Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Week ending

I don't know if I am just a glutton for punishment or what my problem is, but I decided this morning to drive to Cannon Beach to spend a couple of hours with more family. Chris and Jill and their two kids are still here from California, and they rented a house at the beach until Friday. Mom went with them, as did Matt and Crystal. Maura will be there tonight, and Barbie and Shelia will be there tomorrow. I think what I really wanted was to drive really fast by myself for once with the music on really loud.

I left around 9:30 this morning and got there about 10:40. Hung out, looked at the ocean and Haystack Rock, and then went in to town and walked around a little bit with everyone. Then we had some lunch, I dropped Mom off back at the house, and I went home.

So basically I hit the extreme east and the extreme west of the state this weekend. That was cool.

Here's what wasn't cool. So Tom had left a shirt in the trunk of my car and I told him I would bring it by on my way home today. I did, checked to see that he was okay (he's still kind of sickish), and then left. While I was going into the right turn lane on TV Hwy in front of St. Mary's, so that I could turn right on to Murray and go home, some jackass cut me off from the middle lane. So like, here's me at 50 miles per hour in my designated lane, and then suddenly here's some idiot who is STOPPED in the middle lane (for the light) who decides to go into my lane. From a dead stop, in to my lane, while I am coming at him going 50. Fucking drunk.

So as I am slamming on my brakes, I throw up my hands like, what the fuck?! And I was yelling something, too, because, you know, that's what I do, but I don't really know what. His truck is a piece of shit and it's like wobbling all over the place and he just continues on his merry way, being in my way. I turned right on to Murray behind him and swiftly drove past him.

Except I got stopped at the light at Murray and 6th, and he rolled on up next to me. And stared at me looking all Charlie Manson and shit, and pointed at me. I pretended to not see him but I did. When the light turned green I left him behind a bit, but traffic being what it is I got stuck behind someone in my lane and he passed by me, staring.

So I was thinking it was fine for him to be ahead of me in case he had an intention of following me, and this was the case until we passed Allen, and he goes from the right lane to the left lane to the center lane left turn pocket that would have put him on like SW 22nd or something, all in one wobbly move. People slammed on their brakes to avoid him (again) - I was about five cars back at this point. When I started to pass him, he suddenly turned on his RIGHT turn signal and tried to get back in to my lane. Traffic wasn't really letting him though. I kept an eye on him behind me about six cars or so, and decided I probably shouldn't go home. So instead I took a left at Brockman (as did he) and then pulled in to the fire station there by Hiteon grade school. He passed by me without really seeing me, but I still stayed there for a little bit until I knew he hadn't turned around, and then I went out and took the long way home up to Scholls Ferry and then back down Murray to be sure. It probably wasn't anything or he was probably just trying to be a dick, but fuck him. He messed up my mojo.

So now I'm home and I go back to work tomorrow and I am ready for a little nap.


At 7:27 AM, July 08, 2009, Blogger Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

What a jack ass. That sucks honey. Don't you hate it when you have to keeping dealing with them through traffic.

You really brought the area back to life for me. I was totally driving with you in the car in my mind. Funny stuff.

At 3:28 PM, July 08, 2009, Blogger Marita said...



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