Friday, December 18, 2009


Mother of God it's Friday. I've had a fairly busy week (except for yesterday) (and because of yesterday's lack of much to do I realized in the middle of the night that I forgot to send some docs out to a customer) (and despite the lack of something fun that I always look forward to but didn't get which just by principle bothers me but, hey, what can I do?) (nothing, apparently), which is good sort of when you come back from vacation, and oh my hell all I want to do is sleep in tomorrow. Which means like 6 instead of 5. Whatever works.

Tomorrow is Nicky's Christmas party. We do a gift exchange, kind of like a white elephant with the stealing and all that, but with somewhat decent gifts. Last year I got the coveted big bronze-y plate-you-hang-on-a-wall kind of situation, and even though I won at the end of the stealing-it bit, Nicky continued to try to get it from me. She hid it in unfindable places (it's her house, after all) and finally gave it up. It's hanging in that ridiculous little nook by the fireplace in my casita. I'll have to shop tomorrow and find something good.

Often times for these kinds of parties I'll buy something that I want and then strategically steal so that I end up getting it. I wonder what I need. Or want. For $20ish. This means going out in to the shopping throng and seriously I have done that enough at lunch this week. People are nuts. Yesterday I had to go to the Beauty First and get gas. This in theory should have taken approximately 17 minutes and took me a full hour. Who ARE all you people? I even went at 2pm to try to avoid the lunch crowd. Apparently people in Beaverton just jump in the cars at around 10am and drive around for hours, anticipating my errand schedule.

Looking forward to the weekend for more than just the extra hour of sleeping in. Looking forward to cleaning (really? Really. I have clutter that needs to go away), errand running (if for nothing else but the freedom of doing it without the lunch hour time constraints), and inevitable napping. Saturdays rock.

So as you can see the routine of having pretty much nothing to say but managing to eek out five or six paragraphs anyway is back to normal. Thanks for tuning in. You'll never get those last five minutes back, you know.


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