tell you a little something

Today marks the 1st day of month 3 in captivity. Talk about waiting for your life to begin. I got a very positive phone call today from someone who has the power to put me closer to normalcy. I still can't say what it is, because of the whole I-don't-have-it-in-writing-yet thing, but I am thinking that I am pretty close to there. Pretty darn close. It won't be life changing, it won't make the next 55 days (or the next 9 days, or even the next 6 days) go any faster, but at least I will feel like I am actually doing something rather than sitting around all day waiting for something decent to happen. I'll tell you when it happens so just be patient. I have to be.

Somebody mentioned to me that this blog lately has been nothing but doom and gloom. I don't see it, myself, but then again, when I proofread I don't see it from an outsider's point of view. The situation is this: I am making the best of a situation that has been a bit rocky. It was and remains my choice to come back, and I certainly am not bummed that I made that choice. On the contrary, in order to move forward, we have to make sacrifices. Think long and hard about that, all you unhappy people out there. I live my life without regret - always have. Always will. The good that I am able to do here, while I am here, is that I get to make some more money, pay off some bills and save some cash for the future, and along the way I am able to support certain charities (in particular, La Ciudad de la Alegria). It's fun to look forward to going back. Am I sad that I am not there to watch My Place open and begin the journey to fame? Absolutely! But it's because I miss my friends and the proximity of them, and I miss the feeling that I have when I am there. This blog is a place where I "get" to write down what is on my mind at the time it is on my mind. I "get" to because it's my blog. Remember, I am living in a situation to which I am not terribly accustommed. Accustomed? It doesn't look right. Anyway, under all the circumstances, I think my attitude is great. I think I learned to live more peacefully within myself. I think I have learned to let the little things (and little people) roll right off my back. So please don't mistake my bitching for disappointment and pessimism. You are just being given the opportunity to weather this right along with me.

(I just have to say, I have always been a problem solver, and a good listener, but I am reaching my breaking point. As I sit here and type, all I really want to do is scream, at the top of my lungs, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, GET OVER IT, THIS IS LIFE AND BY NOW YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT! But I don't, because that would be bad.)

Okay, not much else going on. Besides that phone call, all I did today was (again) chat with Elizabeth and a little with that Jan Jan, and of course Maria, who does not read this. Tomorrow I will call Property Manager Janice and find out if I should be scheduling movers or not. Please send good thoughts and positive energy - the good Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for commenting, by the way. It is a nice surprise to see the notification in my email that someone has posted a comment (I finally answered your question, huh, Rebecca?). And you can be sure, Jeri, that when I get moved in you will be over for that glass (bottle?) of wine. Liz, you and Becky can come, too. And you too Suzanne. It's only got one bedroom so you guys will all have to fight over the couch.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

List time!

Random thoughts at the Two - Month mark:

One of the things that I missed while living in Cancun was Bill Kurtis's voice on A&E's "Investigative Reports". He was on it, but they had a voice-over of somebody else in Spanish. If you listened really closely sometimes you could hear Bill but it was pretty hard and there had to be absolutely nothing else on TV to devote that kind of time to it. Now that I am back I never watch it, but it's not because I don't want to.

There are so many changes in the escrow/lending world that have happened in such a short time that I am almost amazed. FHA regulations, for one, have changed dramatically. So far this hasn't made a difference in my life, since, though technically employed, I don't actually work.

Mondays are not as bad as they used to be.

It's difficult to say why, but getting a Starbucks coffee before work in the morning is too much of a hassle with an arm in a cast and the kind of cup holder I have in my car. I still do it once a week, but it's just easier to get a coffee at the little coffee stand next to my office. I love Starbucks, but part of the charm is getting something fun along with your coffee. I don't have a home so I won't buy a new mug, and I don't have an assistant so I can't buy fun finger puppets.

Upon learning that I lived in Mexico for over a year, most people that I barely know will offer their views on immigration in casual conversation with me. I am not sure why this is, because I am not an expert on immigration from any country into the US. But it sure seems like these people are gunning for a fight. I don't know what I ever did to them.

Everybody thinks I was living in Cabo for the last 15 months.

I notice that people here in the US (well, Portland anyway) are a lot more apathetic than what I have become used to. Very few people smile, and if you say hi to their pet, for instance, they look at you like you might be crazy. They are also sick a lot. Maybe it's because it is always cold here, but I can't get over how sick everyone is. It's because they are unhappy, I can tell.

The US is also way too involved in show business folk. In a world where a princess is killed being run off the road by a photographer, wouldn't you think that we might just back off a little bit? On the morning news there is a 10 minute or so segment devoted to "Hollywood" gossip. I don't get it. Why do I have to watch that? Can't I just choose not to tune into Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight? Why am I being penalized just because I chose Channel 2 News? People know every random guy and gal Angelina Jolie screwed, but they don't know the name of the Secretary of State.

I am okay with branching out from Coach. It's okay for me now to not be so devoted. I blame this on the signature line. If a person feels the need to broadcast the brand of their purse to a bunch of strangers, keep them away from me. We have nothing in common.

I can wear my Dansko clogs with virtually everything I own. I am looking forward to summer when I can see how well they go with pastels.

If I never turn on Lifetime Television for Women again, I will die a happy woman. Turns out, I am stuck without that option for another couple of weeks at least.

The people I most want to talk to are long distance. Some REALLY long distance.

I run into this a lot too - people who say "Mexican" as if it is derogatory. Example: "The people mowing the lawn out there are pretty inexpensive because most of them are Mexican." Then they look at me and say, "Sorry, Joyce." I usually just look back at them blankly. But sometimes I respond by saying something along the lines that dealing with stupid, ignorant people is simply my cross to bear.

I could hear "I Weel Serrrrr Viiiiiiive" sung by Ladys right now and actually not cringe.

I am not the slightest bit stessed out about having a flight to Cancun booked and having no idea where I am staying. This is a stretch for me. I generally have to have flight and accommodations booked at least 6 months in advance in order to rest easily.

I am no longer a slave to the snooze alarm. Another enormous stretch. This could be thanks to Tunguska, but I will know for sure when I finish my first bottle.

It is a piece of cake to spend enormous amounts of money living in the US. And yet I was once able to live on $850 pesos for over a month. I don't know what I spend it on, but my money is never mine for long.

Janet is never online when I want her to be.

Spiders bother me just as much as they did before I left. I really took for granted my nearly spider-free existance. At least Raid is international.

The weathermen in Portland are 0-36 so far. Seriously, I will be watching the TV news in the morning, staring at a clear blue sky, and the weatherman will actually tell me it is pouring down rain.

56 days is a really long time from where I am sitting.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Just got paid, it's Friday night...

Well, I guess I have angered a Becky for not having updated since Wednesday (you know which Becky you are). Sor-ry!

So Thursday was a busy day. I got a phone call that could amount to something positive, but I won't say anything until I know for sure, so you will just have to wait. Also, yesterday I phoned my long-time friend in Califas as it was his birthday. I haven't seen him/spoken to him in something like 5 years, and before that, shoot, probably another 8 years (he really is my friend, you know). Anyway for some reason my brother Benny had given me his number about a month ago, and then last Saturday Benny phoned me looking for that same number (there really is no rhyme or reason to anything, is there?). Which put him in my mind, and that reminded me that yesterday was his birthday, so I phoned him, and he returned the call, and we had a great talk, and it was just a really nice end to a not so terrible day. Thanks, Rugs!

I also heard from my friend Brad in Cleveland, and that is always fun for me, because he is quite possibly one of the funniest people I know (there I go, pissing off a Becky again) and I remember the night we went out for beers right before I left Ohio, and how we started off saying, "This isn't going to be one of those tearful goodbyes, we'll just say 'see you later' and be done with it" but by the end of the night we WERE tearful and being stupid and all that (if you read this, Brad, it's true, don't deny it, I saw tears in your eyes!) and it remains a really great memory to me. So I had a couple blasts-from-the-past and that is always good for the psyche.

Today, since I can't move in to my apartment for 2 more weeks, was payday, so I booked a flight to Mexico and bought a Michael Kors purse ~ nothing like a $700 day! I haven't drank a drop in a really long time so I have to self-medicate with something. It's a bitchin bag and someday if I ever get a digital camera I might take a picture of it. It's green and it's gigantic. I'm such a bag hag.

The coup-de-grace today was that Janet called from My Place tonight. They opened for a sort of sneak peek for some message board folks that were threatening to come by, I guess I will find out later if they showed. She told me that they were pretty bare bones - just about a dozen booze bottles, some beer and soda, and plastic cups, but the place looks good. They expect to open next week probably. Kim and Arturo, Helen and Christian, and Nancy and Andy were there so I got to speak to them, along with a tortured conversation with Rafa in Spanish and a quick hello to Sergio. I let them know I would see them in June. This is the toughest thing for me, knowing they are opening up and me not being there. I really am bummed out, but I love to hear from them and about the club. Some day, soon, I have to just keep that in mind.

Anyway, decent couple of days, the biggest setback being the apartment thing. But all I can do is wait for it to pass.

And THAT is not feeling sorry for myself, Becky! :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Aaahhhh, another speed bump

I think that under the circumstances I have been holding up pretty well. The universe has been throwing it at me and I have been taking it. I could have a horrid attitude at this point, and yet I am keeping a stiff upper lip. I have no other choice but to keep positive thoughts. Because things just keep getting better and better.

Sure they are.

Yesterday in the mail I got a form letter from the apartment complex giving me the telephone numbers to the utilities whose services I will be needing. They asked that I have the account numbers all set up prior to signing the lease so that the process is smooth. This sounds promising, I thought, as I stuffed the letter in my purse to take to work this morning so that I could be sure to phone in the day and get a move-in date to provide to the various service providers. After all, the tentative move-in date has been April 15 for a little while now, and when I snuck in last Sunday there wasn't much left for them to do, in my apartment anyway.

I phoned right before my visit with Laurie McQuary. I got the machine so I left a somewhat detailed message regarding what I needed. I also mentioned that if they needed a little nudge from the inspectors at Washington County, I would probably be able to make some calls. Ha ha.

The return call came a little later in the day, after my appointment (which by the way was very positive). I was on the phone when it came in, so the apartment manager (not Janice) left me a return message. Unfortunately, it will not be ready until the 29th. No real reason why, but I was so bummed I didn't have the strength to return her call today. I will tomorrow.

There are so many little things that you look forward to that become such disappointments when they don't work out, that when added to the rest of a person's day-to-day, could drive a person completely off the deep end. I am so close to the end of my rope I can't stand it. I could list them all right now, but I won't. Not so much because my friends have heard (and read) it all before, but also because I really feel that there are people out there getting a secret pleasure reading about the stumbling blocks that keep getting tossed in my way. I prefer not to give those few that kind of power. I wonder why they even bother to read about someone they don't even want to know. But karma is a bitch, and it finds you even when you think you are doing such a good job hiding your true self from the rest of the world. Me, I think I understand karma pretty well, and I do my best to always keep it in the forefront of my soul.

As for my little appointment, she made me feel very positive about the things that I feel like I should be doing. I feel like I am on the right track, that I need to start making some plans again, and that I am ready to start doing things for me, and nobody else. That is inspiring. You know when you are talking with the "real deal", believe me. So it was a busy day, with disappointments, but with good things too that make the big picture so much more appreciated. I will hang in, I have no other option.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not worth selling?

My "marketing" people are useless. For some reason when presented with the gift of a senior escrow officer with 10 years of experience and no desk whatsoever they run the other way. A lender rep walked into a mortgage office today and choked out my name, and what do you know, the branch manager there knew me. He seemed shocked when he called me to tell me. I told him, You know, YOU may not know me, but you shouldn't be surprised when LENDERS know me. I have been telling him this for a month and a half almost. They just don't get it. The regular reps in my office clearly do not get it. They don't understand this phenomenon. They don't even say hi to me, for God's sake. Going to work is worse than anything I could have ever imagined. If it weren't for the paycheck I would just quit. But if they want to pay me to do NOTHING (and I mean NOTHING) all day, I guess that is their perogative. It just makes showing up an enormous drag.

On the flip side, Janet sent some pictures today. The club looks awesome and they are very close to opening, just not sure when exactly. Hopefully this weekend, but I guess it depends on who you are talking to. If I were there, I'd know. But I'm not, I am here, doing NOTHING for a big salary.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Recap - A "Can't Miss" Entry!

Well, the walk was not so bad (since you asked). It was cold, and it rained, and I looked outlandish, but it was a nice time. We arrived early of course (my client, whose mother is Clara Jean, didn't recognize me what with the hat and slicked back bangs), but met up with our team and got walking at about 10:30. It took us just under an hour and the walk was pretty, if you didn't mind the grey backdrop. I saw a heron, which always makes me happy. I saw a few clients and signed up to win a raffle prize (apparently didn't win) and then afterward we went to the other side of the park to the Farmers' Market. I love a good Farmers' Market. The rain was pretty steady but let up just about as we were finishing, and then on the drive home we got hit with some good blinding downpours, but after that it started to clear up. With my 4 layers I was a bit warm in the end, but all in all it was for a good cause and I am glad I got to walk for a while, considering I haven't walked further than my car since February.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Didn't do much after the walk, and then this morning Barbie and I ran to the Square, and to my storage unit to pick up my feather bed and comforter to take to the dry cleaner, and then to Target where I picked out, but did not purchase yet, my shower curtain, bought some new bed pillows, picked out (but again did not purchase) a stereo (I am sure my current one has bit the dust, it was only playing on one of three cd slots when I packed it away June 2004), and a rug for the kitchen. Then we went by my someday apartment, and snuck in (the doorknobs are on but it wasn't locked). From the looks of things, all they need to do is lay the front porch (at least I hope so...) and paint the walls (I confirmed with Property Manager Janice that it will not be painted "apartment white" but a sort of cream that is standard at that property - it's warm, not stark), and then it's go time. I wish they would hurry the fuck up, this is agony. Of course there was a spider in the bedroom (the last time we snuck in there was one in the dining room - further sealing the deal with Columbia Pest Control) but it has some cool light fixtures and it will be nice cooking with gas again, especially the kind of gas range that you don't have to light with one of those long Bics like in Cancun, where every time I boiled water I was sure I was going to lose the top part of my hair.

After a successful b-and-e we went home, and I went tanning and to the supermarket for some fish and came home (Barbie had dinner at her neice's house) and made some of Janet's pescado empanizado (though she doesn't know that's what it's called)(I hate to say it, but I don't think I will ever be able to scramble it into eggs), took a little nap, and now here I am, waiting for Family Guy to come on and contemplating what to wear to work tomorrow. Remember, Mondays are GOOD days! Mondays are FRESH NEW STARTS! I LOVE Mondays! (If daily affirmations got me back to this hell-hole, by God they can do anything...)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Walk your way to happiness!

Today I am doing a 5K (walk, good Lord, do you even know who I AM?) for Afterward is a health fair and my sister Shelia is coming along with me to do the walk and check out the potential for the health fair in terms of her side business. The whole organization and their events are great, a worthwhile cause with some very forward thinking. Click on the link to learn more about it (since this ISN'T a public service announcement).

The blogworthiness of this event, however, is not the organization itself, but the fact that, because it has been somewhat sunny and dry all week, when a person is forced to sit in their office all day, today it is POURING DOWN RAIN. So (though it is definitely for a good cause) we get to walk along the Columbia River in 45 degree-, 10 mph wind-, blowing rain. I'd wear something rain-geary-y, but I barely have work clothes let alone something to stave off the cold and wet. This should be a study in fashion...

I'll fill you in on the details later, if I don't lose any limbs from the cold.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Oh my hell...





Monday, April 03, 2006

More into the money sewer

The fun just never stops.

The guy at Midas called to tell me that since my mom's car has not been tuned up in like forEVER, it was going to cost $295. That's just great. So I called Shelia to see what I should do (since just changing the fuel filter somehow cost $260, someone kindly explain to me how THAT can be if the automotive repair industry isn't out to get us all) and she said mom could probably swing paying half. So I called the SOB and told him to do it. Mom did split it with me, but for FUCK'S SAKE all I ever do is spend money. And on stuff I don't want. I still have to take MY car back in to flush all the shit out of it. To the tune of $300 mind you, according to Clarke's. Whatever. I'm sick of it. I dropped it off at mom's tonight. I should have listened to Bridie.

Anyway I was somewhat busy today as I covered for a unit where everyone in it called in sick. So that was nice, doing stuff again. Other than that, nothing new. Glad you could join me, have a nice evening...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

At least I got lubed up beforehand

Jiffy Lube sees me coming from 45 miles away every time. $21.99 for the Signature Service Oil Change. Yep. So my car has 208,435 miles, which means that it is recommended that I put the special "high mileage oil" in my car, which adds $14.00 to the price. The kid also advised me that it was recommended that I should have my radiator flushed since it had been about 9000 miles since I last had it done (forget the fact that the car sat for about a year and 3 months, he didn't know how right he was) for $59.99, and the automatic transmission fluid flushed and refilled (yeah, um, my car's a stick) for $79.99. I explained that I was at Jiffy Lube today simply to change the oil, and that I would have the rest of the fluids flushed at a real auto repair shop soon. He said okay. And then told me that the radiator pressure cap wasn't sealing properly (what the fuck is that?), so it was recommended that I replace that for $8.99 because it was the reason why my coolant was so low. I told him to do it, and to top off the coolant (included in the Signature Service Oil Change for everyone else on the planet but me), and he told me it would be another $3.99 for some reason I didn't catch because by this time I was only half listening to him. Oh and one more thing - did I know my passenger side brake light was burned out? No, I did not. So there's another $6.99.

By the time I got out of there my $21.99 Signature Service Oil Change (Sunday's Special!) cost me $65.96. I fucking hate Jiffy Lube.

One positive - "Family Guy" is on at 9pm Sunday night. Every Sunday night. Not just some random night after 11:30pm where you don't know whether or not it will be in Spanish. Every Sunday night at 9pm, in English. I just watched it. Side-splitting. Seriously, you should watch it. It's hilarious.

Okay, two blogs in one day. My little treat to you.

Springing forward

It's Sunday morning, and I am procrastinating. I need to go get the oil changed so I am going to go to Jiffy Lube. I know, I know, it's bad but this whole auto repair situation is such a racket that I am at everybody's mercy just waking up in the morning.

Friday I was coming back from lunch when suddenly my mom's car started chugging like it just didn't want to make it up the off ramp. Low gear and low idle, chugging like a freight train. Pissed, and having just made arrangements with Shelia to drop off the car at mom's Saturday, I asked everyone I could think of at work (which is one person, our token male in the branch) and other people on the phone what it might be, and the general consensus seemed to be a fuel filter issue. I ended up dropping it off at Midas (where she likes to take it for oil changes) yesterday and cancelled my appointment for my own car's complete system flushing Monday morning because that will cost me $200 and right now God only knows how much mom's car is going to cost me.

So I am going to Jiffy Lube. Fuck it.

Work is work, just chugging along. I ended my first full month at Transnation with 15 opened and 3 closed (woo... hoo...), a far cry from days of yore, but the open orders are increasing as I speak and everybody knows it is like I am starting from scratch all over again. No desk trailing along after me like other Senior Escrow Officers who change companies. So it will do what it is going to do and I will let it happen. I know I rock and soon enough everyone else will, too.

I got a pedicure and eyebrow wax with Xiang yesterday as well, and also bought some towels at Restoration Hardware and a bath mat at Pottery Barn. You know, because I can. It was good to talk to Xiang and throw my opinion around the salon, raising the eyebrows of the "priveleged" in Raleigh Hills and surrounding areas. She likes to plant a seed and I just run with it, my feelings about how here in the US our priorities are all screwed up, and how I don't particularly care for the people those priorities produce. It's not just about having expensive taste - I just spent $88 on 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels and I have boxes of Coach purses and name brand shoes - but it is putting the material before the spiritual that bugs me. I buy these things because I like them, I can afford them, and I have no one to spend my money on but myself (and a little place called Ciudad de la Alegria). I do not have some little person who I produced as an extension of myself and upon which I shower all the things I didn't get to do or have as a child, so I can indulge myself. Now everyone who was at the Nails Express at 10:30 on Saturday morning knows it. But as a passport-thumping US citizen, I have a God-given right to my opinion. So fuck 'em.

Okay, nice diversion from getting my clothes on and getting this oil situation taken care of. I am off. Happy daylight savings time to all ~