Saturday, May 19, 2012


If Blogger hadn't changed their format on me a couple of posts ago, and if I had a bit more motivation to look for where they put the "edit posts" area now, I could tell you how long it's been since I've blogged.  I gotta tell you, it's a pain in the ass now.  For me anyway.  And since I haven't been blogging very much lately (...), I forget how and where and shit.  Plus too I'm still using Internet Explorer, and apparently Blogger isn't digging that, so I have to start up Chrome to blog, and yeah, I know it's only a couple of additional clicks, but still, pain in the ass.

This is not to say that TtheD is dead.  It can't be.  There is still plenty more T and D ahead of me.  But until I get used to it, or have a shit load of time to convert it to another situation (like WordPress or something, I obviously don't know the names of these things), this is just going to be the way it is.

And again, THOUSANDS of things come up where I think, wow, total blog material.  I've even taken to writing little notes on my iPhone to remind me, but, as is the case this morning, I'm updating my iPhone right now and can't get to the notes.  Of course.  So I'm muddling through and now you know why it's been so long since you've been blessed with a new post.

A post, I might add, that I actually had in mind before I started explaining why it's such a pain in the ass anymore to blog.  Because this wasn't supposed to be it.  Hm.  What was it.

Well, my notes are now available, so here are a couple of the ideas - one has to do with hating one's job and how that turns into hating people (that's a generality, by the way).  Another (okay, THE other, there's only two) has to do with petty people and the inexplicable reasons why a person would try to make another person feel like shit about something they just told you.

Cryptic.  And blogworthy, don't get me wrong.  But I'm not feeling either of those topics right now.  I have a vacation coming up soon, maybe I'll convert the blog and THEN write about it.

Have I told you how I feel like I live in the 'hood?  I live in a nice area, actually, and my complex is quiet and  clean and all that, but I live off Murray Boulevard (I always want to just abbreviate that word, but it looks grammatically incorrect when I do), and, seriously, there are sirens ALL the TIME.  I can't tell the difference between ambulances, firetrucks and the po-po, but any way you slice it, always with the sirens (as a matter of fact, that's what I say.  Any time I hear one I turn into a Jewish woman from Long Island and sigh "Always with the sirens..".).  I don't know what it is about a 45mph four lane suburban street (boulevard.  No, blvd) (no.) that inspires people to drive 90mph, but that's Murray.  Last winter some kid was doing about 85, lost control (of course), hit one of those little tree islands they have there for looks or whatever, flipped, sailed into the yard of a house across the street, and managed to survive (his passenger, however, did not, and the memorial for her is still wrapped around the little tree there).  It was like 8pm or something.  Where's the fire?  If you were looking to impress her it kind of went about as far south as it could go.  I'm pretty sure he's in jail now, so there's two lives lost.  Anyway, my point is, either people are speeding (more so than me, I probably only get up to about 52 and that's at 4am), having a heart attack or bursting into flames, but it's all up in my 'hood and makes me kinda feel like I live in the ghetto.

Sooo, that being said, there isn't that much new REALLY, I mean, there's some stuff, but nothing you want to hear about, and I'm alright with that.  It's been sunny, a plus, and it stays light really late (another plus, except I go to bed at 9pm - broad daylight.  You know that's what I'm saying when I'm wrapping up the house before bed every night - "Broad daylight."), and it is my sole directive today to get a pedicure, because at this point my toe nails are so long I could pretty much hang upside down from a tree, and in theory I'm going to the Beaverton Farmers' Market this morning too, and tanning, and then whatever.

But at least I feel good that I surprised you with this.
Editor's note:  A) I published and now I can see that it's been since April 26 and also where the flipping "edit posts" area went and B) I totally just remembered what I was going to blog about this morning.  It was kind of good, too.


At 1:03 PM, May 23, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God. I thought I'd lost you! Thanks for the post. BH


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