Saturday, July 18, 2009

People still give me booze even though I don't think I ACT like a big drinker anymore

Loving the hot weather but I am finding it brings the spiders in to my casita. And I really don't like them. My apartment stays cool in the heat, luckily, unless it gets in to the mid 90s, but in the evenings when the sun is setting it starts to warm up a little bit (west-facing slider). There's a little cool spot next to the kitties' bathroom that is always pleasant, but, you know, it's not like I can just stand there doing nothing. I don't really need a cool spot anyway.

So yesterday kind of sucked in that I was almost responsible for a $300,000.00 loss for the company, but then it ended up not sucking because I managed to prevent the loss (or rather, I got the money back) and, due to my clearly visible pain, the escrow officer I was working with went out and bought me a bottle of Maker's Mark. I don't know how many people get presents for almost losing a whole bunch of money, but I'm on the list and that's okay with me. Those five hours of not knowing whether or not the money was coming back were pretty horrendous, though. Even though it really wasn't my fault, per se, my name was all over it and that's enough to ruin anyone's day.

This on the heels of having received a Service Star - our little "attaboy" incentive program at work - for being so fabulous. That's usually the way it works for me. So during the horrificness of the day while we hoped like hell that the bank would send the money back to us, I made a sign that said "The Service Star sits here" with an arrow pointing down, at me, and taped it to the top of the credenza shelves that sit above me. Any time there is anything hellish going on with me, people know. Because I am vocal. And just co-dependent enough to want to know if they think poorly of me (and any time there is anything GOOD going on with me, people know, because I am just narcissistic enough to want to know that they like me). So basically my Friday was an emotional rollercoaster and nauseating and not happy and then relieved and then liquor-filled (I didn't actually drink any of it, it's on my kitchen counter). I practically fell in to bed last night.

So today I have plenty to do, including borrowing Nicky's Dyson to vacuum and taking my own in to Stark's to see if they will fix the on/off switch so I don't burn the house down. Later is Tony's daughter's wedding, and since the reception is in Tony and Sara's backyard, it should be fun and not formal. I spray tanned last night so I am looking bronze-ish, and it's warm, and summer, and I feel like making out with someone. So who knows. It's not 1982 anymore, and the caliber of Tony's friends has sort of ... changed, but you never know.

So that's it, checking in, not much to report. I'm actually thinking about starting my chores EARLY today, instead of thinking I will and then screwing around on the cracktop until like 11 and then panicking because I haven't gotten anything done... but again, you never know.


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