Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nice rack

From the Last Great Road Trip...

Toyota's Open Road Blog sent a guy out to talk to Paul and Jim right before they left for their trip, and took a vid. Below is my brother-in-law and his dad, talking about the adventure and of course the rig, so check it out if you have 6 minutes and 34 seconds to spare today. It's fun! Like a lizard!

I know I am talking about this a lot, but seriously, GO READ THE BLOG. It's very fun and about the only adventure I am getting right now. And since there are no hurricanes looming in Cancun today, I am quite sure you don't need to go get bread and tuna RIGHT NOW, so spend some quality time with my family, why don'tcha.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

And they're off!

I implore all of you to check out Paul and his dad's adventures on The Last Great Road Trip. They left a few days ago and Paul is keeping up with their daily travels on the blog. It is pretty dang cool, and I think it will be kind of a bummer when they leave us hanging while they travel through areas with no internet access. Great fun and lots of laughs, plus pictures, links and vids, and so much more intriguing than Trauma: The Drama that I am quite sure you may never come back to me. But do, because I'm fragile and I need the attention.

Friday, August 24, 2007

And another thing

Why don't they have that great music from movies like The Island of Dr. Moreau and Planet of the Apes in thrillers anymore? The original ones, not the remakes. You know that crazy sounding-like-a-mad-violinist kind of music that stresses you out and makes you feel just like the guy in the movie who is being pursued? I love that. I love those movies where the credits look like it's an episode of the Love Boat or something. The Evil That Men Do is like that too.

Okay, you can go back to whatever you were doing now.

SOME material may not be suitable for children...

I had to steal this from Mexico Way, because if she is PG13, then I'll eat my hat. So I did mine.

Mingle2 - Vancouver Singles

Frankly, I'm a little miffed. So "PG" means you can say things like "shitfuckcocksuck" (thanks, Barbie) and "motherfuckingcocksucker" (originally from Jill, but she doesn't read this)? What is this world coming to? And this is WHY I am PG-rated:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

hurt (1x)

What? Hurt? HURT?! Oh I'll hurt you all right. What does THAT mean? So you can swear like a sailor, but you can't say HURT? I just don't get it.

Okay, I'm done.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And now a word from our sponsers.

Commercials I really don't like right now:

- That McDonald's one where the guy is in the head brace and his dorkwad friends are eating egg mcmuffins like they haven't been laid in 8 years - the giggling, seriously, has to stop.

- The Toyota "Lots on the Lot" event where the keys fall from the sky. Hate the music, and generally manage to get the channel changed right when I hear the lead in. But the song sticks in my head for far too long afterward, and usually won't get out until I am in my car cranking Pablo Cruise or something.

- Is it Ditech? The one that says "People are smart"? Because, you know, they aren't. So I generally sit there (or stand there, or cook there, or blow dry my hair there, or sit at the cracktop there) saying, People AREN'T smart every time they try to tell me that people are. Because they aren't. Not in general.

- Any Mattress World commercial, because the couple that own the stores are HORRID on TV - flat, dry and yelling. Stop it. I literally made Tom go to Sleep Country USA to buy his mattresses a couple of weeks ago because of it, and let me tell you, the Sleep Country USA commercials are not that much better.

- eHarmony. Shouldn't that be enough of an explanation? That guy that started it, the doctor guy? Lech. He looks like some kind of molestor. Grosses me out, and since I am not an enormous fan of happy people, I rarely manage to get through the whole 30 seconds without some sort of gag reflex situation.

That's all I've got for this morning. I should mention that I really like the caveman commercials from Geico (and I really don't mind the gecko either), and the Dairy Queen commercial where the guy is eating the pepper cheese sandwich and lights his office on fire.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Relief for some, maybe not so much for others

For as much as I can gather, all is well down south (well, not WAY down south, but I can only seem to gather so much). Cancun was spared for the most part - sounds like mostly electricity flickering and maybe a Cablemas debunk-le or two (but, you know, that might describe any other non-weather-threatened day down there). Tropical storm-ish?

Again from what I can gather, the storm made landfall in Majahual (further south, look at a map for Pete's sake) between oh let's say Tulum and Chetumal for lack of a more specific explanation, and this is sort of good for cities and towns with a larger population but not so good for those towns with less resources. The media here since I got up (actually pretty early for me, but then again I ate a LOT of fruit last night and let's just say I didn't have the option of sleeping in...) has been about useless. Because Cancun wasn't completely wiped off the earth's surface like they had been anticipating (hoping for? You know how I feel about the media here), it appears that nobody in the media seems to care anymore. There is a guy reporting from Puerto Aventuras on The Weather Channel talking about how the waves are getting worse and worse, but I can't tell whether or not this is live or what.

Don't get me wrong, they are reporting. But at this point, even watching The Weather Channel, selflessly billing themselves as "your hurricane authority" (even though the forecaster last night was calling the region the "Cancun peninsula" and Elizabeth and I were having great fun with the constant butchering of the pronunciation of Chetumal), I can't figure out where the heck it is anymore. I am waiting for our Liz to log on just so I can make sure all is well. Maybe her power or cable is out. Hm. Maybe I will phone her on my way in to work.

So yeah, good news from down south in Cancun, but it's anybody's guess (well, mine anyway) how things are elsewhere. I guess I will find out soon enough.

Thanks to all those entities that must be thanked for this, that is for sure.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hang on, kiddies!

I will be glued to the cracktop and whatever news that isn't completely convoluted around here tonight, and I am online as long as you are. I hope you all stay safe, but I have to say that I think you guys are going to get the least of it. Down south, not so much. Fingers crossed that it flies through there without taking anyone with it... The waiting sucks and I know by this time you are just ready for it to be over. Frankly so am I.

Hang in there!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time to get out the Jesus candles

So... if you don't know it already, there's a hurricane heading toward Quintana Roo right now. Most of the day the models showed it heading straight for Cancun, but I left the house around 2:45 today, and am now just getting back to the cracktop, and now it looks like they are showing it hitting further south. Lucky for Cancun, and my friends there, but still shitty for the southern part of the state. Yick.

I just commented on Elizabeth's blog a minute ago and realized that this feeling of unrest I have had since yesterday (not the GENERAL feeling of unrest that I blogged about the other day, but a wierdish one that just started messing with me yesterday) is that whole anticipation feeling. The thing about hurricanes is they start really far away and the National Hurricane Center starts making predictions on where it is going and when it starts getting closer and closer the anticipation starts to grow and you feel like it should be hitting toNIGHT or toMORROW and not Tuesday morning. The waiting is the toughest part, I think, because you just don't know what's going to happen. I think before Emily I was more freaked out, being a hurricane virgin, because I had just no concept of anything, and then when, for Cancun, barely anything really was affected, besides no power for a few days, I was like, well crap, I can handle this. Then for Wilma I was much more complacent and cocky and she kicked the shit out of Cancun and well so much for that.

One thing I think we need to keep in mind though is that Wilma sat over us for hours and hours and hours and hours and HOURS and Dean is moving right along. Cat 4 or Cat 5 or even Cat 3 right on top of you will suck, but at least it might be gone after half a day (not GONE gone but gone enough to be able to leave the house). The worst part about Wilma is that she was so flipping relentless that nothing there even stood a chance. Wilma was just not normal. So I guess what I'm saying is that perhaps it won't be such a crappy horrid aftermath. If it even hits Cancun.

So to my friends down there, um, oddly enough, I wish I was there, battening down and buying out the Jesus candles with you all. But I ain't, so I will be watching the Weather Channel and the websites and calling you to make sure you are not feeling alone.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blogging for blogging's sake

Tonight we had a little fiesta after work - poor turnout overall but good people attended and good conversation ensued. Fun. The consensus amongst my coworkers is pretty much "Don't quit and move away again." All right, then.

So there is a hurricane heading toward Cancun again for the first time in a couple years. I guess the obvious thing to say here is "Gee I sure I don't miss THAT" but oddly enough, in a wierd way, it's something. I mean, it's SOMEthing. Here I still have to put this dang apartment together (yes, it has been since the 24th) and get to figure out where I will be work-wise beyond Monday. I spoke with one of my coworkers at the party tonight about getting some info on Ireland, you know, for like next summer or something. She was born in Ireland, raised in England, and has been here a number of years, but she knows stuff. Can't hurt to tug an ear. And then that Marita has put a bug in my ear about perhaps the west coast of Mexico, perhaps the beginning of next year, so we'll see about that. It helps, anyway. Frankly, I should just chill and forget about 42 looming in the distance (I was fine at 40, and 41, I should be fine with this one, but perhaps I am using it as a scapegoat).

So I don't have much to say - though it's been SLOW at work on the desk I am at this week, I can't blog at work, and I have fabulous things to blog about in the day that I can't remember at night (thanks to the fine folks at Coors). Maybe tomorrow I will write myself an email or something.

Because this is kind of a drag.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Current Obsessions

Easily one of the better shows on TV today (and of course I have to pay for it, a LOT. But it's fun and worth it.) is "Flight of the Conchords" on HBO. I had to share this with you.
Sorry, Becky H., I know you have probably seen this way too many times.

And of course there are "Entourage" and "Big Love". This time of the year there isn't much NEW on, and since I have very little life, I need something to keep me entertained. I have been back now for something like a month and a half and yet I find myself wondering what (and when) is my next big adventure... what is my problem? I think I am just restless and unsettled and frankly, I don't know how to go about ... de-restless-ing ... and settling.

You know, when you think about it, and I thought about it on my way to work this morning for some reason, we spend a lot of our younger years having something to look forward to: an upcoming trip, or a cute boy you know you'll run into, or a party on Saturday, whatever, SOMEthing. But as I was thinking about this this morning, I don't really have that much to look forward to. I mean, I have that trip to Wisconsin in September, and I am looking forward to that, but there isn't really anything ELSE to get me fired up. For the last few years I have had something sort of waiting in my future for me, and now, nothing. I guess I don't know how to live without that. So what do I do? Plan a trip? No, no, not to Cancun necessarily, but maybe someplace different - like Greece, or Ireland, or anything just totally different. But then, who to go with? And when?

I don't think that I am "old", but sometimes, I sort of feel like I'm getting there. I need something to shake me up, and again, I have only been back for a month and a half. Maybe my good friend Mexico Way will pull some cards...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Forever packing up

When my alarm went off this morning I heard some sort of fog horn off in the distance. It was pretty cool because it was still really dark and after having cruised the port area of Newport last night, I could sort of picture it down there, all fishing boat and lighthouse-y.

Yesterday started out as the first full sunshine day of my week here - most days I woke up to heavy... fog? Maybe just clouds and heavy mist. No rain really, just sort of beach mist, and then by afternoon it was sunny. But yesterday was awesome weather the whole day. I really kind of like it here.

Wednesday after work I drove south to Waldport and Yachats. I had been to Waldport - Shelley from Main's ex-husband has a house there that we stayed at a few years ago, and I was happy to recognize it as I cruised past. Yachats is about 26 miles south of Newport, and so I checked that out also, rather a quaint little burg. Very scenic the whole way down though, and it was kind of fun to see the areas I was actually closing this week.

Last night after work I was kind of ready to go back to the unit and read and get my stuff together, so on my way toward La Quinta, I decided to take a quick detour down toward the waterfront. Very cool. Crowded with tourists, but it was pretty cool down there. I have spent some time at the Newport Seafood and Wine festivals over the years, but it's always in February and let's face it, I was drunk most of the time. In the summer it's just really pretty. From there, I decided to loop up to the main part of town and get some dinner to take back to the room, but I ended up taking a wrong turn and wound up going east on Hwy 20, toward Toledo. A lot of people that work in the branch live there, it's about 7 miles east of Newport, so I figured I might as well check it out. That's not a bad little town either, lots of steep (I mean steep, like I was kinda scared to drive down them when I found myself trapped on one) streets and stuff. I spent very little time there, wound back around to the 20 again, and then went back toward town.

So it's nice to see some of this stuff, you know, Oregon is a big state and I don't know that much of it. But I love the beach and this was a fun little junket, glad I got the opportunity, and am very glad to know the folks here in the Newport branch.

So now I will go finish my hair, pack the rest of suitcase, throw on some clothes and check out. It's the weekend almost, and I could use a beer.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Live from La Quinta Inn in friendly Newport, Oregon

So today marks Day Two in Newport, Oregon. I left Beaverton yesterday morning at around 7:30am, and got stuck with a train for 30 minutes at Farmington and Lombard. It just went back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, for 30 minutes, and finally went back to where it started. Hmmm. How irritated do you think I was? Half an hour on the road and I was only 3 miles away from home? I stopped at a Starbucks on my way and ran into Tracey S. from high school, so that was nice. I think it's been about 4 years since I've seen her. We caught up briefly and I hit the road toward the beach. It was cloudy in Beaverton when I left but it didn't rain the entire trip, til I got to about Lincoln City, then I had some mist. I drove through a few clouds, actually, down past Depoe Bay, and it was all damp-air-ish and Oregon-beach-y. I like that. There's just something different about the beaches in Oregon.

I managed to get to the branch at around 10:45. It's a really nice branch - new building, very nicely decorated. The people are pretty nice, too, but I don't think they are that keen to the whole idea of float-staff, because most of them were trying to figure out exactly what my role was. To top it off, the receptionist's name is also Joyce, so that has made for some interesting phone calls.

I worked til 5pm and then found my hotel and checked in. It is nowhere near any beach (view-wise) but it's over that enormous bridge over Yaquina Bay, which is kind of cool. The room is fine (no real HBO... which means no Big Love... which means no going out on Friday night til I watch it...), the bed is very nice. Didn't do much of anything last night and got to bed at a reasonable hour. Here's a picture from the net of the bridge.
Wow. What a tiny picture.

Worked all day today, and left at around 5:30 after forgetting to do like 3 things... I'm not busy at all and I practically have to beat stuff to do out of one of the assistants (who frankly deserves to be beaten just for her attitude), so God knows why or how I forgot. I guess I am just not used to being bored out of my MIND at work...

So after work I turned north toward Lincoln City and went to the outlet mall. That drive between Newport and Lincoln City, boy. I don't know. Pretty brutal. Kind of a mountain (well, side of a mountain since it's coastal on the other side) road and all twisty and turny and bumpy and the car is being tossed all over hell and gone and the meth addicts in their big Toyota pickups are all up on your ass and shit, I was fairly stressed by the time I pulled in next to the Eddie Bauer. Pink sweater and green tshirt later and I headed over to the Coach store. I don't need another purse. I simply don't. Even bag-hag, totally-irrational-when-it-comes-to-purses me knows I don't need another one. But I will tell you this: if it wasn't for this BLASTED car payment situation I would have bought two. And ONE of them looked dangerously close to the Dooney I currently use. It's a sickness, definitely, but the good news is, I walked out with NOTHING.

There are some great photo ops between here and Lincoln City, and on my way UP I thought I would stop on my way BACK and take some pics for you, but by the time I hit the road it was nearly drizzly, and the lighting wasn't that great. So on my way out of town I promise to stop. Not just for you, you know, but for me too. So we can ALL enjoy them..

Saturday, August 04, 2007

No time for the sofa

So I got my hair cut and colored last night FINALLY. My good GOD it has been looking like shit. I am generally Every-5-Weeks Girl, and it's been since March 11 since I have had color and any kind of style, and then maybe 2 months since I have actually had anyone come near me with scissors. I love Antonietta, truly, but I need someone a little more... um... Expensive Salon-y to do this head. Don't tell anyone but I did NOT go back to Evolution, instead I took a Becky recommendation (clearly Up Here Becky, as opposed to Down There Becky or even Up THERE Becky) and went to this gal Sue at a salon in Beaverton (well, east Beaverton. I simply WILL NOT ACCLIMATE). In my opinion, as I sit here this morning with wet hair, she did a phenomenal job and you cannot even BELIEVE what I paid. Half of what I normally would. Not to mention, and this made me pretty nervous, I made the appointment on Tuesday. TUESDAY, for a Friday evening appointment. I remember hanging up and dropping my head into my hands and thinking, oh my hell. What kind of stylist worth anything can make an appointment 4 days later and at such a convenient time? Ask Mindy and Melissa, they were sort of miffed at my issue. I guess I am just used to stylists who can't squeeze you in for 2 or 3 months unless you have booked out way in advance. And then charge you an arm and a leg. Am I shallow? No, I guess I have just been conditioned into thinking that if you are any good then you are way busy, expensive, and enjoy shoving $100 product at you (which of course I buy). But this Sue, she was great. So color ME surprised.

This morning Shelia, Jim and I are going to Ikea. Tom was considering it but no, he decided against it last night. So they will be here at 9:15 so that Shelia can see the new digs (which I am smoking in, by the way. See how much I love it?) and though the new digs is awash with clutter and crap that has not yet fully been put away, I don't really care. I have time. Plus yesterday when I was at Tanasbourne, one of the girls there (I say "girls", which I don't mean to be condescending, but I don't like saying "women" or even "ladies" because it all connotes "old" to me and they aren't) suggested that I look into a sort of "buyers' remorse" clause. You never know. There are options abounding. I think.

So Ikea, yeah, I do love it, and haven't been since flipping Tustin, CA in maybe 1991 or something. Hopefully it won't be too much of a zoo now that it's been open a couple of weeks. We'll see, won't we? You know if it's nightmarish you will be hearing about it.

Then on Monday in my float-ness, I get to go to Newport. We have branches of course all over Oregon (and frankly everywhere), and though it isn't TERRIBLY common, now and again the beach cities need float help. So there are some people out out there, and Linda asked if I would be interested. Oh yes I would, I am, after all, Travel Girl. So it's 2 1/2 hours away and the hotel isn't a resort - who cares? I will be 28 miles south of the mothership - the Coach outlet store and the huge Eddie Bauer outlet in Lincoln City. I can hang. Plus, I like being around the ocean. It's neato. I promise to bring my camera and show you.

Okay, new haircut hair is probably drier than I would like at this point, so I am off to dry it and arrange it into some sort of style. There's your update, up-beat, very little complaining, and full of news!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Looking up through the closed blinds

Well thank you all for the support. I am still always a little stunned when I see that people see negativity in my posts - not saying it isn't there, just saying I don't see it myself. Until I go back and read what I wrote.

Seriously, I am not in any kind of depression right now (my blinds are only closed right now because otherwise the neighbors will see RIGHT into my living room and bedroom, and plus it's been hot so aren't you supposed to do that?), but I do have that kind of personality - sarcasm laced with bitterness laced with cynicism. But some of you have found that you can "hear" me speak when I write, so maybe listen a little more closely and throw in a chuckle or two.

I just read my August horoscope on Astrology Zone and things are looking up I think. Plus Shelia threw down a bottle of the juice and I haven't had it in months and am looking forward to all the fabulous things it does for me. So that's positive, right?

On a side note, I hope you guys are looking at the posts from my links - there has been some really good stuff in there. Go on, you have time. It's Friday.