Monday, February 07, 2011

Work with me, people...

Can we talk just a minute about communication? It's really important. It lets other people know that you got their message, or that you understand what they want or need, or that you're alive. Most people are pretty good with it, now that in today's world you don't really need to pick up a phone. You can write on their wall or tag them on Facebook, you can send an email or a text. You can answer them via instant messenger, and if they aren't online, well, they'll get the message when they log back in.

I have friends I haven't spoken to in a while - they're friends, and I think they understand that sometimes it's just too busy to sit and chat. Sometimes there are just too many things to do in your free time that a good old fashioned telephone conversation is difficult to do. I hope they understand that, anyway. I understand it when I don't hear from them. Because I know they are there. They "like" my status or they send a text or an email. We know each other are out there and it's fine.

But work? No. With work it's pretty important to communicate. When it's business related you can pretty much bet I'm not asking for a check in just because I'm bored and want you to come play with me. If I send an email, or an attachment that needs your review, anything that is beyond "fyi", let me know you're out there. Let me know that, although you are not in a position to drop everything right now for MY needs, you will get to it when you can. Don't make me think that you have just glossed over my request and have back-burnered it. Because seriously I hate being ignored.

And that's what I'm thinking. If it's been five business hours since I sent a reasonable request (meaning something that doesn't require you to do five hours or more of research on it), then all I can assume is that you don't have any intention of responding to me. And when you ignore me, I lose my head. A lot of people can attest to what happens when I lose my head. It's not pretty. Feelings get hurt, names are called, it's awkward when we finally see each other face-to-face.

I do my dangedest to be the very best that I can be at my job, but it's not easy. Because it's not the kind of job you can do alone. I am nothing without all of the people that make my job exist. So if I ask for something, your approval of a document or a status update, it's not because I'm sitting around trying to make work for myself. It's because I can't get the answer myself, and I need your help. We all look good when we communicate. It's been the cornerstone of our existence as human beings since the cavemen and I think something that's stuck around that long is probably worth something.


At 10:42 AM, February 08, 2011, Anonymous Jackie said...

Amen to that. I always replied within a reasonable time depending on the urgency of the email request when I was working. It always fried me when someone would apparently just ignore my email. Usually I would offer a solution and would be asking for confirmation or a better way to get things done. Even a quick "I got it and will look into this" would be acceptable. But just ignoring emails is not acceptable in the business world.

At 2:42 PM, March 23, 2011, Anonymous The Divine Miss "M" said...

This makes me think of Brian Lutrell.


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