Saturday, April 04, 2009

Prepping for the inevitable

So I went out last night. I don't do that so much these days. I mean, I go places, I just don't "go out". "Going out" means beers. We had to discuss the details that Thursday will bring - you all know by now that I am going to Mexico again (finally) on Thursday, right? Yeah, so that Kim and I went and had some beers and on an empty stomach no less (for me, anyway, imagine). I didn't get hammered or anything but I still woke up with that empty ick stomach situation... I think it's psychosomatic so I'm not going to go any further with it. We had fun, though, and I saw a bunch of people I (used to) know, and this trip is going to be a kick in the ass. And I am going to be tan again. Gloriously tan.

I've been all over town this week work-wise, and it's been busy. Busy is good, it makes the days go fast, but busy also means a high irritation factor for me, so on top of accomplishing the many things involved with other people's pursuit of the American Dream, I also managed to come up with some pretty vibrant variations of swear word strings. I got to throw things around, always a plus, and I think I stomped my feet a few times. I recall storming out of a room on a couple of occasions, shooting dirty looks, yelling sarcastically at a snide comment, and yesterday, returning to my desk and finding it littered with (unopened, thank God) maxi pads and a jar of mayonnaise that had my photo taped to it. Good times.

It's sunny out today and I don't want to shower because the hair situation is okay, but I have a thousand and one things to do that I am not doing quite yet and I think the plan for today is to clean the fuck out of this apartment, go visit the mom, buy some food and tan. And then lounge. And start packing.

Gotta be prepared for Thursday.


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