Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My day, play by play

6:31am Get up. I first woke up at the usual time, 4:45am, but went back to sleep off and on for two hours.

6:32 – 6:45am Bathroom duties (minus shower) while coffee brews

6:45 – 8:30am Take coffee to the 2nd bedroom and dick around on the internet

8:30 – 8:40am Call Barbie to secure airport pickup on Saturday the 12th (at midnight). Sort clothes while discussing a myriad of topics including, but not limited to, the Ducks, how many cars her Beaver neighbor has parked on the street rather than in their driveway, her broken foot, vicodin, and her most recent hotflash

8:42am – Start first load of laundry and brew 2nd cup of coffee

8:43 – 9:40am Dick around on the internet some more, chat with Heather about her daughter's poo quality. Allege we will meet for coffee later after I have showered and completed more tasks

9:42am Hang/dry laundry while chatting with Chris in Cancun

9:44am Contemplate next load of laundry/shower

9:54am Shower/Start 2nd load of laundry

10:54 – 11:21am Make "breakfast" (seriously. I can procrastinate like no other). Get distracted by "Gilmore Girls" on TV

11:21am 2nd load into dryer. Consider if there is something wrong with said dryer because it appears to have stopped mid-cycle on the last load.

11:22am Forget about dryer issue. Get dressed to leave the house

11:45am Leave the house

11:46am Make it to the car and go back to turn off dryer. It probably shouldn't be left on unattended.

11:47am – 1pm Drive to tanning salon, and then drive around Beaverton discovering businesses I used to know are no longer open. Realize it appears that nobody works in Beaverton, because everyone is in my way. Curse at traffic. Purchase last minute articles. Drop everything I put my hands on in the Beauty First. Drive through Starbucks and spill Eggnog Latte on my sleeve. Curse again.

1 – 2:40pm Hang out with Heather and her charges. Heather is driving me to the airport tomorrow night. Bonding is necessary.

2:41 – 3pm That's how long it takes to drive 5 miles in Beaverton

3pm – Safeway for more last minute items

3:15 – 3:30pm Wax face (by a professional, who I really liked. Believe it or not I prescheduled my next appointment. Those of you who have been reading this blog awhile will remember my wax issues)

3:35pm Arrive home. Turn the dryer back on

3:36pm Realize I cannot nap as I have to go over to Nicky's yet and go drop off my rent.

3:37pm Nicky works until 5pm. I can still squeeze in a nap

3:54pm Update TheD, and head for the sofa


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