Saturday, October 04, 2008

I tried to tie it all in...

Maryann at work thinks I should be on the radio. She listens to a somewhat popular pop radio station's morning show on her way to work and the girl that is the "sidekick" to the main personalities I guess is kind of blah. I don't listen to that station. I listen to Mark and Brian syndicated out of LA's KLOS. So I don't know about this other chick that Maryann would want me to replace. I think I could do it. People say I mumble (I don't believe them) but I think if I were on the radio I probably wouldn't. You know, it would be my job not to, and I tend to pay more attention when I am at work. I don't know how one would go about putting together the demo tape, or even start the process, but wouldn't it be fun to give it a shot? I imagine one would have to have started trying about 20 years ago from where I sit, but as job changes go, that would be a good one.

I told you I wasn't going to start every post with "still employed", so let's make a deal - if I DO get laid off, I'll tell you about it here. I'll have the time. To my friends with whom I chat regularly, I'll tell you directly. I think I have a lot of people out there sending me good karma and positivity, and I appreciate that because I think it's working. It certainly couldn't be me skill, charm and great hair that is keeping me there, and it CERTAINLY isn't the fact that I've got a great tan, because let me assure you, I do not. That Becky H. is in the prep stages for a Mexico trip in late October (right?) so of course she is very tan, she gets the good looks-like-the-real-sun tan even from the booth. I do not. I get Booth Tan. I am not keeping any secrets from anybody when I tan mid-winter (or even mid-summer). It is clear on me what is real and what is not. So I'm currently wearing sweaters in colors that off-set the creamy whiteness of my skin. That sounds a lot prettier than it looks. Believe me.

Sometimes when I read my friends' blogs from down south I am reminded of the warm lazyness of my time in Cancun (the first time. There was nothing lazy about my second time there. Maybe I AM bitter...). Such a good memory. Like I am still there. I have of course been shopping for some sort of trip situation for December and I am so torn, but you know, warmth and tan-ness and vacation-lazy-good-times is good for my psyche, so I am going to have to just bite the bullet and book. Foolish? Perhaps. But I need to bring the real me back and that can only be found when I have something Mexican to look forward to.

Work's been busy (believe it or not) but I am guessing it's because of the shortening staff. Keeping busy is priority one, so I am happy for that. Keep on keeping on. The Planned Parenthood gig is also working well - I am really enjoying it. Did the phone bank thing twice last week, and though I am a major wimp and (despite being in bed within a half an hour of my bedtime and being asleep PRECISELY on schedule) felt overly tired like I was hungover or something on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I look forward to next week. These are what are called "persuasion calls" - and for a specific pro-choice candidate in each district. It's like a three sentence script and then asking if we can count on the call-ee's vote for said candidate, takes roughly 2 minutes, and so far I have only had like 4 out of 300 calls go sort of south. I can handle it.

And can I just say something, while we are on the subject? Being pro-choice means that you have the CHOICE to believe the way you want to believe. So if you think that abortion is horrid and wrong on ALL levels, that is your CHOICE. I'm pro-choice, and it doesn't bother ME how YOU feel about birth control, abortion, or any other reproductive right. I feel the way I feel, and that is the beauty of it. The flip side to this is that some would have others decide FOR you. The flip side is that they CARE about my beliefs on the subject, and want to take my choices away. And endanger the lives of others, in the end. So when I say that I am pro-choice and supporting candidates that are pro-choice, it doesn't mean necessarily that I believe something as extreme as abortion-as-a-form-of-birth-control. It means simply that I believe in our right to choose and live our own beliefs. Can you believe there are people out there that want to take that right away from you? It's crazy.

So now, today, I choose to go put on a sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes and go run some errands. Then later I will choose either to vacuum the living room or lay on the sofa and read about the vampires in Forks, Washington. And after that I'll choose what to watch on TV tonight. Because I can.


At 8:59 AM, October 06, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to calling this week too. I, of course, agree whole heartedly with you on the pro-choice thing. (Can I tell yuo how hard it is to type with ONE broken nail? It's like having ONE leg amputated at the knee. I keep hitting the wrong ke7s.) Later Gator. (you do mumble, by the way) BH

PS - I am not tan either. I haven't started Mexico tanning prep.

At 6:37 PM, October 07, 2008, Blogger Prodigal daughter / sister / friend said...

hey there,

ahhh, i feel so honoured to have a mention in trauma the drama ;o) glad the volunteering is working out.

and i hear you on the prochoice thing. i have issues sometimes because i work in a predominantly Catholic organization and so some people have extreme views, but you put it just right, it's about choice and respect for that choice.


At 12:44 AM, October 09, 2008, Anonymous lgrt said...

you're expected in Cobo with us in march! that is not optional.

At 1:50 AM, October 16, 2008, Blogger ARrrrrr said...

You'd be great on radio. Not even much competition considering some of the douche bags they put on there.

4 out of 300 calls going south? That's a much better ratio than escrow.


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