Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meat dreams ahead

Last night that Marsha and I met for dinner at the semi-new Five Guys Burgers and Fries situation over by Beaverton Mall. I hadn't been there but people say it's good and I felt like a hamburger. Blood loss and all that. So it was good, actually, and simple, and cheap. The company and conversation were good, too, though I dominated it by filling Marsha in on the reunion haps. I don't think she minded. We saw a local celebrity, too, so that was fun. I actually went to high school with him, he played baseball, but went on to play football for the Ducks and ultimately the Rams and the Raiders. You guys can figure it out. Some dad approached him and introduced him to his kids and their friends, and it felt really kind of neato to see that. You know, see what he's become.

Tonight I met that Becky H. and her brother Jeff (down from Seattle for work) at a newer restaurant in Beaverton, just down the street from The House of Cards (where I lived with Rhonda and Marsha and John over a few years), called Burgers and Beers. It had been a Shari's for years, and then a Juan Colorado while I lived there (but it didn't have a bar in it so that kind of sucked and plus there are like WAY too many Juan Colorados out there and their food sucks ass), and then some other Mexican restaurant for like 15 minutes (seriously) and now this. The gig is they have a nice bar, comfy looking, big TVs, and then in the restaurant part the booths all have their own personal flat screen TVs with your own remote and you can watch TV and ignore your table mates while they fill your sister in on what's been going on in your life, only to jump in when somebody says something about boobs. They have more than just burgers, but their burgers were good. Our waiter was having an off night, but that was fine, because he kept giving us free stuff. You can always count on a night of laughing with Becky and Jeff around, and though it was rather mellow, it was a really enjoyable dinner. I'm thinking it would be a good place to watch football ultimately. You have to plan these things out ahead of time, you know, because it's July. And it's coming. My stomach just lurched a little bit.

So I rarely eat real meat (preferring fake meat, like facon and the new meatless Italian-style sausage situation I found that is the bomb), and now, two nights in a row, meat. I am mildly concerned about having meat dreams such as Barbie had suggested in the past, so we'll see what happens.

But the other common denominator was spending quality time with people I should spend more time with and driving home on a warm summer evening with the windows down adn the sunroof open and the radio on really loud, singing along with it and not caring that people are staring.


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