Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 15

So this is the end of a week that last roughly 14 days and I am happy to say (for now) that I came out relatively unscathed. My counterpart, however, did not. I won't go on about it, but let's just say I am still invoking the smiling of the gods at this point, and will continue to work hard at shining up my karma as regularly as possible. Ugh.

I way slept in today, 7:30, not sure what that is about, and now I have a "you slept too much" headache. I have some errands to run and some tanning to enjoy and some litter to tidy up and some laundry to fold, some vacuuming and trash taking-out, so things are back to normal in the new casita.

It feels like the summer is slipping away and that makes me a little sad. I was hoping for August to get here in terms of pay checks as this move has pretty much killed me financially, but still. August? It's practically 2009.

God I have nothing to say. Let me get moving on my shiatt for the day and maybe, just MAYbe, I'll have some kind of anectdote for you later.


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