Sunday, February 06, 2011


Blog blog blog. I'm really trying. Sitting here this morning, killing time, knowing I should write something but not really having anything to say.

So... What's up? Work has been painfully slow (comparatively speaking, when I'm on this desk) and it's a frightening, frightening time out here in escrow-land. I am so wanting to book Cancun for April but am holding off. Too scary. People tell me I don't have much to worry about but look what happens when you start getting all comfortable..

So, really, in times like these, why NOT go jack up the balance on your Nordstrom card by buying all manner of clothes? Right? But I think I'm taking back the jeans I bought because, let's face it, I'm not really a "boot-cut" kind of girl. It's the kind of boot-cut that looks smashing with a pair of pointy-toe heels. Like the pair of pointy-toe heels Marcia the Sales Gal had my try on with said jeans. They looked great, but it was quite a little trip down the hall to the big mirrors in those babies. "Practice!" says Marcia the Sales Gal, to which I say, "I'm 45 years old; I do not need to practice walking in this kind of shoe."

So back to Nordstrom they go, and then I might just replace them with something more "me" - Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. Something straight. That you can wear with shoes that are not an ankle waiting to snap.

Fascinating, isn't it?

It's relatively dry out so there is no denying it: I need to get out and do some shit. Because honestly, you cannot waste this kind of weather. Time to try to coax a mini-adventure out of this Sunday. Things need to pick up a little bit, kids. I know I say it every year (Month. Week.), but I'm in need of a story.


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