Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Money poorly spent

Saturday, in an effort to take my mind off the approaching game, was spent doing what I apparently do best: spending buckets of money on the wrong things. While chatting with my sister on the phone, my mouse suddenly took a dump. Just died. Right there in front of me. Which, you know, is fine, because I bought that thing with its wireless keyboard buddy back in 2004 right before I moved to Mexico. It's been back and forth with me twice. And it outlasted the original laptop I bought back then, too. The keyboard died about a year ago, but I got used to using the laptop keyboard, and now, finally, no more mouse.

I was in the Tanasbourne area so I went to the Best Buy and shopped around a little bit. Flipping $59 later I bought pretty much the same Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse set, and then, after stopping at the Nordstrom Rack for pants (which I took back today) and a sweater, then stopping at the kitty store for some liners, and then stopping at the Fred Meyer for some groceries (which included the foulest of coffee purchases I have ever made) (because they didn't have my Cafe Bustelo) (for God's sake just about every grocery store carries it now and that Fred Meyer couldn't be in a more Spanish-speaking area), I finally made it home.

So I'm bitter now. The new mouse sucks. The keyboard is taking some getting used to but the mouse... ugh. It's not smooth, the little wheel thingie on it doesn't work, it's jerky and I hate it. But it's all out of the box and used and I'm not sure if the Best Buy will take it back. I hate it. But I need a flipping mouse. I guess during another one of my painfully long stretches of having nothing to do at work tomorrow I'll phone them and see if they WILL take it back, but good Lord. Tanasbourne? It's like 420 miles away from where I'm working right now. I wonder if I can whine more? Or if they'll take it back at the Cascade Plaza store?

The game itself was awesome, despite the beginning, and all the vomiting and pots-and-pans throwing around going on in this casita. Ultimately it was a relief to win, but I was so exhausted on Sunday that all I could do was go out and find my Cafe Bustelo and forget the other purchase ever existed (because I'm pretty sure the Fred Meyer isn't going to let me return the coffee I bought there). I didn't shower, I took two naps, I did one load of laundry and didn't do anything else the whole day. It was like being hungover except it was no vacation so I clearly didn't drink.

I'm sort of looking forward to this weekend because I'm getting a little bit sick of throwing up, and I could use a good productive couple of days. It's been a great season so far all in all, and really, all I can add to wrap this baby up is GO DUCKS!


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