Saturday, December 31, 2005

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Well, it's the last day of 2005, and what have we learned? As for me, I have learned

- If you see something that you need at the supermarket, buy it now. Buy several. You may never see it there again.

- Don't spring for the cheap metal showerhead. It will corode inside two months and make showering a lesson in contortionism. Buy the big one with several settings that is made primarily of plastic - as the water ultimately plugs up the little wholes, adjusting the settings makes for a more effective shower, and you will end up not having to replace it even after about 10 months.

- Take every opportunity to get out of town, even if it involves being turned away at the border of an English speaking country that is not your own and circling a capitol city for 3 hours. Life can be an adventure if you want it to be.

- Get a dustpan with a long handle. It's better to keep your distance when sweeping up a carcass.

- Have a little compassion toward your downstairs neighbor. Between your floor and their ceiling may be a big slab of concrete, but they can still hear every little thing that falls on your floor.

- Always make sure you have plenty of water jugs stored away just in case your water runs out.

- The only way to get rid of those teeny tiny ants is with that powder. Nothing else works.

- Everyone has a backstory and an agenda. Trust your instincts.

- To every problem, there is a solution.

- If you have a history of ear infection, and have tiny holes in your eardrums, do whatever you can to keep water out of them. Not being able to hear out of one ear sucks and makes for a very interesting night's sleep.

- Know that you can never go home again. Use that as an opportunity.

- Live life like you are telling a story.

- Predisclose predisclose predisclose!

- Smiling will get you just about anywhere. So will taxis. Smiling at taxistas just makes it easier.

- Don't go anywhere - the bank, the supermarket, the mall - on a Sunday or quincena.

- Be a good friend, but avoid being a stand-in therapist.

- Wear appropriate footwear.

- If you ever get the opportunity, take a year-and-change off from your life and do something you always wanted to do. It is so worth it. Then spend a month convincing yourself that you are ready to go back to the world you left behind. Nothing is forever, and nothing is free.

Oh how deep and inspirational!

What have I been doing this week? Not a lot since the last post. Thursday night I went to go see the Ducks play. There may have been about 15 people at Caliente but I am sure by the end they all heard me and knew what team I was pulling for. Let's just pretend that the third quarter never happened, okay? My boys lost, but this is not something that gets me down, I have been a Duck fan since I shot out of the womb, and I am used to losing. It doesn't hurt that I am also a Browns fan. I am not the type to gloat when my team is doing well, as I am aware that there is always "next season". I just enjoy the game of football, and winning puts an extra little spring in my step. That's it. 10-2, still a better season than most.

Friday Elizabeth came over and we went to see "Joya de la Familia" (aka "The Family Stone") - do NOT, I repeat, and with greater emphasis, DO NOT go see this movie. It sucked so bad. I kept seeing Sarah Jessica Parker with a chihuahua's body like in "Mars Attacks!" because that is what she reminded me of, all shaky and jerky and annoying (granted, she was supposed to be, but that didn't make it any less annoying). Diane Keaton over acted to the point where I thought she was drunk through the entire movie, the story line was confusing, I never got attached to the characters, and I for one cannot stand the way Hollywood portrays large(r) families. It just isn't like that, unless you're Mormon. It's irritating but I am used to it (thanks to "Eight is Enough"). It was just a stupid, stupid movie and the Coca Lite was flat.

Afterward we got sushi, and it rained some, and then we came over here and sat and talked for a few hours. I was surprised to see it was almost 9 when she left. I begged off on the party as my harvey was raging, and I just didn't feel festive.

Tonight I will do nothing (amateur night, no matter where you are) and tomorrow morning Kim, Arturo and I will be driving to Merida for two nights. I am really excited. I haven't been in years and I love that city. I will be sure to report back on Wednesday.

Happy New Year to everyone reading this ~ 2006 is sure to bring many changes and surprises, and learning moments, to us all!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Go Ducks!

Okay I just want to start by saying I got up this morning at 7am and it was 59 degrees. I had to wait for my fingers to thaw before blogging.

Today the University of Oregon Fighting Ducks take on Oklahoma in San Diego for the Holiday Bowl. Starts at 7pm my time. I'll be watching it at Caliente. The problem is I only have one Duck tshirt that I haven't slept in, a windjacket that might be a little too warm even for the heavily air conditioned Caliente, and a baseball cap. Maybe I will just wear a yellow tshirt and bring the windjacket... Wardrobe aside, GO DUCKS! First game I will have seen all year. That'll change.

So Nancy's white elephant holiday party was fun. I think I got in around 11pm, not a late night at all, and I won another of Helen's homemade dolls. Not exactly sure how I will be packing those two things for home but I think I will keep them. They are cushy so maybe I can cram them into some corner of a suitcase.

That was Monday, what's been going on since? Not a whole lot. Went grocery shopping with Janet on Tuesday, woo hoo, what excitement. Yesterday I spent the day at the soon-to-be opening "My Place" with Janet and Joe and Kim and Arturo. It's going to be nice but it's a huge project. Let's hope they get it open when they want - around the beginning of March. Kim had some great ideas about signage and things like that. It was a beautiful day in the zona and around 2 Janet and I walked over to Plaza Caracol, and then got some lunch at Philly Cheesesteak with Ralph and Carol. That was nice. Party Central is a beehive of activity, and there are definitely tourists about. Lots of construction still. DadyO opened up last night (woo... hoo?) and Dady Rock tonight (I was invited to go tonight but I clearly have other plans). There is talk of going there for NYE, but since I have never been there, I am not sure if I really want to. We'll see. Perhaps something different will be in store for me. Who knows.

Today I am not sure what is on the agenda (besides tonight's game. Are you reading this, Tootie? It is my focus for the day). Perhaps back to the zona and the almost-club (well, right now it's just a big building full of rubble but one day it will reach "almost" status). I wouldn't mind getting out and about for a little bit, at least somewhere. Maybe I can convince that Janet to go looking around Mercado 23 or something.

Every day is a psyche-out for the impending move. Sooner or later I better book that ticket. I also better figure out where the heck I am going to live from Feb 1 to Feb 3 - Janet and Joe are living in a studio at Solymar - basically a hotel room. Not a lot of room for bunking. I'll have to figure something out, the idea of building a fort out of my suitcases and sleeping on the beach might be exciting for Benny but not necessarily for me.

Off to shower and start my day. Perhaps my next instalment will be a little more exciting.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Party party

So this is going to be one of those entries that could be called a rant. Let me just predisclose that I am not trying to offend anyone or put anyone off. If this sounds like I am talking about YOU, then you might be just a little bit oversensitive. So get over it already.

Here we go.

I guess I just don't get people who have a party, an organized PARTY, not just a "get together" or even a "family gathering", but a PARTY, and ask people to bring snacks. I've thrown many a party in my day and I just don't remember asking people to bring the food. Sure, there have been occasions where a smaller gathering came together in sort of an impromptu manner and have been asked to bring something. But an organized, thought-of-and-planned-in-advance party? I don't get it.

Parties we have thrown in the past, genuine parties, have always included chips, dips, a sweet or two, perhaps some sandwiches or wings, whatever, and then beer and soda. If you wanted hard liquor you brought your own. Often people volunteered to bring something - but we never asked them for it. But you had the choice of coming for free if you were okay with drinking just beer. These were planned out, with invitations of a sort, because we were in a position to throw a party and wanted our friends to come over and enjoy themselves.

The last three parties I have been to this holiday season alone I have had to bring something. One was even our holiday IWC event. I guess perhaps I am being petty, because how much is a bag of chips, really, but right now it irritates me that someone would plan a party in advance, invite you like a month ago, and then at the last minute say, oh yeah, could you bring some munchies? What, you suddenly decided you didn't want to take responsibility for feeding the people at the party you invited them to? If I wanted to sit around and eat a bag of chips I would just go to the Oxxo and buy one. At least then I wouldn't have to take a freaking shower.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

¡Feliz Navidad!

So it is Christmas Day and all around the supermanzana my vecinos are sleeping it off. Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) is the big day around here, lots of parties and families getting together to celebrate with music, fireworks and piñatas. Joe, Janet and I went over in the family truckster to Raul's mom's house last night and had pizza and snacks. Raul's mom is in DF with his fiance and his brother and Raul could not go due to work commitments, so he was smiling a lot but you could tell he was pretty sad. He told me he wanted an inflatable doll for Christmas so I can imagine he is feeling a little, how shall I put it? Lonely... He was only kidding around of course, Raul is a good boy.

Driving home through the ciudad was traffic-free but there was music and the smoke from fireworks all around. I got home around 1am, tired, went to bed. I wanted to stay up a little longer listening to the sounds from my neighbors celebrating, but I couldn't keep my eyes open. I prefer to have noise around me when I fall asleep, for some reason I sleep better with the sounds of revellers in the back ground.

Friday night's party at John's house was fun. He has a beautiful house out in Los Alamos, and he had quite a turnout. Elizabeth, Susan and I drove in with Kim and Arturo, and we spent quite awhile there. At 3:30 we apparently were not yet ready to go home, so a bunch of us trundled into two cars and went over to Ave Yaxchillan and hung out at Cielito Lindo (wow, memories) for a while. Then Steve and I ended up next door at some after hours place and by the end of the whole ordeal I was just getting home at 6am to the (maddening) noise of birds chirping. I hate that. Nothing worse than going to bed when the birds are just waking up.

The late night of course turned into a sleep-fest over here in Los Picos #4. Joe and Janet went to watch some football but I just felt like chilling and sleeping, and they came to get me around 8pm last night. Oddly enough I am ready to face the day (hammock) and make some jambalaya later.

Barbie is at Maura's in Poulsbo, Tom and Mom will be at Shelia and Jim's house for dinner today, Chris and Jill, and Brad and Lisette are doing their family things, no idea about Joey, Pat might be in Califas already getting ready for the Duck's bowl game (Go Ducks! That's for you, Tootie!), Lord knows what Benny is doing in Colorado, perhaps skiing. As for me, it is Christmas in Cancun and I intend to lay in the hammock and watch bad TV, alternating it from time to time with the Simpsons dvds and Anchorman.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF MY READERS! Here's hoping you get what you want, even if that means peace on earth and in your home, whereever that might be ~

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Falling down, staying down, looking up

Geez I am a day late (and several dollars short, but that's a story for another day) all over the place right now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) TO MI CUÑADO JIM! Hope it was fun and that none of your gifts were wrapped with Christmas paper.

Let's see... I've been boring again. Saturday was Carmen's party and it was fun. The singing started pretty early this time though, so we made our escape around midnight. Kim and Margaret picked up me and Janet at around 9 and off we went. Arturo was dropped off on his way home from work, so he met us there. There were some of the Carmen-party-standards, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, but for the falling. Seriously, people were dropping like flies. The day before, Janet had gone over to pick up her dvd player that she had loaned Carmen during her trip to the States, and on her way out she missed a step and landed on both knees. Ripped her jeans, big raspberry on her knee. Then when we got to the party Saturday night, she missed a (smaller) step in the back yard, didn't fall but it jolted her enough to feel like a jackass.

Carmen's parties are generally held in her back yard - it's big and pretty and she puts tables up and people sort of mill around and chat, and then at some point, Chris (Carmen's girlfriend) picks up the guitar and starts to sing. They use the back patio, raised above the back yard by maybe 3 steps, as a sort of stage. Chris sings, and then says something and then various members of the crowd are invited to join. This was nice because Andreas, Martha's husband (you don't know these people, but Martha is our club vice president), who has a great voice, joined Chris and then later they called Cynthia Davis up to sing. She is also a member of our club. Fabulous voice, absolutely fabulous. She sang "Besame Muchio" and I swear to God I got chills. After that, others followed, it was nice, but you aren't allowed to speak during the singing so it pretty much quiets down after the singing starts, and you spend most of the rest of the evening trying to figure out your escape.

Okay back to the falling. I fall alot, as you know, so I have to predisclose - I find comedy when I myself fall, so whenever someone else does, it makes me laugh. Not out loud or to their face, and it's not to be mean. It's just one of those things that you think about later and start chuckling (like I am doing right now). So, I think the first stumbler was a guy who was sitting closest to the "stage". He came back from the bathroom (in the house) and was coming back down the steps to his table, and slid on like the top step, landing, all dramatically with the flailing arms and the yelling, in a heap by his chair. He may have taken out his younger-than-six-year-old daughter too but I was covering my face so no one could see the laughing. I mean, he was right up in front there so you couldn't help but see him. In his defense, it had downpoured earlier, and I don't have to tell you how rain slickens everything up around here. Okay. So a couple more songs later, a lady at our table, on the other end of it, apparently went to tip her chair back or something, who knows, but the next thing you know she has fallen backward and hit her head on the patio. I didn't laugh at that one because I thought she may have really done some damage, but she popped up pretty quickly and just looked embarrassed, so I am sure she was fine. And then maybe one more song later, and this one lady from our club who I see all the time, say hi to, but have never known her name, is coming back from the bathroom and sure enough, falls down the steps. She didn't flail or yell but again, there were people singing on the stage so everyone was watching as it happened. I told Janet I was going to crawl out of the place because with all this falling down I was sure to be next. I hate to say it was funny, but coming from a chronic faller, it really was. And the best part of all of this is that during the falling, the people singing on stage NEVER MISSED A BEAT.

Like I said, got out of there pretty early. Still didn't get to bed until around 2:30 though. As I said, Joe worked a party with Raul in Puerto Juarez and we phoned him to let him know that Janet was at my house. He tried to get out of there early, but early for those kinds of parties is really early morning.

Sunday we took a drive out to the zh with Sergio for no clearly defined reason, and then went to Caliente to watch some football. The place was packed, we had a crappy seat, but still got to watch some games.

Monday bleeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh I just didn't feel like being social. There was a party at Hilda's but frankly I just wanted some me time. I think for the first time in ever I actually went to bed for like 3 hours in the middle of the day. Tuesday I ran my laundry over, and got some groceries before 11am, Walmart was not too busy yet, and then hung out the rest of the day.

Sometimes I just get cranky and sometimes I am in a funk for a few days. I have made my decision to move back to Portland, I have heard back from my boss's boss (I don't think I mentioned that. She said she was sure they would have room for me in February - that's good enough for me), and I am flat-ass broke (to my way of thinking. I have money to live on til when I am ready to go, but I am out the "cush" I was expecting due to my overly giving generosity. I think you have read this before. I feel like I have typed it. Sorry, it's my blog and you'll just have to put up with it). So I am preparing to move on to the next chapter in my life. I woke up this morning thinking I was sort of looking forward to being productive again, to have a steady income and the ability to make decisions and flash about my knowledge and opinion. And to have a reason for being in a shitty mood when I feel like it. And insurance to go to the dang doctor about this stupid ear that has been infected for over a month. And access to Starbucks and maybe even an oven.

So it's Wednesday and this is my day. Party on Friday night, no plans for Christmas as yet. It's cool, I am Sola in the Ciudad. And I can dig it for now.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tis the season to be jolly

It's Saturday evening, and I will start by saying, I am a jackass for not posting yesterday what I should have: IT'S MARIA'S BIRTHDAY AND SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS!

But now it's not, so happy birthday in blogger-land, Maria. Hope it was swell.

Okay so where was I? Thursday Joe came home, and on his way into centro from his new apartment way out in Cancun Plaza, he found that Kukulkan Blvd was closed to traffic right around party central. So he phoned me to find out that there was a Mana concert in the park under the flag and they closed off much of the zh. See, he's been gone for a month, which around here anymore is like being away for a year. He came over (the long way around) and we had dinner at Pasteleria Creperia, one of my favorite restaurants. Their Crepas Las Popeye (espinaca) are over the moon.

Janet came in on Friday morning. It was pouring rain in the ciudad and so I met Kim for coffee at Buzz Cafe, wading through the downpour, and then she dropped me at VCI so I could visit with Joan and the lot one last time before they left. They told me they had a great view of the Mana concert, but it didn't mean much to them. I love Mana so I am kinda bummed, would have loved to see it, but yeah, you know, that kind of stuff takes effort. They gave me some of their leftover groceries and we had some lunch and chit chatted, then I said my goodbyes and went home.

Janet had arrived and phoned me, dealing with some things that reentering made necessary to tend to. I chilled for a while, chatted with Elizabeth and made a plan to go out later to La Taberna with her and some others. Joe and Janet came over to pick up their suitcase they left here and we chatted a while, then I met up with Liz around 8:45 or so and we went over to the bar. It was a fun night, and since I had to be up and around by 9:30 this morning, I intended to not drink much and/or not make it a late night.

Right, that happened. From La Taberna, Lynda suggested that we all go to Canta Bar over in Plaza Las Avenidas. Liz heard her say Congo Bar, so pretty soon her heart was set on going into the zh. I just don't like going in there to party. They convinced me, though, assuring me that it would be just as easy to houdini from the zh as it is from centro, though my biggest beef was that it was more expensive. Oh well. The five of us (Liz, Lynda, Ricardo and Susan) all piled into a Tsuru and taxied on over to the zh.

Rather than Congo we went to Corona Bar across the street. It was pretty crowded. I thought it was a lot of tourists, but Lynda seemed to think there were more locals there. Saw some people I knew and drank a bunch of beer and some tequila. Finally (FINALLY) left sola at like 3am. So tack on to that a 20 minute taxi ride back to civilization and I got home in the 3:30am range. My ear was throbbing like crazy from the constant boom-boom-boom of club life, and when I finally went to bed at 4am the last thing I wanted to do was get up at 8:30.

So I didn't. My ear still hurt, and I was really tired, and I just didn't want to go to the City of Joy rummage sale, as previously planned, with Nancy. The posada for our AIDS charity started at 11 so I figured I would skip the bazaar and sleep a little. Nancy agreed to pick me up at 11:15 and we went to the center.

It was okay. They didn't have much in the way of refreshments or food, and I wish I would have known that so we could have stopped. Lots of kids and families there, and a good showing by the ladies of the IWC. Anita from City of Joy showed up too, and we talked about me going over and taking a tour of their facility. I am looking forward to that opportunity.

I think we got home around 2, and from there I attempted some napping, but it didn't really work out. So I am still pretty tired, but I have to get ready now to go to another posada (not a traditional one, but I am learning that some people here just refer to their Christmas parties as posadas, so you could be going to a real posada, or you could be just going to a Christmas party) at Carmen's house. Janet is coming over here around 7:30 (Joe has to work tonight - karaoke job with Raul out in Puerto Juarez) and then Kim is coming over to pick us up. Should be fun, but mellow, which I need, and I am sure it won't be a late night.

Now you are all up to speed. At least I got out of the house.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tengo miedo and other ramblings

Welp, I did it. I sent an email to my boss's boss to see about work. Terrified, not sure why. I guess I usually expect to hear the worst news. Now I have to sit around and stress about the reply.

It's been touch and go weather-wise and I have not been to VCI. I know I should. Yesterday my not-getting-better ear infection was killing me so I stuck around close to home, and that's okay since I was cold anyway.

Joe comes home today. Yesterday I got a text message from Sergio asking if he thought maybe Joe had forgotten about him. I told him "no" but I am not sure what the plan is for work. That just makes me sad. It hasn't been that long, but then again it seems like forever since the storm.

I'm sick of being inside and only running out for small errands. I am going to give this weather a little bit longer to see how it's going to turn and then perhaps I will set off to the club, in regular street clothes with a suit in my bolsa.

Happy Birthday today to two of my brothers, Joey and Tom. Joey is 56 and Tom is, what? 43 maybe? Also Feliz Cumpleaños to Arturo. December birthdays, they always seemed like the potential to get gypped was peeking around the corner. I mean, look at Joey - he got Tom for his 13th birthday...

Nancy invited the whole IWC to volunteer to go to our sponsered charity's Posada on Saturday. I think I want to go. I haven't responded to her email yet because I didn't really like the way it was written. Kim says she finds Nancy's New York-ness enjoyable, but I don't know. I don't think she intends to come out so gruff, or maybe she does. I volunteer for everything just about so I am not feeling defensive. But I think I might like to do this, so I guess I will go and respond to the email now.

It is important to everyone here that I get out of this house and do something for longer than an hour today. I bet you are aren't even fired up to read anymore. I don't blame you. You think YOU'RE bored reading this, imagine how I feel!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Thoughts while I freeze

It's just really cold in my apartment. I swear when the temp hits below 75 I just freeze. Of course we have no heaters here unless they are part of your a/c unit (I think Laura's a/c unit has a heater on it), and I'm not kidding you, if I had one it would be on right now.

So no beach today, and I was supposed to go to VCI for dinner tonight but I begged off. I am a bit concerned due to karma, but I will be over there tomorrow. Money is a horror for me right now. I worked something out with my landlord today thank God, so I feel a little bit better, but before I did I was feeling like I shouldn't be using money to taxi over there and back. And the good Lord knows for some reason I just won't take the bus. I wonder why that is? I could take it home since it drops me right on Coba and La Costa, but I don't know... It's also been a pain in the ass to get a taxi from the ZH these days.

I spent most of today writing pieces for a site that I am working on with Kim. It feels good to make my head think again, but it's also kind of challenging. I feel like I accomplished some things. Actually I really did because of the whole landlord situation as well. I guess I should be pleased with that.

I am really wrapping myself around this whole moving back thing. I need to draft a good email to my old boss (well, my boss's boss) and pitch for work. I hope it won't be an issue. Victoria mentioned March might be better, and that would be nice if I could mosey back to Oregon (via California or Dallas) but seriously I don't have the money. So even if I didn't start work until March, at least sitting around (somewhere, where?) in Oregon would be less expensive than hanging out with Jill or Maria. It always takes money, doesn't it?

I shouldn't be bummed that the situation is how it is - the only real set back I ran into was lovely Wilma and my stupid overly generous spirit. But it's a happy thing that I did, so I won't fault myself. I think (no, I know) things will be okay.

For the next few weeks anyway, I will just concentrate on spending time in the sun. I really doubt I will see much of it after I get back.

Enough of the morose - how about a picture? Haven't posted one in a while, so sorry.

Okay I just tried to upload a picture of my new sobrina y sobrino, but it didn't work and I don't want to bother with it.

I will leave you with one thought: HOW MANY MORE TIMES ARE THEY GOING TO REMAKE KING KONG? For the love of Pete! Take the blond starlet-du-jour and the ability to mkae a better monkey and everyone wants to see it... AGAIN. I so am not falling for it.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hanging with the gente

So today I am going to meet Bob, Linda, Steve, Joan and Roy over at VCI and then head off to Champions at the Marriott to watch football. Linda works for Marriott and gets a food discount, but not on alcohol. That's the most expensive part! I don't think the Casa Magna is open yet but Champions has been open for a few weeks, I hope it isn't crowded, kinda think it won't be. I couldn't convince them to go to Caliente where you can see a lot more games, but nobody ever listens to the white girl, why start now?

Yesterday was our IWC Holiday Tea. Held at the Hacienda Sisal, a restaurant outside the Royal Sands, it started at 9:30. We were to bring a toy (did I mention Sr Cara de Papa? Hm... Well I brought a Mr Potato Head) and a homemade dish (I bought pastries at Walmart, I don't have an oven) (or time) (or desire). Kim picked me up at 8:30 (we told Nancy we would come early to set up). That little Rauly was in charge of the karaoke, so he was there when we arrived.

We had a decent turnout. Food, raffle prizes (um, yeah, whatever, this thing set me back about $250 MN and I won a blow up snow man-in-a-beach-ball... woops, I must have forgotten it). People sang some karaoke, mostly Rudy Garcia and Cynthia Davis, which was nice because Cyntha is a professional singer here in town (fabulous fabulous voice) and Rudy, a reporter for the Miami Herald Cancun Edition, was quite the crooner. Raul had to run to La Distileria at around 12:30 to pick something up, and I waited for him and pulled down all of our equipment. Turns out I spent some quality time with the meseros too because he didn't get back to the Sisal until around 1:25 and I was the only one left. That's cool, I can hang with the gente.

Wierd because it doesn't seem like Christmas. I mean, the city is all decorated but it's just so sunny. In Oregon I am so used to swimming through the day, wading through flooded streets and scraping the mud off my shoes with a stick. THAT's Christmas... I don't decorate for the holidays when I live sola (um, look around here, I don't decorate, period) and it's not like I have to go Christmas shopping or anything. I think as soon as it gets a little bit closer maybe...

Well, it will sooner than later. Carmen is having a Christmas party on Saturday night. Jan Jan and Joe will be home by then, and Kim is also coming, so that might be festive. And then I spoke with Janet yesterday and we talked about having a little open house at Cancun Plaza on Christmas Day (and when I say "little" I mean LITTLE - her studio is a going to be a bit cramped but there is a deck and an amazing view and the option of laying down on the bed I guess). Kim and I also talked about getting together for Christmas Eve, the traditional party night here in Mexico and all Mexican-saturated areas of the world. So that will be fun.

I really need to see about contacting Linda McG about a job, time is seriously running out. I need to figure out a plane ticket. I need to get in the US mode. UGH I wish we didn't have that STUPID hurricaine. I mean, I'd still probably be moving back but at least the few friends that left might be around so I could say goodbye to them. Oh well.

The only constant is change.

Bleh, I hate it.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Every morning when I get up I have choices. As I laze over my cafe con leche and catch up on the internet news, I play out in my mind what needs to be done today. And what doesn't need to be done. Sometimes I pop out of bed and take a shower and do the dishes and put together a shopping list and get my laundry together, and other days I don't take a shower, and just move between the computer table and the hammock and happily put everything off for later. Sometimes I go to the beach, and sometimes I run errands. Sometimes I cook and sometimes I order in. Lots of choices. Lots of time to make them.

Soon I will not have this luxury. Soon I will have to start getting up at 4:30 am and slurp down my coffee and race off to work and slave through the day, then race home from work and maybe stop at the supermarket on the way home and save my chores and errands for Saturday. Soon I will be stressed out at time crunches and too many phone calls and emails that need answering. Soon I will be worrying that I don't have enough business or need a better assistant or enough gas in my car to make it to work. Soon I will have no time to daydream about white sand that doesn't get hot and the bluest of water and skies, but I will anyway.

But soon, as well, I will be able to call any delivery service in the city and tell them exactly what I want, exactly where I live, and find out exactly how much it costs. Soon I will be able to pick up a latte from Starbucks in the morning before I start my day. Soon I will be making money. Soon I will be able to fill in the deep gaps that not learning anything has made in my brain. Soon I will be able to go to Saturday Market, or the Beaverton Farmer's Market, or Victoria's Secret, or New Seasons. Soon I will be able to drive to the gas station, and the supermarket, and the bank. Soon I will be able to plan vacations to a place with white sand that doesn't get hot and the bluest of water and skies. Soon I will be able to plug in my big TV and watch all the shows in English without subtitles.

Who knows what will happen after that, but life I guess is just a series of adventures waiting for the next one to be finished.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm only doing this to make you guys happy

Seriously, I have nothing to report. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Except...Monday I did NOT go to the beach. I can't even remember what I did. Obviously nothing. Surfed the web. Tried to finish this Peter Straub book I can't seem to finish (it's "In the Night Room", and I don't know what to think of it. As of this morning I have like 3 pages left and I just wish it would be over. The only Peter Straub I have ever read were the collaborations with Stephen King and this one is just exhausting. It just didn't pull me in at all. But you gotta read something right? It's almost over with, I know I can make it. I just want it out of my apartment already because every time I see it that song "When the Night Comes" pops into my head and I can't get it out, and I don't know enough of the song so I only hear the parts I remember, over and over and over again, and... I don't know, maybe I have finally lost my mind and am just barely holding on to the last bits of sanity remaining...). I may have made some noodles for dinner. I am thinking I never unlocked the top lock of my apartment door (something that I do the first time I open the door for anything, but then never lock until its time for bed – the bottom lock automatically locks, you always need a key to get into the bottom lock from outside, so luckily I have never forgotten my keys when I have stepped out or I would be screwed. Knock on wood though, still have 2 months left here).

Tuesday morning I met Kim at 9am (rather, she picked me up) and we went over to Buzz Café and had some coffee and discussed HiddenCancun. It was a pretty productive meeting and I have some things to work on in the meantime. Coffee lasted until around 1pm (which happens, we seem to have a lot to talk about and these occasional meet ups tend to last for a long time; it makes more sense to meet more often but we all have our schedules).

By the way, welcome to TANGENT DAY!

So after that, it was like 1pm, it was crappy out, and then it even started to rain, so I bagged taking my laundry over (yeah right, like I would have in the middle of the day), threw on some house clothes and chilled the rest of the day away.

This morning it is sunny. I will (I mean it, I WILL) go over and get some sun. I have already dropped the laundry off, chit chatted with Ernesto, stopped by the Oxxo (LOVE the Oxxo) to get some supplies, and finished the dishes. I have my Harvey so I am not sure how safe it will be to actually go to the beach but I haven’t been since Sunday and I sort of feel bad. But yeah, we’ll see. I shouldn’t feel GUILTY about it, should I? I mean, the tan is coming back. I don’t look totally haggard and all road-map-face-y like those old white women who get too much sun (yet). I need to remember that this freaking year off is FOR ME and not really anyone else. Jeez. Get over it already.

I remember now, by the way, something of note from Monday. I was laying in bed at around 11:10pm, just went to bed so not yet asleep, and the phone rang. It was Raul, out driving and needing to use a computadora. He needed to download something, thought about the internet café across from my apartment and then thought, Gee, I haven’t seen Joyce in forever, why not phone? I did not tell him I was in bed. Instead I told him to come on over and then scrambled around trying to make myself somewhat presentable. Surprisingly the apartment still doesn’t look half bad since Saundra’s whirlwind cleaning back in November. He came over and stayed until 1am or so, chit chatting. He is going back to Mexico before Christmas, like around the 21st or so. Not sure for how long. I will see him at the Christmas Tea this weekend, he has to do the karaoke there (for free, that sucks). After that, who knows.

My cable internet has been out for the past like 15 minutes but I was lucky enough to paste this to a word document before losing anything. I think anyway. I wonder how long it will be out today. I should just freaking go to the beach already.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday already

Time just flies...

I was supposed to go to VCI on Saturday but just didn't feel like it. So instead I did some stuff around the house then decided to go to the Mega Comercial Mexicana because it a) has a Satander ATM and b) sells rye bread. Rye bread is a thing you cannot generally get around here. Mega sells the little cocktail rye and I always liked that style as a kid, so now and again I will buy some. Seemed like a good reason to go there.

So I went. Saw Martha in the parking lot before I left, she was waiting for the a/c guy to meet her. I guess to check out Laura's a/c, but she said also mine (though it was the first I had heard of it). I told her I was on my way to get the rent but she said "Oh don't worry too much about that" (right). There is another apartment for rent in the building, the one above me, and apparently they just did a midnight run one night and still owe utilities, rent, stuff like that. I have noticed that the sound of marbles dropping all hours of the day has ceased, I guess that's a good thing.

I made it to Mega and picked up some things, rye bread, cotija cheese, milk, that kind of stuff, and when I was done, I went out to look for a taxi. Outside of Walmart, Soriana, even Chedraui there are always tons of taxis waiting for you to come out. Not so the case here. I stood in a line behind like 6 other people, waiting... waiting... waiting... seriously like half an hour later I was on my way home. What a joke. I would have just gone over to the street, but the street is Kabah, and its a busy street and no easy place for a taxi to pull over and pick you up without causing a wreck. So there I was. Rye bread is just not worth the hassle.

Yesterday I did make it over to VCI around 10am, heard the shit from people for not having been there Saturday (live with it), and laid out pretty much all day (I'm getting tanner). Steve from WI was there from Saturday, and Bob and Linda from Chicago were due in around 2:30. They didn't think Joan and Roy were coming, so Joan went up to the lobby to surprise them. It worked. They made it down to the beach and we all sat around and drank some beers and some drinks, and then around 7pm I houdini'd, was supposed to drop off my towels and meet Linda, Bob and Steve at the restaurant but I just kept on going. I felt like being home and I had forgotten my phone and I get cranky when I am disconnected. Turns out I had 29 MISSED CALLS but no new number, so God only knows who called, the one message I got was just a bunch of static. Oh well, whoever you were, call me back I guess.

That's that, guess I will find Martha today and give her the rent, and then get over to the beach. Not much else for me to do these days.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Look! Another blog entry! I wonder what's in store for us today?!

Jeez, it's Saturday already.

Haven't been doing much of anything (notice a trend?) all week, but hanging out with the Lundes at VCI and that about covers it. I keep forgetting that I need to hit a Satander ATM (pain in the ass when you have no car) and get my rent. It's the 3rd for God's sake.

Last night I met Sergio before he went to work at Over 30 centro, went to look at some furniture for somebody, had a nice (not) chit chat in Parque de las Palapas regarding life in Cancun for the zh waiter. He is dying on the vine. It sucks because it's hard to find work and working in centro makes him very little money. He and 2000 other waiters and the like are waiting around for the businesses to start back up, and it's no picnic. I left feeling like crap and if I had any money left I would have loaned him some but I guess right now I have to worry about me.

Really needing to look into booking a flight back and all that crap. I hate this. Perhaps I will make a stop or two - Dallas to see Maria, Yorba Linda to see Jill, Chris and the kiddies. Slowly transition from sun and warmth to cold and clammy. Oh, joy.

Well as you can see I really have no content here, just thought I would write something so that the 3 of you that read my blog faithfully do not think I have disappeared. I know it's disappointing today, but I promise to have some some sort of adventure or mishap today so I can tell you all about it. Maybe I'll drink some freaking beer. Something always comes of that. I'll try not to fall again, though, my knee is not looking much better and it hurts when I lay on my stomach to tan my backside. We'll see what happens.