Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday sunshine

Theresa mentioned the sweater machine, and I suppose I should update you all on that whole situation. So the dang thing came (like, before Christmas obviously, but it took for flipping ever because the seller on eBay found 1000 reasons NOT to ship it, all just stupid to me, but finally it came and Angela figured out that it needed an extra part to make sweaters that fit people, and not just dogs. I think the part was cheap though.), and I told Angela to try it out at home and see how easy/hard it might be. She intended to make her son (and stepson? I don't know the family dynamic, frankly, I just know there are teens in the house. Teens with some sort of social disabilities or something. They're on meds. It could be ADD, who knows. I don't keep track.) a sweater for Christmas (which opened up a whole discussion from another person in that office who raised two kids who were once teens and is now raising her grandson who isn't quite a teen but will be soon, about how no teen wants a hand knitted sweater for Christmas and how those boys just don't stand a chance walking around school in something obviously handknit, etc.). Then Angela, in an effort to be proactive about her employment, took a job with the state of Oregon and doesn't work here anymore. She has the machine. I have her email. I am not worried about it too much, because she's in touch with others, I just really need to buckle down and call her to discuss yarn and stuff. My friend Marsha is moving to Scappoose, which is where Angela lives, so perhaps I will have more reason to motivate myself to get out that way. Perhaps. Anyway, that's the sweater machine situation, and just for the record I have purchased about four sweaters since I paid for the machine so you can see how I am sort of flighty. It's cool, it's kind of how I am.

So yesterday that Tracy and I went to the Gem Faire (and yes, they all wore regular street clothes and there was neither a turkey leg nor a pan flute in sight)(but really, who knows what was hidden under those tables) and I bought a shiva lingam (stone) and almost bought a couple of Oregon sunstones but took the info for the jeweler instead and perhaps will see about getting some earrings made, who knows, remember my flighty-ness. It was a nice two hours, and later I ran some errands (oddly enough the Hillsboro Winco does not have nearly as many latinos as the Beaverton one, but I still got my good coffee!), and read the rest of the day away. I need to get to the bookstore and get a couple of books I have been needing to read, most notably the new Wally Lamb, and perhaps book four of that blasted vampire situation.

But tonight, TONIGHT, is finally the season premier of Big Love, and though I might be having an early dinner with Paul Paul Butterball from Farrell's days of yore (don't even ask me for an explanation if you are not from around these parts or didn't know of me before 2004), rest assured I will be DVRing it just in case. It's pretty sad when that is what I am looking forward to the most today, but really, as soon as I am done with this post I will be cleaning the kittens' bathroom and that is no picnic. There's a lot of mopping involved, and then the get-down-on-your-hands-and-knees scrubbing. Those kitties. Constantly licking their fur and each other's asses, but ask them to keep the litter inside the box and it's like asking them to dig a hole in the back yard and make me some cochinita.

It's still sunny out and I have tomorrow off, and though I am still holding my breath waiting for our out-going president to pass some last minute 11th hour law like overturning Roe v Wade or "no TV on the Sabbath", I am feeling pretty optimistic about things in general. Let's hope I don't lose that glow. I think it's good for everyone.


At 1:10 PM, January 18, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny stuff, Joyceeee!

I was hoping you had a few hand knit sweaters to show us by now, tell that woman to get on the stick and knit!


At 8:47 AM, January 19, 2009, Blogger Theresa in Mèrida said...

JJ, somehow I am not surprised, that is how those things always turn out for me. But there is still hope! The knitting machine still sounds cool.

At 11:14 AM, January 19, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just be sure not to let anyone put their rather bulbous head through the neck hole of your finely knitted sweater! (reference?) Becky H


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