Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let it (not) snow

They've been forecasting all week for Snowmaggedon here in the Portland area, and, you know how it is here. They are rarely right. But this one looks like it's supposed to be pretty big (for here), and if that's the case, then in theory we'll wake up tomorrow to 6-8 inches of pure hell.

Oh wait. That was what they thought on Tuesday.

Now it's possibly up to 1 inch. And slush. But it's supposed to be really cold tonight, so my bet is on ice. Because that's so much better.

All week, then, I've been planning my back up. I have a bag full of active files that are supposed to go for month end sitting in my living room just in case I have to call that Amanda and have her pick me up and take me to Lincoln Tower. I have my tennis shoes at the ready (since I don't own boots). I have gloves. I plan to wear socks tomorrow. I have a clip for my hair. I have the telephone number of my 8:30am courtesy signing Hollywood is supposed to do for me just in case it's so bad that the whole city is locked down. I have various and sundry supplies - food, water, kibble, kitty litter. I have 75 books I have never read in case the power goes out. I'm so dialed it's insane.

Which means that tomorrow I'll get up, take a shower, haul all these files back to the car, and drive in to the Beaverton office as if it was just another Thursday.

Please God. Because that's what I do. I make contingency plans to the nth degree and then it doesn't happen. I'm banking on this one. I'm too busy at work for this crap. I don't have to tell you that I live on a hill, that they never clear my parking lot, and that I am currently working at a branch on another hill, or that I'm a big wuss when it comes to snow here in Portland because we don't plow and/or use salt and it's just a big clusterfuck. You already know this.

Here's the good news - one of my heaters in the living room died on Friday night and today was the first day I could get the property manager to come in for a look. They did. They replaced it. It could be warm here again soon. That's a big fat Yay because these days I am cold ALL THE TIME and tonight, whether they are right about the snow or not, it's going to get cold.

Always a silver lining. Let's hope those weather guys are wrong again.


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