Sunday, April 19, 2009

How I spent my April vacation, Part Two

Okay, then. This is really quite an endeavor, since I kind of can't remember a lot.

Day Three - Saturday

Got up at the usual time, 7:30am, same as Kim. Had some coffee and read on the balcony for a while, actually, watching some guys fish just below us in the lagoon. Made some breakfast - the start of our traditional breakfast: scrambled eggs with extra egg whites, ham, and scallions, cottage cheese, and either toast or tortillas and juice. I simply cannot get enough of that nectar de manzana. I've never even bothered to look for it here, though you can get Jumex here. I guess I just equate it with vacations. Anyway, did up the dishes, suited up, and set out for the pool. It was about 11am by now (sun gets to the pool late-ish there, what with the whole resort-next-to-a-mountain thing going on). This was lesson number one of the day - you probably should attempt to save chairs early. The place was full up, not a chair to be found. Lots and lots of people and kiddies playing in and around the pool. Kim had been hoping that a gay couple she knew from the last few trips would be there, and as we approached the pool, her hopes came true - Ed was in the pool and his boyfriend of 33 years, Hank, was up on the chairs. Ed offered to give up his own chair and we convinced the guard to put down another one next to it - not too bad of a squeeze, and we were set. We chatted with the two of them (Ed stays in the water about 99% of the time). They were two very wonderful men, from Queens, which was kind of fun, very colorful and chatty and generous to get us set up. We laid out for a few hours, maybe three? and then went up for some lunch and to shower up.

Couple of hours later and we were ready for our quest for the day. We planned to go into Old Town and hit this store that Kim likes called Serafina. It is just a normal silver and souvenir store, but they sell these really cute tote bags that advertise the store itself. She has roughly 95 of them already, in various and sundry sizes and colors, but really you can't have too many (you know I'm exaggerating, right?). So we go out and stand sort of next to the mountain (seriously) waiting for the local bus. And what a bus it was. I thought the buses in Cancun were pieces of shit. Holy crap. Of course we had to stand (I was actually standing over a hole in the floor at the end there, as people kept getting on and we had to keep moving back). The bus driver drove like a bus driver in Mexico drives, with the added bonus of being on a twisty-turvey mountain road. It was... great. Great enough for me to remember that job I have and the fact that a $70 taxi ride seriously isn't that bad. We got off on the street that Serafina's is on, walked down to it, and found it closed! It was probably like 5pm at this point, and though I was a little bit shocked at first, it dawned on me that it might be due to the whole Holy Saturday thing. Fine, fine, we still had places to go, so we got our bearings and hunted down the farmacia that Kim preferred to frequent. It was a few blocks away, nothing was really FAR from anything else, but of course we get there and it, too, is closed. Okay. Maybe we just got started too late. We turned the corner and hit her favorite (and regular) supermarket, Rizzo's (but it isn't called that anymore officially), for I'm not sure what, but it was a pretty well-stocked place. I remember seeing things and saying out loud - These people don't know how good they have it! Lasagna noodles, all manner of Chinese and Japanese food ingredients, a whole section of "international" foods (food from the US), Lipton noodle soup, you name it - if they don't sell it in Cancun, they sold it here.

We taxi'd back to the resort and ... cooked again? Why don't I remember the evening meals? Then chilled for the rest of the evening. I think. I seriously can't remember.

Day Four - Sunday

We planned (pre-trip) to go to Easter mass at the big old cathedral there in Old Town, but Saturday night we pretty much decided it wasn't happening. At 7:30 we were up, and Kim threw some clothes on and went down to save some chairs. The towel game is supposedly not tolerated according to all the signs around the pool, but people do it anyway, so we did, too. Screw it. Had our eggs and cottage cheese breakfast, and I was kind of not yet fired up to go down to the pool. I was deep into the new Wally Lamb (READ. IT. ) and, you know, Sunday IS my day of rest, so Kim went down around 11 and I... didn't. At all. In fact I barely got out of my pajamas (just another version of houseclothes, essentially). I actually tried to nap - for furniture we had the sofa bed, which, with the egg crate mattress pad, wasn't closing all the way, rendering it useless, and a love seat. I made do on that. Kim came up for lunch at some point but then went back down, and I just stayed in all day. Not like me. I am getting kind of used to all this alone time. Hmm.

Anyway, AGAIN I have no recollection of the evening meal, though I may have made some meat, and of course cottage cheese (we blew through about 6 containers of cottage cheese on this trip), and since I didn't shower at all I think we just stayed in again. We pretty much stayed in all nights. So don't be expecting some crazy upcoming blog entry about how we went out and got hammered and screwed some random Mexican boys. Cuz it just didn't happen.

Up next - Day Four, I actually get some sun.

Isn't this just EDGE-OF-YOUR-SEAT exciting?!

Yeah, whatever.


At 4:28 PM, April 20, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoying your report, but what is with all the cottage cheese?


At 2:36 PM, April 21, 2009, Anonymous Kim S said...

So Saturday night I think we went to Burros Bar and then CC's on the beach where I had that kick as shrimp cocktail for dinner... Then there was the night we went to Tapas at Barcelona Tapas. And the unforgettable last night of the Chinese buffet at the timeshare - lol!! We went to the pool bar one night too, but not for dinner I don't think ;)


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