Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday morning wrap up

So yeah. Back to once a week. Sorry about that.

This weekend my friend Rebecca T. (H.) (one of the Beckys) is in town to visit family and friends and remember why she left Beaverton, so last night we got together with her sister in law Denise and another friend from way back, Keeli. Keeli and I were never terribly close (okay, not at all) in high school, but back when Becky (sorry, I have to) got married (really? Eight years ago?), Keeli was the Matron of Honor and I was the Maid of Honor. On account of the whole spinster thing I got going on. Anyway, that wedding was a kick in the ass. Keeli and I got along really well and her husband was a hoot and I just remember racing around in some club in downtown Seattle trying to get away from the bouncers who were trying to throw everyone out at closing time. I do believe that was the first time I tried that dangerous but oh-so-lovely concoction of Jaegermeister and Red Bull. Good times. We had such a great time and swore we would stay in touch and then, well, you know, it's pretty much been eight years... You know how that goes.

So because it is ALWAYS good to see that Becky, it was also a treat to see Keeli again, and I am happy to report that she still has that great sense of humor that mixes well with mine and we all had some great laughs and I am really glad that I got to spend such a great evening out. Although I will say that I am a bit disappointed that the people behind "Aks Jeeves" (not ASK Jeeves, mind you) don't appear to have kept up their site. And that bums me out because that was a really funny story.

This morning is one of those really good Fall mornings - sunny, dry, colder than CRAP, awash with opportunity to really get some shit done to my home. I vow today to find something to put in that stupid cubby in the living room so I can finish putting up my pictures. And to clear off the bar in the kitchen. And maybe even take my car through the car wash since I got a free coupon for Kaady's for taking my car in for service at the Beaverton Honda. On a day like today, how could I NOT want to do all this? I may even go to Ikea. Why not? The world is my oyster.

And yes I still have a job (buried this deeper into the post). And it's been busier than crap. I am telling you my head nearly popped off this week due to the stress and crazyness that working in this particular unit in Lincoln Tower involves. I also almost killed the receptionist. Which is bad, because I like the receptionist, and we NEED the receptionist, and if I HAD killed her, like I almost did, it would have been really bad for everyone.

Next week, Beaverton branch, and then the week after that, downtown. I like working downtown because I get to see fun people like Alysa and Saundra and Sarah and that Kellie C. Granted I am usually there for like a week before I actually SEE them, but, you know, I like to keep a low profile...

Not much new other than all that, except that Terri at work has a big knotted up muscle situation in her back that we decided to name Marjorie after that poor little bastard on America's Next Top Model (she had to portray the Hunchback of Notre Dame and frankly pulled it off so well it was nauseating), so that was fun, maybe just a small bit of sunshine in what really ended up being a harried week. And it's cold. REALLY cold. I have a staunch No Heat til November 1 rule, and I may be convinced to break it. Winter. I need a vacation.


At 12:01 PM, October 11, 2008, Anonymous RiverGirl said...

These are extreme and trying times. I think that calls for turning on the frickin' heat a bit early my dear. You don't need to suffer.

Glad you are still employed. Glad you didn't kill the receptionist. Jail is cold too, so I hear.


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