Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Things I've said and done in the last few days working in Beaverton:

- Considered a milkshake for breakfast.
- "The kitties must have been attacked by wet towels in another life or something."
- Checked my shirt under my arms to make sure my anti-perspirant wasn't failing.
- "I think they should have a 'Street of Bank-Owned Dream Homes' so we can get an eye full of all those McMansions that people bought when they couldn't afford them in the first place."
- "OPEN!"
- Drove around at lunch with no real purpose and the a/c blasting.
- Laid on the horn in the drive thru at McDonalds.
- "I need you to come to Beaverton. I'm not the one that wants to buy this house."

And why:

- It's flipping 80 degrees at 7am and I'm hot.
- My sister's cats let them put wet towels on them to cool them down, so I wet a towel and tried to do the same thing. They ran away from me like I was some kind of crazy person.
- It was 105 degrees when I went out for a smoke at around 3pm, and the a/c in our office hasn't worked since the weekend. It's hot. I mentioned that.
- Signing some people who just bought a bank-owned property in a gated community in Happy Valley for a song. They had looked at several similar properties, some not quite finished, and we were discussing what an opportunity they would be for a carpenter looking to invest.
- Every morning when I drive by the El Pollo Loco on Cedar Hills Boulevard. For God's sake they have been working on it for a year. Fucking open already.
- It's the only place I can get any relief.
- Stupid lady pulled up about a foot from the window after she got her order so she could rearrange her purse. Meaning I couldn't get my iced coffee because she was in my way. She moved.
- I practically kill myself to get your docs ready so it can close on time, pull a flipping rabbit out of a hat, and you want a courtesy in Sunnyside? No. Sorry. Not happening.

Road rage and bitterness abound.


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