Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A disturbing drop-off in readership

I'm not sure if my feelings should be hurt, or if I should be happy that you guys all have something better to do... but readership is at an all-time low. I think it's time I looked within and realized that I haven't had much to offer lately. But I think it's important to note that I now live in Beaverton, and frankly, IT doesn't have much to offer ME. So it can't be my fault.

Not that living in Mexico those last 3 months was much more riveting. I mean, honestly, the most exciting posts involved enormous, potentially man-eating bugs, and the rest was just the drivel of a girl driven mad by the circuitous, never-seeming-to-end loop from the Solymar to the Costco to the Mega Commercial Mexicana to the bar and back to the Solymar. Clearly it didn't do much good, when you consider that I wanted to get back to normal SO DESPERATELY that I chose this apartment. Such a fool.

It's not a BAD place, I mean, it's clean and somewhat new and it's secure (so far) and all that. But I've lived here before, and I was 10 years younger, and it feels like this place is crawling with much younger people. Truthfully, everyone I have actually seen has been much older than me, in this building anyway. But still, it feels like I have taken a gigantic step backward. Back to the days when I, too, used to hang out at places in Tanasbourne. To get anywhere from here, beyond the K-Mart or St. Mary of the Valley, takes an additional 20 minutes just to get to the other side of Murray Blvd. That drives me insane. The freeway is FAR, and forget about Washington Square. Far.

So Melissa, a gal I have been working with the last couple of days, suggested I find out what OTHER properties this management company has around the area, so I looked. Nothing. Except something in Tigard, which I will not do, and then Gresham, which is just plain crazy-talk. Strike out. The sad thing is, it's been a week today, and I signed a 12-month lease.

So I will stick it out, because I should, and in the meantime will think of options. I am a problem solver so there has to be SOMEthing. Or maybe I will just get rid of all those boxes and bins that are sitting right there in the corner and deal with it for now. Maybe I'll just quit complaining.

Hmm. Maybe that's why no one seems to be reading lately...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Live from Mid Beaverton, It's Saturday Morning...

Where was I? Yeah, so I moved Tuesday. The movers (luckily) were like an hour behind schedule so I braved mid-day Beaverton traffic and got the money and walk-thru part out of the way, then headed back to Multnomah. Mark and Marshy came by after work and helped me pull crap out of boxes and kill spiders and stuff like that. There is still way too much to do.

Wednesday I met the cable guy and knocked that out, mid-day again (fool that I am) so as far as leisure is concerned I am in pretty good shape. Caught up on "Big Love" and "Entourage", and yet as I sit here and look into my bedroom, it is pretty much an explosion of suitcases and space bags and unwashed laundry. WHY AM I ALWAYS DOING THIS?!

So I spent the week in Lincoln Tower, working in a unit that is traditionally very busy - though they were not THAT busy this week, they were still busier than seemingly everyone else. So I had plenty to do while I broke out and raced all over hell and gone. I got a cookie bouquet as a thank you from one client, so that was nice. I think I like floating because you can be nice and people buy you presents. The problem with having your own desk is that pretty soon they realize what a bitch you are and the presents stop coming. I like presents.

I noticed too that I don't have a lot of pictures lately, so I will find my camera and maybe take some photos. It's always nice to tune in and see some fun color, right? Yeah okay.

Socially, I have been out and about, and that's been fun, though very hard on the shit that is still all over the floor over there in my bedroom. I think I go out more during the week than on the weekend and that makes NO sense.

Um, you know, I think I better go finish this crap up. I am mildly concerned that I will run into some spiders so I am stalling (obviouslY), but seriously if I don't get it done now, while I have just the right amount of caffeine (not too much to make me want to nap), it may never happen. So here I go.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A month in

I have just spent the last hour or so reading old posts in this blog. Do you other seasoned bloggers do that? It's sort of a little peek in the psyche of the quasi-psycho that I am. It seems like I am constantly in a state of settling down or stirring it up.

So today is one month since I am back, Part II. Though it feels like I have been back for 4 months, I think I have accomplished quite a bit since my return. I don't know what I am complaining about.

I booked the movers for Tuesday at 3pm, and cable for Wednesday. I am somewhat relieved to finally have it come together, but I feel guilty for having to leave work. I am covering a unit that is the busiest unit, not just at First American, but in the state of Oregon (I am not kidding). Though it is a little bit slow (for them) and I probably am okay to sneak out, I still feel kinda bad. You know, being new and all that. After Wednesday I imagine that all will be well and good and I will just be back to not having any issues and just working away. Can you imagine? Me, with no issues. Yeah, I don't buy it either.

Did not leave the house today. Meant to. But Maura came down for a funeral just for the day so she swung by the house to change clothes and I just never had the motivation to leave. Tomorrow the stir-craziness will drive me screaming out into the world, I am quite sure. I did have a slight TV-related issue with Barbie's Direct TV, and I am hoping she won't read this for a week or so so it doesn't stress her out, but I called customer service at Direct TV and they fixed it. It wasn't anythind I did, the signal just went out. The funny thing was that the girl said she had never run into this problem before, and it figures because that is the kind of thing that would happen to Barbie. Just random, wierd shit.

Raining off and on around here too, actually kind of lot. Somebody said it was "fallout from the typhoon" but I don't know about any typhoon (not that I have been looking). All I know is it's July and it should be warm.

So a month in. Am I okay with that? I think we all know I will be better once I am in my own home, but yeah. I think this is best. I am looking at airfare for September for Wisconsin, and I am thinking of someplace other than Cancun to vacation to next winter. Not that Cancun will always be out, but it's nice to try something new. Or go back to Merida. I love Merida. So we'll see.

As always seems to be the slogan in my life, we'll see.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Squatter Girl

Okee dokee, how about an update?

So TODAY I moved OUT of Becky's apartment and BACK over to Barbie's. Barbie is on a business trip until Tuesday, which coincides with my move-in date (for the love of Pete, FINALLY). Becky's hospitality is overwhelming, and she has been there when I really needed it, and for that I am eternally grateful. She even carried the heavy stuff down the stairs for me - though we got Mark to carry the 85 lb suitcase down last night. Seriously all this moving around is killing my friends...

I have been working in Lake Oswego since Monday, and I really like that branch. The branch manager is great fun, and she is busier than crap, so I have been busy, and that is always a plus. She is trying to make a play for me to have a desk there, but I know that Linda is probably not even wanting to think about that. It's cool. Tomorrow I go back to Lincoln Tower, and I am there for a week and a couple days. The floating thing isn't that bad, actually, I like it. We'll see what happens as I go along, I suppose.

Not much else going on, really. Just wanting to get settled. I feel like I have been home for flipping three months, but really it's only been a month. I guess a month tomorrow or something? Hm. I've done all right I suppose. I have to remember to see past the frustration and look at the positive. I think I might have made that a resolution way back in the New Year. I really need to work on that again.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Something is driving me crazy and I cannot blog about it. Now why would I share that? I have to get it off my chest. I am thinking I will just email a friend about it, but there isn't any solution to the problem beyond venting so what's the point? Plus this way, I SORT OF blogged about it. I wonder if that'll work.

So nobody smokes in the Lake Oswego office. That's probably good, when you think about it. Today was busy, and the girls are nice over there, it's not a bad place to work until 5 o'clock rolls around and you have to drive home on 217. I will figure out an alternate route.

Not much to say, but I told Becky H. I would blog for her since I made her read the last one here in her apartment instead of at work Monday morning. Happy?

Okay, then.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Well, it IS my favorite word...

A comment on Dropped In blog led me to this and frankly I thought it was hilarious. Always been a big fan of "Scarface" but never big enough to frame a poster and hang it in my game room. If you are at work, just make sure you are clear of any easily-offended coworkers or your boss. Keep the volume low (not OFF, though, then what would be the point?), unless you just don't care.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot time in the hot town

Okkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy... so I found a place to live. I don't move in til the 24th, but that's like a Tuesday or something, and since I am hiring a mover, and would like the place painted, I may not actually SLEEP there til closer to that weekend. Do you know how FAR OFF that is? Becky truly has been great, a very good hostess (I am not writing this just because I know you read), but I think everyone wants their independence.

So it's in Beaverton, sort of central if you will, and near the train. Not that that matters at this point, but there it is just the same. Woo hoo.

Work is good still. Today it was like 100 degrees (more, actually) and the smoking Nazi, Doogie the Security Guard, Little E, whatever his name is, was on the war path trying to tell us where the designated smoking sections are. Um, duh. We work here, we know where they are. But they make no sense. And being in the parking garage in the death heat with NO breeze, you know, there is only so much a person is going to take. Keep it up, Doogie, at least you are getting a paycheck out of it.

Lots of complaints about the heat here, though, and though it is warm, it isn't humid. So there is no running sweat. Y'all just wouldn't believe it (well, some of you do) when I say that 85 degrees and 90% humidity is 5000 times hotter than 102 and low humidity.

I don't have much else, except that I try hard to keep you up to date, and sometimes it just isn't that exciting. If you want I can post every couple of days to tell you what it's like sleeping in Nicky's room and living out of a suitcase, but that gets old and I can tell there is no sympathy.

Oh one more thing, Alyssa, can I release 1058223 here, or should I just task you? ;)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The task of getting settled

Okay, so I have a job, and a car, and now all I want is a flipping place to live. Is this so difficult? I just don't understand why it is taking me so long.

I have been on the internet scouring places to live, I have driven around areas looking at apartment complexes for location, I have been on Craigslist for Pete's sake, and still... I sit in Becky's apartment. Luckily she has had opportunity for the last two weekends to go out of town, lucky for me and lucky for her, too, so I have been able to have some "me" time, but what is "me" time really when you aren't surrounded by your stuff? I think I am going to go back to a complex I have lived in before. Not sure yet but I may drive over there today and put some money down. Sigh. It won't be ready til the flipping 24th. Dang it.

So the car is great and the job is too, I spent the last two days in Lincoln Tower, back to the scene of the crime. It was fun. I'll be there thru Wednesday and then I go on to Lake Oswego. John John has been on vacations so there has been NO SUSHI, but I sure hope his calendar isn't full tomorrow because by gosh I want some. Oh yeah, it'll be good to see him, too.

Not too much more to report on, except every time I ask you guys for good positive vibes I get much more success, so in the spirit of that, can we all just cross our fingers for a good apartment? Something available like next Saturday that isn't clear the heck out in Hillsboro? Great, I really appreciate your help. Perhaps the next time you hear from me it will be from MY OWN HOME.

Well, I mean, perhaps you will hear from me THIS WEEK from my own home.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So I bought a new car

Went last night to the Beaverton Honda and within 2 hours bought a brand new car. This isn't IT exactly but it looks just like it. I will probably take a picture of the real one soon enough. But yeah, obligation, baby. Back in the US!

And then since I want to be a pelican still when I grow up, I thought I would just share this with you.

Happy 4th tomorrow, kiddies!