Saturday, October 02, 2010


Already. I've had quite an horrific week. I had to close a gigantic transaction on Friday and started working on it pretty much Thursday. Gigantic. Strangely enough, we pulled it off. So, you know, whew. The swan song for my two week stint at the circus.

Huge game today. Huge. A lot of you read this only during the work week, so you'll already know the outcome by the time you log in. Who knows - this could be it for me. If it's Monday morning and you haven't seen me around, maybe call someone to check on me. Just in case.

I of course don't have much to report, except remember my rant about that one service provider we just started using that sucks so bad? Yeah. They're not getting any better. As a matter of fact, they're now laughing at our receptionist when she phones in requests. Laughing. Can you imagine? And the guy that works for us that made this switch in service providers? We tell him the problem, he calls Blow Hard, Blow Hard says "Sorry, I'll talk to them" and it only gets worse. I'd just like to go out on a limb here and say that that particular approach isn't working.

Think about it. How is the guy that sold you this service successfully going to fix the reality of how shitty this company is? He's just spent months convincing you they're great. What's he going to do, say, Oh yeah, well, we do kind of suck but I promise to make you not see how bad in the future? That's all he CAN say. He won't though, because he's Blow Hard and he's pretty much going to rant and rave and stomp his egotistical little Blow Hard foot and say I'll fire everyone if they fuck this up again! Blow Hard to the rescue! And then he hangs up and takes another call. Because I hate to break it to you, Guy That I Work With That Made This Decision, they DO suck, we were sold a load of shit, and it's NOT going to get better. Because the little phone people that get paid $9 an hour and the drivers that get paid worse honestly could give two shits if our company is less than thrilled with their performance. They don't care. They just don't. It's not going to change. And we're going to have to compensate for it over and over again, like we've been doing all month. Thanks for trying, but it didn't work. Now do something to fix it before escrow goes postal on your ass.

Okay. Gotta run, College GameDay on ESPN is in Eugene and I need to go do something to settle my stomach.



At 7:22 AM, October 02, 2010, Blogger Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I hope the game goes well darling. I know how much that will make your Saturday.

Sorry to hear about the shit service. That would drive me crazy- but does it really take too much for an escrow worker to go postal?


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