Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My good friend Mexico Way blogged about tipping, or not, in her most recent post. Go read it. I'll wait here.

So I caught her on chat today (tough to do, by the way. Let's get settled, already, huh?) and told her a little story about MY re-entry, and she wanted me to share it. So I will. It's just a little ditty. Nothing big.

Upon re-entry (my first one, not my second one. I wasn't there long enough the second time to adjust), I found myself at the Albertson's in Barbie's neighborhood for the first time by myself and paying for something. Probably a decent load of somethings because the process required a bag boy. While I was paying and waiting for my receipt, sort of gazing off into the distance and not really paying attention, I absently reached into the coin purse of my wallet, scooped some coinage, and handed it just as absently to the bag boy. You know the way you do, sort of fist-clutching-coins side down, looking off some other direction than the waiting hand, just natural-like. I was used to feeling the accepting hand, but didn't... and when I looked over at the bag boy, he was all, like, looking at me like I was nuts or something. Like puzzled, and even offended. I sort of shook my head out of my daze and pulled my hand back, embarrassed, feeling the need to explain, not finding the words, all in a matter of a second or two. I finally threw the coins in my purse, grabbed my bag and made my escape, all the while feebly mumbling something about, sorry, I forgot, just moved from Mexico, sorry... really weak. I felt both the eyes of the cashier and the offended bag boy on me the whole way out. I didn't visit that store again for a long while after that.

So it's normal to start handing out change to people who are just doing their jobs, here, MW, what the heck. It gave you a little story to tell (and me too), and probably one for the guy at your store. Sooner or later you will get back in the swing of all things Canadian. But every now and again you'll slip up, answer someone in Spanish, or oprima el numero dos... if they do that in Canada.

Quick sidebar to Becky H.

I can't believe you aren't keeping up with your Bravo reality shows. It's "Date My Ex"! With Jo and Slade! Keep up!
Here's Slade and one of his ridiculous hats.
Seriously. Lose them. You aren't doing yourself any favors.


At 9:16 AM, July 31, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sidebat. Actually I have thought about watching that one because I saw the "Housewives" series they were on, like, 15 years ago now. (The hat is HIDEOUS) BH

At 9:17 AM, July 31, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shheeesh. I meant Side BaR. (I am such a dingbar!) :)


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