Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not TRYING to be so silent, I just don't have that much going on.

So where did we leave off? Oh yeah. Um, to nutshell it, we lost Chris H. and Jan P. in Lincoln Tower, lost that John Boy (aka John John, Office Boy John, you know who I mean) but then gained him back again due to sheer stupidity, and then lost a couple of people on the east side that have been here quite a while. Stressed out? Me? No no no. Just another day in the life.

I have been off work for two days (well, this being my last day off) because I was supposed to be going to Wisconsin for the annual Rock the Sac party (please see archives, last September, I think I told the story in like 27 posts or something) but I did not go because a) airfare is ridiculous and b) I doubt I should be spending money on said airfare due to, well, the first paragraph. I'm bummed I missed it. I saw pictures. It looked fun. Except I'm still trying to figure out who the guy was with the long hair. Was that a wig, Marita?

Instead of going to Wisconsin, Jeri T. (now P.) and I went to our little casual, somewhat impromptu 25 year class reunion. Yep, 25 years. Don't I sound young for being 43? Thanks! Anyway, it was over at Dom B.'s dad's house over in my old 'hood (his house is much grander than mine ever was) and it was quite fun. Though there was no frightening plane ride situation involved, Jeri did drive the family Escalade, so it's pretty much as big as a plane, and we did run over the cone that was placed in the driveway to keep everyone out, but that was about the extent of any real traveling danger. We were the first ones there. Of course. But it was nice because I got to catch up with Dom and his sister Dana and we got to laugh at everyone else who drove over the cone until finally Jeri just moved the plane into the driveway and frankly nobody was driving over that.

We had a good crowd, maybe 25 people? I'm not a good judge of numbers by the glance. But a good time was had by all and it was a nice night and we had three fires going and a lot of laughs and really, I'd do it again. At my 20 year I swore I would never do another one, but this was casual and relaxed and Dom's dad's house is a good venue. You know Dom, he runs Beaverton Foods, makers of Beaver brand mustard and horseradish, and Inglehoffer mustard. It's the family business. I went to grade school for like 3 years with him, and then of course high school.

So that was nice. I have been running errands mostly otherwise and really don't have much going on, besides doing a little volunteer work to beef up the karma. I'll probably post more on that later. And I will post. More probably since I am getting out. But I can't promise you it won't be rife with stress about this stupid work thing.

Oh and I forgot - I went to the eye doctor yesterday and my prescription of course changed (not for the better) and we are doing that monovision thing that you do when you are getting older and can't see so much close up. So that's good. Happy 43rd year, Joyce, you're vision is getting worse, your joints are stiff when you get out of bed and The Hills pisses you off. And you wish they would show more Brenda-Kelly-related stuff on the new 90210.


At 11:02 PM, September 23, 2008, Blogger My Way said...

I'm glad you are out there and ok.

Pull some cards.

Been having weird dreams....should tell you about them.


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