Saturday, August 08, 2009

Great Mood Saturday and Kitty, quit drinking my coffee

So the Bug Guy called me an hour early on Thursday and asked if I could get home NOW. He's the Bug Guy, so I complied. And of course, when I got there and put the key in the lock, guess what was on the door frame? Yes, a spider. It's a good thing the Bug Guy was there. I think he likes me. We shared cockroach stories (he's a Bug Guy, for Pete's sake, and cockroaches totally skeeve him out. I asked him, like, is it kind of a hindrance to be a Bug Guy and scream like a girl when you see a thousand cockroaches swarm out from behind a refrigerator when you move it? He said yes. He said he has learned to scream INSIDE. Quietly. So no one can hear. Oh, but he's screaming, all right.) and hung out outside by our cars when he was all done until I remembered it was mid-day and I should go back to work. I like the Bug Guy too, but for different reasons. I like him for his big can. Of poison.

So I'm all in a great mood this morning because I had a really (I mean REALLY) great night last night, and I'm sort of basking in the afterglow. It involved a shitload of laughing and laughing is just really good for what ails you. It involved other things too that I will not elaborate on (and trust me they were equally good for what ailed me) so like the whole package was just awesome. That's all I'm going to say about it but if you are reading this and it was you hanging out with me last night, thanks, let's do that again some time soon. My sides still hurt from laughing and you're my favorite person ever.

So I have to do like way more cleaning today (I did finally buy another screw for the new vacuum cleaner, like, it fits the hole but I can't put the nut on the end of it so I have to keep jamming it back in every few minutes, and given how much I hate to vacuum to begin with, it's really just a gigantic pain in the ass. It's just so typical of me: hate to vacuum, so why not a) get a couple of really furry cats and b) have vacuum cleaner issues just lining up and waiting for me at the Target), and I want to hit Nordstrom, and my facial hair is flipping OUT OF CONTROL, and I am going to need to clean out the fridge and then get some food to put in it, and take Tom to run some errands, and probably nap, and threaten to go out to Scappoose to see the bb and her family, and then that's kind of it for today. Except I've been up since 6:10 and all I have managed to do so far is shower.

So now it's like cold enough for me to be back in a sweatshirt instead of just a tshirt. It's total extremes these days. Right now seriously I am guessing it's in the 50s. The good news is I can tan daily again, get myself back to my fighting color, but the bad news is my favorite super-fantastic bed at the salon is broken. Life is just a series of goods and bads, isn't it?

So that's it. Just writing for the sake of it. And there's you, just reading for the sake of it. I'm not giving you any shit about it, or anything, so, you know, keep doing that.


At 9:54 AM, August 08, 2009, Anonymous Jackie said...

Laughing is contagious. Adults don’t do enough of it.
No kidding about the weather. The hig temp yesterday was barely 70 if that. I will take 70 over the 106 the week before. At least you can add a layer of clothes to warm up. But geesh those three or four days over 100 were killers.

At 8:25 AM, August 09, 2009, Blogger JJ said...

It's true, Jackie. I love the heat (don't I keep saying that?) but good God.


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