Thursday, February 26, 2009

"What are you doing right now?"

So now I'm starting to think in Facebook status updates: Joyce is needing to do some laundry. Joyce should probably get some creamer before she runs out for the weekend. Joyce is walking into the kitchen. It's kind of ridiculous. Actually it's really ridiculous.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month (duh) which means it will be calamitous and stupid and busy. But it also means casual day. And Friday, in this particular instance. I am taking a field trip and going downtown to the KOIN to sign one of Annette's borrowers because I need a flipping break from the tension that is Lincoln Tower. I just don't know what the gig is with that branch, but it's starting to suck the life out of me. I can usually handle just about anything, but it's getting harder and harder to wade through the crap that just permeates that branch. I need to get away, to visit a branch that has normal ju ju. Hence the field trip. It will only be for like an hour or so, but jeez, that's something.

I did book Puerta Vallarta, by the way (thanks Kim!). It's a little over a month away, and it's something to look forward to. I wish it was Cancun, but for now, I'm happy. Cancun will come soon enough. I'm working on doing things that feel right, and PVR feels right for now. Who knows what's next.

So the other night I did one of those things where you bite the inside of your cheek and it gets a little puffy and then gets in the way and pretty soon all you are doing is biting on the side of your cheek any time you eat a piece of facon or whatever, and now the inside of my cheek is swollen and throbbing a little and I am not exactly sure how to make THAT go away. It's annoying. Cheek doesn't taste good. And it certainly doesn't do anything for the taste of facon.

I'm going up north this weekend, but I won't elaborate just yet about that because I'm not sure if I should. I don't know that one of my 17 readers is the one I am going up there for. It's not you, Elizabeth, it's not that far north. So I'll talk about it next time.

Oh and today there was cake. Cake is good, when it isn't all cheeky. There is a birthday at work tomorrow and while the receptionist ordered a cake for tomorrow, my boss was at the Beaverton Bakery buying two other cakes. Not knowing. Cake happens that way at work. You go through this huge cake deficit, for like months, and then the next thing you know, there are like 4 different cakes to choose from, all at once. You want a piece of each one, but you can't. It's not lettuce, it's cake. So you have to choose one and live with it, knowing you might not see cake in the office again for another couple of months. It's pretty stressful. Anyway, when Linda brought the cake back to the office and discovered that Christine had already ordered a cake for tomorrow, she sent out an email saying there was cake and that it was a pre-function for my birthday. Which prompted everyone to question me about my birthday, which isn't until September. But hey, if there has to be a reason for cake, let me be it.

Seriously I am just killing time while my clothes wash. Joyce wishes it was closer to 10 so she wouldn't feel bad about going to bed so early.


At 7:33 AM, February 27, 2009, Anonymous Working Gringa said...

Gawd, I love your writing. Thanks for the vote!

At 3:07 PM, February 27, 2009, Blogger CancunCanuck said...

I'm with you girl, I think in Tweets myself, making me crazy. Glad you booked a trip, it will be nice to see something other than Cancun but still get some sun and sea and Pacifico, no? Have fun girl, hang in there!

At 4:25 PM, February 28, 2009, Anonymous Jackie said...

"Jackie is reading blogs and listeing to John Mayer"
My daughter told me my niece said I was addicted to Facebook. I started on a interview this morning and finally stopped after about 20 minutes.

At 3:33 AM, March 09, 2009, Blogger ARrrrrr said...

We used to have a cake piggy bank at Hollywood. It's hard being right down the road from Helen Bernhard's.


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