Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My good GOD there are a ton of blogs to catch up on.

I am back in the City of Roses (well, not exactly THERE, but close enough). I will be uploading pictures and giving you a little informational tomorrow, but I would like to say immediately that ELIZABETH is the BEST TOURGUIDE/HOSTESS we could have ever asked for. We were bumbling, stumbling fools the one day we did not have her accompaniment downtown. Bumbling, stumbling, and cranky.

And I am also quite shocked she didn't post her Vij picture yet. Hm.

We had a great trip, and yes, Paul, I am quite sure the little ones are distraught at the whole "favorite aunt passing them by without even a glance" situation, but I doubt it will leave a lasting impression. Plus, um, you live like REALLY FAR from I-5, and after 2 1/2 hours at the border, we were ready for faster speeds. So sorry my friend.

Okay then, off to catch up on reading and doing laundry!


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