Sunday, November 22, 2009

Morning after

Words cannot even express how I feel this morning. No, I'm not hungover, not from alcohol anyway. I'm still exhausted from witnessing (well, on TV anyway) one of the most gruelling, angst-ridden, up-down-sideways games I have seen in a long time. Seriously, it almost killed me. I paced, I left the room, I watched "Entourage" reruns through 85% of the third quarter, I hid behind the sofa, and when that didn't work I opened the door of the linen closet in the hall and hid behind that. I know at least one of my neighbors is a Duck fan so I am pretty sure there won't be any complaints. And now it all comes down to one game - Civil War.

It's no secret I can't stand the Beavers (wait, whose blog is this? I'll say it - I HATE those bastards). This is going to be a tough, nearly 2 week wait for me, and I won't apologize for the way I treat random Beaver-color-wearing-inappropriate-flag-waving OSU fans. Because at a time like this I don't hold back. We are the Ducks, the only team that put Oregon on the map back in the mid '90s, and I'm tired of those bastards riding on our coat tails. Pretty much "You're welcome" for anyone in this country even knowing who the hell you are.

Last night seriously nearly killed me, but I will say this - both teams wanted it badly, and it showed. Only one could win, and it was the Ducks. We'll do it again. Our boys deserve it. They've earned it. More than anyone.

And I'll be there, pacing, hiding behind the sofa, screaming loud enough to get me evicted.


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