Wednesday, January 05, 2011

How I spent my first vacation of 2011

(Don't worry. It's not that exciting.)
I cleaned. Not as much as I could have, I mean, that box of recyclables is still in the dining room. And I didn't really dust, per se. But I vacuumed, and I steam-mopped, and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms, and completely overhauled the closet. That's the big one. I now officially have absolutely nothing in terms of clothing (but the Goodwill sure does..). Organized shoes, sweaters, sweatshirts, tshirts, I even vacuumed in there! Crazy.

I made sure to nap daily (which I still have hopes to do after I write this) and I also really considered blogging. Which I have to do now or I won't do at all. Why is it such a block for me, I wonder? I've lost all readership (and frankly it wasn't that much to begin with). I shopped a lot too. Pretty much failed at it, but I sure tried.

I need a coat. I have a winter work coat (it's huge but I am going to eek every last cent out of the $50 I paid for it three years ago, by God), but I don't have a jacket. Like a coat you'd wear with Levis or on a Saturday or something. I want a barn coat but Instant Gratification Girl can't seem to find one in the stores. If I had one more day of vacation I'd drive (the hell) out to Cornelius and look in the Coastal Farm and Ranch because I bet they'd have one. I still should look at the Burlington Coat Factory (that place stresses me out), but how does that help me RIGHT NOW? It doesn't (mostly because I have to be somewhere this evening and I would rather nap than be warm).

I went to Ikea and bought nothing, went to the mall and bought nothing, went to Bridgeport and bought nothing, went to the Fred Meyer and bought nothing, went to the Trader Joe's and bought green beans, and went to the DSW and bought nothing. So besides Saturday's sweater extravaganza (which was like forever ago so it totally doesn't count), I bought beans. That's it.

I also went and met Becky and Mark (hi Becky!) for a bit at the Broadway last night. And I have dinner tonight on the east side (good Lord), so, you know, I've been somewhat social.

The cold snap (dry, cold, sunny) ended and now it's back to rain and 40 degrees. God I hate January. And February, too, except that pitchers and catchers report so there is some kind of brief glimmer of hope.

So yeah. That's pretty much it. Cutting this short due to limited nap time, and plus I don't want to like over-exert myself. Or shock any of you due to this being the second time in a week that I've blogged.

Happy Wednesday. I guess.


At 1:54 PM, January 07, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back JJ !!! I am so looking forward to your blog on the 11th, when, hopefully, we will be having a HUGE celebration in Oregon. Take care of yourself between now and then!! Sharon

At 6:43 AM, January 08, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still love your blog and reading of your adventures, even when they're of a small "a". :)

Twice I've found fabulous barn coats in the men's department - once at Macy's and once at Nordstrom's. Also both times I got them after Christmas, on sale, designer coats at great prices! If you haven't already you might try the men's department....

Happy New Year!



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