Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh crap I forgot Downey.

So last weekend when Becky T(H) was here, we met for breakfast Sunday morning at a little place called Mandy's which as it turns out ISN'T called Mandy's really, even though the sign out front says it is. It's about 8 miles from me, west, in the little tiny bit of country that still remains after a booming decade or so of building in Washington County. Lots of farmland, rolling hills, filbert trees and livestock. Across the street is a little gift store and u-pick farm called Smith Berry Farm, and it was there that we took photos of the H family for their Christmas card. Charming. Pumpkin-y. Harvest time and all that.

Anyway the restaurant was cute and had a really good vibe and when I mentioned it to Barbie afterward, we decided to get some breakfast there the following Saturday (which was yesterday). So we did. I never EVER bring a camera, and I'm not sure why that is, but here's the outside of it. Thanks, internet.

Here's what it looks like inside. I had the oatmeal again. It's that good.
Afterward we ran some errands and all that. It was a dry, sunny-off-and-on day but chilly, and I do like Fall for that crispness. I prefer it to be sunnier, and even crisper, but hey, it didn't rain.

Later I needed to hit a supermarket and didn't want to battle Saturday traffic to the Fred Meyer, so I went to the Safeway. Here's why I hate the Safeway.

It's flipping EXPENSIVE.

Seriously, as an example, and I don't think many boys read my blog, so if you are a boy and you do and this bothers you, suck it. A box of Tampax 36 count was $9.49. NINE DOLLARS AND FORTY NINE CENTS. That is INSANITY. But, you know, what can you do? It's not like you can skip them. I suppose I could have gone to the Rite Aid or something and saved $3, but it was already 3pm and I still had shit to do. Who does the Safeway think it is, charging this kind of money for feminine protection, the Haggens? It's the fucking SAFEWAY. Not to mention every other flipping item in my shopping cart was at least $1 more than my friendly (not in my) neighborhood (anymore because I move so God damn much) Fred Meyer. Fuck, man. So just because I live where I live I should be paying more for this crap? God it irritated me. But I paid for it all and am living with it, and all because the drive to the closest Fred Meyer involves no less than 10 stop lights and innumerable mini-van driving assholes who don't focus on the road long enough to realize they are IN. MY. WAY.

Plus my Fred Meyer at any time after 10am on a Saturday is a zoo.

So the election is coming upon us, and though I don't talk much about politics on this here blog (mostly because I don't know enough about it and I want you all to keep thinking that I am really smart), I will say that I just watched a YouTube vid about a McCain/Palin rally somewhere in Ohio (certainly not near any actual city, I'll tell you that much) and it was really scarey to think that all these flipping hillbillies are going to vote. Probably. And vote for McCain. Because (and here is what is really scarey) (beyond the fact that just BEING hillbillies is enough to give one night sweats) they don't like Obama for the simple reason that they think he is a muslim, and they don't like the color of his skin. I would really like to think that perhaps they are in such a remote section of Ohio that the newspaper doesn't get delivered to them, so they aren't abreast of the issues and would be making their decisions based on THAT, as opposed to the (probably true) idea that if they DO get the newspaper they simply cannot read it. Hillbillies scare the crap out of me. ALL stupid people do.

Are we really a country comprised of SO MANY uneducated idiots throwing around the n-word and basing their opinions on someone's middle name? I'd like to think that living here in the Pacific Northwest people make their decisions and choose their candidates based upon how those candidates reflect their personal beliefs. Not that I think anyone who votes for the Republican Party is bad, I just think that there better be good reasons for ANYone to vote for ANYone. Just do your research, folks. Don't just assume shit because your back-water holy-rolling preacher told you what to think. But if you DO consider yourself a Republican, and a somewhat educated, intelligent person, consider this: if I were you, I would be insulted by McCain's choice of vice presidential running mate. Insulted. Like maybe he thinks that you're stupid enough to believe that just picking a woman, ANY woman, and an ex-beauty queen at that, will be enough to make you think he is forward thinking and representing women across the country. Because he is not. Just the hillbilly women. That's just frightening to me.


At 10:06 AM, October 20, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought McCain's pick of Palin was insulting to women everywhere...forward thinking or not. I totally agree with you. Like I am so stupid, I am just simply going to vote for the closest vagina? Becky H

At 11:00 PM, October 20, 2008, Blogger Rebecca said...

You go girl! 'At'l tell 'em.

Smilin' in Seattle

At 11:44 PM, October 20, 2008, Anonymous hula betty said...

Maybe Obama has change to help with that tampon purchase.


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