Saturday, January 31, 2009

Learning slowly

Pride is a sin, right? And not just any old sin, but one of the Seven Deadly Sins, caps required. I was raised Catholic, and though I consider myself to be in recovery, what I have taken from my Catholic upbringing is centered around the Golden Rule. I think that's a good rule of thumb for all of us.

So back to pride. One can be stubborn and harrumph their way around some of the stumbling blocks that life tends to toss in our general direction, but pride isn't really doing anyone any favors. It hides under the pretense of protecting one's dignity. There are arguments for that, I guess, but I'm learning slowly that they may not be making an impression on me.

Life is just way too short to be all pissy about things that really matter. Where will I be if I just dump what is important to me because I want to "win"? In the end, I lose. And if I don't look tough through all of this, then oh well. Maybe somebody out there will feel the impact.


At 5:39 PM, February 01, 2009, Blogger Prodigal daughter / sister / friend said...

You're being so deep and almost cryptic of late? I can only try to imagine what is going on in the real world behind the blog.....


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