Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adult ADD

By the way, I still haven't bought the coat.

And I'm very proud of the Ducks. And you Beaver fans can gloat all you want but your last hope is going to the NFL so I guess you'll have to continue to be just slightly below mediocre. That's all I'm offering.

The meteorologists predicted that we would have snow and/or freezing rain in the valley today, right around rush hour. We didn't. I just looked out the window and the pavement is wet, but it's not raining or snowing right now and a car drove through the parking lot with ease. I am not upset, quite the contrary. I don't like crappy weather and I certainly don't want to drive in it, and since it's Tuesday, I'm happy that my drive tomorrow will simply be like any other day in Portland - dark, wet and stupid. I just wish that I could be wrong 95% of the time in my job and still get paid ridiculous amounts of money.

I tried to buy it today, and found one on Lands End's website, but then Neon Dionne told me about coupon codes and we found one for free shipping (the stupid coat cost like $40 and free shipping just got me all excited) and then I had to go do something work-related or go to the bathroom or something for like two minutes and when I came back and tried to buy the stupid coat it ended up no longer being available. The hell is that? Is it because of the coupon code? I didn't go back to the normal site to find out, so it's anybody's guess. Something seems to be holding me back on this stupid coat purchase.

Kind of worried about my job again. "Kind of" meaning I'm really worried about it but I don't want to mention it or show fear or anything. What the hell else can I do? Do I have the strength for another reinvention? I just sighed after typing that. Seriously.

Let's talk about the sun, shall we? Planning an April Cancun trip. I am wearing Cleveland Browns gloves with the fingers cut off so that I can type. This matters because I am not outside. I'm actually inside with all of the heaters on, sweatshirt, sweatpants, thick socks, slippers and these gloves, and I still can't feel my hands. Wait. I thought we were talking about the sun. See how easily it slips my mind?

I sat down just now to check email and FB and suddenly decided to blog, so this wasn't one of those well-thought-out, I'm-here-to-make-a-point posts that I'm known for (...). It's just me sitting here, cold, with cut off Cleveland Browns gloves, telling you about a coat I will never own.

Since things should mostly have a purpose, my brother-in-law Paul is at it again with his road trip adventures ~ this time to sunny Baja California. Watch him progress at www.lastgreatroadtrip.com and leave him some words of encouragement and support. He's not getting any younger and the crises are starting to multiply.


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