Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How I spent my April vacation, Part Three

Okay where was I? Sorry I skipped a day, I kind of forgot what I was doing here.

Day Five - Monday

Since I spent the whole day pretty much on Sunday out of the sun, I was raring to go Monday morning. Kim went down and saved some good chairs and we made breakfast (eggs, toast or tortillas, cottage cheese - we ate the same thing daily. LOVE cottage cheese, Janie, and it has a lot of protein in it. Because that matters. To Kim. But I just love cottage cheese.). Down to the pool from about, oh, I don't know, 10:45 to about 3ish. We planned to find those Serafina bags and get drugs and stuff, since we failed so miserably Saturday. The sun was hot, so we dipped a lot, which is good. We showered and grabbed a taxi (because we could) to a hotel called Blue Chairs (right? Is that what the hotel is called? Because I never really got that), which is located next to the resort Kim used to own at until they sold it. We took a quick tour of the upstairs deck where they have a drag show three nights a week (we did not go, my fault), and then walked next door to her old resort. It was nice, cute and much smaller than the one we stayed at, but it was very charming, and you can't beat the location. From there we walked via beach back to the area that would ultimately take us back to Serafina. First we stopped for lunch at a place next to Andale's (name escapes me. Good God. It was only last week.) that was recommended to us by Hank and Ed. It was good. Kim will remember it. Wasn't it like Capt Sweeney's or something like that? You guys should probably just wait for the comments, I am really sucking this up.

I just realized I remember what we did on Saturday, so I will revise at the end of this one.*

Okay, so we get to Serafina, and choose a couple of bags (they really are great) and then from there we hit the farmacia finally. A completely capable, virile and YOUNG guy I know here in the US had asked me to get him these little blue pills, not really sure why, but apparently when you can actually get it up withOUT help, these little blue pills make it more fun. Okay (They wanted way too much money for them so I guess he'll either have to ask his brother to get them or just make do the old fashioned way...). I did pick up some antibiotics, they're cheap and you never know if you might need them, Kim picked up some things, and we headed back to the grocery store no longer known as Rizzo's.

Our supplies restocked, we grabbed a taxi out front and headed back to the casita. I want to say that this was one of the nights where we went to the pool bar. It only stayed open til 10:30 so there wasn't a ton of damage a person could do, unless they planned to go out afterward, which would be normal, but desperately unlike me. So we ended the evening out on the patio and got some sleep.

*Saturday revisited

Okay remember how I said from Rizzo's we taxied back to the resort on Saturday? Well, that was a lie. What we DID do is head toward the beach area to get some beers and people watch. It was Saturday, so it was still Semana Santa (Holy Week, lots and lots of vacationers from within Mexico), and the beach bars were packed. We stopped at Burros and had a drink each - the vibe wasn't that great for me, though I am not sure what I was looking for vibe-wise. From there we walked over to a place called Cuates y Cuetes (CCs) - MUCH better vibe, right on the boardwalk, tons of people walking around and a great sunset. We stayed there for a while actually, had some beers, Kim had a huge shrimp cocktail, it was pretty bitchin. After THAT we got the taxi and went back home. And I am guessing went to the pool bar that night because I was mildly buzzed. Or watched the water from the deck. Okay. I feel better now that I corrected that.

I will continue tomorrow, though, because I took a long phone call in the middle of this post and the cats are screaming at me for ignoring them for so long. Thanks for hanging in there. The good news is that nothing really exciting has happened in the last couple of days, so it's not like you're missing out on anything. Except OH MY HELL my house dreams have moved to a whole new, freakier level. Seriously.


At 3:53 PM, April 22, 2009, Anonymous Kim S said...

LOL, yes it is the Blue Chairs, home of the Dirty Bitches drag show...which is really a riot if you think those sort of things are entertaining. The lunch place upstairs was Senor Sweeny's, see, you were almost right! Now I forgot about that one...lol. I wish I had that shrimp cocktail right now...yum. Btw I am so freaking tan people are staring at me...lol...I don't think I've ever been this brown, and I haven't even gone to GE Beach for a touch up yet ;)

At 6:02 PM, April 22, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying the cottage cheese question.


At 4:15 PM, May 09, 2009, Anonymous Jackie said...

I am trying to get through your trip report. Here's mine "got up, had breakfast, went to the beach, took shower, went to dinner, went to bed." Repeated 19 days.


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