Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So the infamous reunion is just days away. Surprisingly it's been a quick couple of work days - yesterday frantic and non-stop, today steady and easy. Cece in Orenco can always tell how stressed I am by the size of my hair - apparently it gets bigger right along with my irritation level. I'm guessing yesterday it was pretty big. Tomorrow I am still in Beaverton, but on a different desk than today, a totally different one. And that's all I am going to say about that. I think my karma needs some work.

Anyway, I always seem to be a little bit more cranky in the days leading up to my vacations. Probably because I wait until the last minute to do everything. Like right now, for instance, I should be cleaning out my trunk or cleaning off the dining room table. But I'm not. Because it always gets done anyway, I figure this evening I'll just do laundry and chill out. It doesn't seem as hopeless if I plan the procrastination.

I'm having a hair issue right now, though. My regularly scheduled cut and color is set for this Friday - about the time I'll be drinking beer with blood relatives I haven't seen since the last funeral (and let's face it, chatting up my own siblings instead of them). My colorist isn't exactly the kind to be available at the last minute, so I called Evolution this morning to get some options. Because as much as I don't want to believe it, my gray is showing.

My colorist told me last time (when I asked her) that I am 70% gray, so now every hair on my body (well, not EVERY hair; so far some of it is still ... NOT gray) is coming in gray - the little hair that comes out on one part of my wrist (and has since forever), my eyebrows, my scalp (of course), the little random chin hair I have been getting since I was 26. It's pretty much all I see. I discussed my issue on chat with my sister in law Jill last night, and she told me there is some sort of crazy hair mascara situation that you can buy at a beauty supply store that is temporary color and hides the gray in a pinch. Because I have secretly been hoping that THIS time after 5 weeks I wouldn't have roots. But they're there. Turns out, my hair grows roughly 2 inches in that last week before color.

So at lunch today I ran down to the Sally Beauty Supply in Beaverton (oh my hell, it's ghetto) to see about this hair mascara. They had it, but it was like $20. I opted instead for the $6 kind that looks like lipstick. Brought it home. Tried it out. It's bad. It's like paste. It doesn't cover anything. And I am just going to have to live with the fact that I can't home-remedy my hair. I'll be calling Evolution tomorrow for Plan B and begging to get in for a root color.

And then Wednesday morning I'll pack up the lizzie, pick up my nephew, pick up Tom, and drive over the mountain toward Burns and beyond. Drink beer with blood relatives and get back to my roots for a few days.


At 4:54 PM, July 01, 2009, Anonymous Jackie said...

Have fun at the reunion gray hairs and all. BTW... the Sally's here in Milwaukie is quite ghetto too. What's up with that?

At 7:08 AM, July 02, 2009, Blogger Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

It seems that Sally's everywhere?!?!?! I am not sure why. Sorry to hear that the paste did not work out. Have a blast with the fam!!!

At 10:05 AM, July 04, 2009, Blogger JJ said...

There is a Sally's in the strip mall across from our hotel here in Ontario, as it turns out. Everywhere!


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