Friday, November 06, 2009

On the road again

The worst thing about leaving is leaving the kits. Though they probably don't even think about it, I hate leaving them because they know something's up and look at me with their little kitty eyes and it makes me sad.

But I'm off. I'll work most of the day and Barbie and I will be on the road by around 2pm, off east, through the gorge and over that flipping Cabbage Hill. No avoiding it in full dark. I hate that. But it's supposed to rain here all weekend and not in Ontario, so that's a plus.

I injured my right wrist last night trying to rectify a situation that has been irritating me for about two months. I have three smoke detectors in the apartment, all within two feet of each other. One of them (the one on the ceiling, highest of all three) has been beeping for about two months - about four beeps, with about ten seconds between each beep, once a day, then several times a day, so what does that mean? Low battery? I guess. Even though it is hooked up to the electrical source. Whatever. So last night, thinking this would be the weekend that the thing just finally broke down and endlessly wailed for the three solid days I'll be gone, I decided to disconnect it. I dragged one of my cast iron chairs down the hall and climbed up. I have balance issues, but I was fine during the twist-it-off-and-unplug-it-from-the-wires part, but when I went to get down I started to sort of pitch backward, and in the process, grabbed out for the back of the chair, wrenching my wrist in the process. It didn't hurt right away but the pain steadily increassed and now I have limited use of it (typing hurts, but I'm a giver, and so you can thank me later). I considered going to the doctor this morning on my way in to work, but if I recall, my cousin Helen used to be a nurse (I could be so wrong) so I'll just have her look at it. And suffer.

Anyway, no posts this weekend, but hopefully I'll have some adventures to tell when I'm back. It's a long drive back and forth, but that's what makes me such a big fan of the thunder run.


At 1:17 PM, November 07, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like no snow on Cabbage Hill. Hope it holds that way on your way back. Have a good visit. Nana


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