Saturday, February 19, 2011


(It seems to be a big part of my life these days, though that's probably not the best of ideas. Here are some observations.)

I was napping this afternoon and when I woke up I decided to run to the Macy's and see if I could find something fun and cheap. They're having a sale, you know. They are ALWAYS having a sale. But I also have one of those 20% off coupon thingies that will expire next week and so I figured I'd get some mileage out of it.

Racks and racks of sale items. Hoards of people. A DJ. Playing Brittany Spears. I think. It was loud.

I don't like big huge sales racks (which is why I cannot shop at places like Marshall's and Ross) - all that crap crammed in all over the place and you can't really see what's there. It seems the second I touch something it falls off the hanger. I can't stand that. Plus it always drives me nuts when someone takes something or somethings off their hanger, and then when they decide they don't like it they just throw it on top of the rack. So here's these long drapey things covering up the stuff that's hanging. It's sloppy and irresponsible. Being all about texture I generally keep an eye out for that - color and texture. I don't like to go through the racks item by item, I just look to see what jumps out at me, and then take a look. When there is long drapey crap on top of the rack you can't see what's under and you could be missing something. That's my point. Just hang it back up. Come on.

I saw a sweater in a brand I wouldn't normally wear and the color was good and the texture was good but when I pulled it out it had one of those sewn in inserts - you know, like, it LOOKED like it already had a tank top in there. But you know it didn't because it was just sewn in around the v-neck. That's a huge pet peeve of mine. First of all, when I wear a v-neck sweater, I'll wear a tank or camisole under it not necessarily for the fashion of it, but also for the fact that it's a sweater and I feel like it shouldn't be right up against my skin. There should be some kind of buffer. So you don't scratch. Or heaven forbid sweat all over the wool. Which in my sweater-wearing-weather will never happen. But still. You also see those sewn in inserts on cotton v-necks, but this time the insert is like a blouse. That one drives me bananas. You should probably have a blouse or a tank top in your wardrobe already that you can wear under the sweater you choose. It's no fair cheating with fake stuff. I'm just really not a fan. Worse are the ones that are cardigans with the entire front of a looking-like-a-blouse insert sewn in. Like nobody's going to be fooled by THAT one? What happens when the wind blows or you find yourself having to walk really fast? Everyone will know you were either too lazy or too cheap to buy the cardigan and the blouse separately. And you look like an idiot.

I drove over some glass, and behind a 1984 Camaro with a brand new Oregon State sticker on the back of it (so that seemed about right), and sale shopping stresses me out because people bug me. But I finally did find a sweater I liked ($128 down to $38, so you really can't beat Macy's) and the DJ finally started playing Earth Wind and Fire, and the sales counter I found was open when I walked up. So these are all good things. I'll let the positives outweigh the negatives today. It's sunny.


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