Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I am on a desk that is notoriously busier than all hell, month end is looming ahead of us, and frankly there is no way I can just leave the office for two hours on a Wednesday morning. But, you know, of course I did.

Because it's all about priorities. So Tuesday night I slept like crap, I tore apart the bed when I got home and did the sheets and got a teeny tiny ballsack and moved the shoes around a little bit to see if I could spot (oh please God) a carcass, but nothing came up and you know that fucker was just waiting for me to lay down. All night I was convinced something was crawling on me. Cece noted that my hair looked a little more nappy than usual, and I had to explain that it's difficult to do my hair when I am constantly looking over my shoulder, up at the ceiling, or at anything that comes into my peripheral vision in the course of any given morning. I went to work, but I had made an appointment for Columbia Pest Control to come by at 10am, so I pretty much left at 9:35 and raced back to my apartment, from Hillsboro (no small feat).

The lady who booked my appointment told me to put the kitties in the bathroom for like a half an hour after the bug guy was done with his duties. I tried. I really did. I had Seca in there, but only because she was napping when I got home and I pretty much caught her by surprise. Couldn't find Lava for nothing. When she finally strolled in to see what was up, I nabbed her and made for the bathroom. And then the bug guy came. Knocked on the door. It's a simple act, really, though it doesn't happen that often, but it shouldn't have been such an earth-shattering event for Lava. She flipped out, using every one of her tools (teeth, claws) to get the hell out of my arms. So here's what the bug guy hears from the other side of the door after he knocks: "Just a minute! Aaaah! JUST A SECON - AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (but, you know, imagine that really shrill and terror-filled) So when I finally answer the door, I have blood dripping down my arm and cat fur all over my sweater. He told me this kind of spray won't affect them at all, he has five cats, they should be fine NOT in the bathroom. Bleeding for nothing. Nice.

So he was a chatty bug guy, and we swapped bug-related horror stories, and he found a huge ant nest out front and two wasp nests in the eaves of the building. So it was good having him around. I finally left at like 11:20, and raced back to Orenco, in time for my 12n, my 1pm, and my 2:15p, my six sets of loan documents and roughly 87 emails. Yay!

After work I met over at my mom's apartment - they are laying new carpet so we had to move all of her stuff - all of it - to a garage. Shelia, Jim, Tom, me and Barry, but we made short work of it and then had a couple of cold crackly Coors Lights in the parking lot. I'm exhausted. I should be in bed. But I thought I'd fill you in.

You know, just because the bug guy came and did his duty, doesn't mean I'm all THAT comfortable...



At 7:15 AM, July 23, 2009, Blogger Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

that sounds like a really fun day!!! hehehe


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