Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Killing time means no real content.

No matter how hard I try, no matter how much longer I sleep in, I still cannot seem to leave for work late enough to not stand in the hallway in Beaverton. It drives me nuts. It's hard to be such an early person in that branch, because they just aren't. Some are, but it's hit or miss. And there isn't a ton going on there. No matter how hard I try to stay here at home until 7:30, I just can't seem to pull it off. So I'm blogging with nothing to say until it's REALLY time to leave just so I can stress out on my stupid drive there thinking I'm going to be late when I am just not.

And it's the stupidest drive I have, of all the branches. Even downtown is easier than this. I have to drive through the heart of Beaverton and it takes for flipping ever. I will never understand why I stick around this dang city. It drives me nuts.

So I'll throw something out there that's been on my mind, even though it seems like I haven't heard anything about it on the local news lately (of course, you have to actually WATCH the news to hear something on it, I guess). This moving the Portland Beavers to Beaverton thing. Seriously? Do we really think they will succeed out here? They don't succeed in Portland. In that nice re-do of Civic Stadium they did a few years back. Nobody goes. People go for a little while at first and then they stop going and then they try to think about ways to get people to go and people still don't go. There was talk (again, I am not up on this lately, so somebody correct me if they have abandoned the idea already) of it going in where the Westgate Theater is/was (and stealing land from a long standing Beaverton family in the process), and if that is still the idea, it's got to be the worst idea ever. Cedar Hills Blvd (part of my stupid drive to the Beaverton branch - see how this all fits together?) is bad enough even with NO baseball park there. I sit on that damn road for seriously no less than 35 minutes on my way home. The traffic lights make no sense and you could seriously just turn off your engine and park where it intersects with TV Hwy during the afternoon rush hour. So imagine having an event (forget about that for right now, imagine the construction phase) there and all those other saps like me trying to get the fuck home while the 14 people that actually go to Beaver games are trying to get in there. Stupid. How about the city planners sit in that traffic some night and then decide.

Anyway, like I said, I don't even know if it's an issue anymore, but I never got it off my chest before, and now it's off, and would you look at that! It's 7:30 and time to go to work. I know you suffered through this, but remember that I did too, so we're even.


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