Saturday, March 21, 2009

Funny how that happens

I had a thought in my head all afternoon, a line from the movie "Grease" (because sometimes I let myself think things I shouldn't and I let them bother me and then I go from bothered to irritated and then downright pissed but all inside, you know, because this usually happens when I am at home with only the kitties around me and I have a bunch of time on my hands because stupid Twilight book #4 is not catching my interest so much so my mind wanders but then I take a nap and it all sort of goes away and I'm fine again). It's the one where Sandy sees Danny at the pep rally for the first time and at first he's all excited to see her and of course she is and then he realizes all his friends are watching him be not cool so he blows her off and she throws her pom poms at him and says "You're a fake and a phoney and I wish I never laid eyes on you!" and runs off to cry on a car.

So tonight I'm flipping channels and I see, of course, that "Grease" is on the ABC Family Channel and so I flip to it, because deep down I know, because this is the way my mind and the universe work together, and sure enough, it is RIGHT AT THE PART where Rizzo is bringing Sandy over to Danny and his boys, and sure enough, there's the line.

"You're a fake and a phoney and I wish I never laid eyes on you!"

If I had pom poms they would be at your feet right now. But I wouldn't be crying on a car because I really don't care that much.



At 6:24 PM, March 23, 2009, Blogger My Way said...

Amen siStah!


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