Sunday, August 23, 2009

I just can't think of a title.

(I'm not in the right frame of mind to tell the taxi driver story. Sooner or later I will. But I know the story isn't dead yet because on Friday the Orenco branch tried to anonymously send me a present. I say "tried to anonymously" because there was no return label on it, but I'm pretty smart and figured it out. Weirdos.)

So the other day I read on my favorite social networking site that a guy from the class behind me in high school died. He was a fairly well-known kid (and I say that because I am quite certain that over the years PLENTY of people from my class and that class and all the classes around me have died) so it was being passed around from friend to friend. No real details surrounding his death, so it makes you wonder, and makes ME wonder what he has been doing these past 26 years since I have seen him. I remember him mostly because (of course) I made out with him. I was once on this kick of giving hickies (don't ask me why... the literal version of wanting to leave a mark?), and one evening I was at a party and I started to overhear some boys behind me, because they wanted me to, obviously, discussing the actual placement of the hickies they had received. When I turned around I saw that they were three guys I had made out with at various times, and the hickies to which they were referring were in fact from me. It was all in good fun, of course, and we all had a good laugh about it then. This kid that died the other day was one of those boys. So there's my memory. It's sad, being so young and dying. But it happens daily, and this IS the circle of life, I guess.

Beyond that it's been a pretty good weekend so far, lots of stuff done yesterday and I got to meet with that Tracy and finally see her baby. He's 5 1/2 months old. Never let it be said that I don't put things off. Okay, let it be said. I have also been in touch to a great extent with one of my BFFs from high school, Lorie, and it's been great fun chatting. Funny because it is like riding a bike, you never forget how to chat with someone and make each other laugh. We live extremely different lives now but still I feel that same connection.

And while driving around her old 'hood yesterday (it was driving me crazy that I couldn't find her old neighborhood, I knew a lot of people in that 'hood and I just couldn't figure out how to get there anymore and that kind of things bug me but I found it and took a little trip down memory lane) (I'm weird like that) (but, you know, I don't think anybody lives there anymore so it's not like I am some kind of stalker or anything), my sister called me and told me she ran in to an old sorority sister that was actually the stepmother of a guy that I shacked up with for a while once. He was a hopeless drunk and seriously I don't know who I was at that time, what I was looking for, what I was trying to fix in my own life by trying to fix him. Anyway she (the stepmom) told Barbie that he (the ex) was living in an assisted living-type facility here in Portland somewhere, completely incapable of doing anything for himself, in terms of care, like, you know, dress himself (he was doing the landscaping at the facility though so it doesn't sound like he is completely incapacitated) and that one day the cook at the facility took him off the premises and they eloped. So I guess that's the end of THAT fairy tale.

Some things are better left in the past I think. Other things show up on Facebook. Which continues to be fun and entertaining. And sometimes a bit of a time-sucker. But that's okay. My obligations are few and I am my own boss. At least when the kitties are napping.

Happy Sunday to you, unless you are reading this tomorrow, then happy Monday. Or happy four-months-from-now. Or happy all-I-wanted-was-to-look-at-a-picture-of-a-toucan-and-instead-found-this-blog. The Browns won yesterday and so did the Tribe so it's definitely a happy one for me ~


At 5:56 PM, August 24, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Browns won because they played the Lions ... LOL!!!


At 11:01 PM, August 25, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhhhh.. joyce. i am ever so honored to be mentioned in your blog! :D I should read them more often! haha

Glad you stalked my 'hood. Someone's gotta do it!



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