Sunday, February 27, 2011

Things I can be assured of on a Sunday

(It's not what you think - it's February, for Pete's sake. If it was October I'd of course mention that I can be assured that I will never be able to watch a Browns game on TV.)

- I'll wake up early and not feel like showering.
- I'll dick around on the computer for something like four hours before finding the motivation to do the things I didn't do on Saturday.
- While making the bed, the minute I fluff the hell out of the feather bed, one or two kitties will jump up on the fluffiest part and tramp it down just as I am putting on the fitted sheet.
- I change the litter box on Sundays, and when I do, I take the big lid off it and put it in the only available spot - the hallway. Then I go about the task of putting the old Wonderbox in a trash bag, cleaning out the bottom of the main box, refilling a new Wonderbox and putting it back together. Invariably, when it's time to take the lid out of the hall and put it back on the main box, there is a kitten hiding under it, which, when I lift it, scares the shit of her, causing her back feet to get tangled up in it, me to shriek, the other kitty to run for cover, and the aftermath of reassuring the kittens that their WHOLE LIVES this has been happening and I don't see a change coming in the foreseeable future.
- I'll put on clothes, rearrange my non-showered hair into something reasonably acceptable for a Target run, then sit back down to the computer for another half an hour.
- After a brief expedition to the outside world, where church-traffic is completely unmanageable and people are out Sunday-driving, if you can remember THAT term, I'll come home, unpack the crap I for some reason HAD to have, put my houseclothes on and lounge around for the next few hours. Naps are not uncommon.
- I'll feel major guilt for having only cleaned ONE bathroom and for not having vacuumed. Which means I'll haul out the vacuum cleaner and stare at it from the sofa for about an hour.
- I cannot be assured that I will actually turn the vacuum on.
- I will, at every turn, have kittens laced in and out of my feet as I walk or sit. If we are together too long in the house they try to annoy me into leaving.
- I thank the stars that I haven't pulled the plug on my HBO subscription when one of their Sunday night dramas come on. I am glad I still think I have money.
- I start to stress over what I have on the agenda for the work week.

Never been a huge fan of Sundays, but I suppose that as soon as I come to terms with the fact, finally, that I have never been a big fan of cleaning or being productive on No Shower Sunday either, this will get easier to bear. Maybe.


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