Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all my readers - all 17 of you!

Well, I got out yesterday. My boss phoned from Lincoln Tower and asked if I wanted to come in to work - we were closed officially, but I jumped at the chance, threw on some clothes and waited for her to come on over. Even with chains on her 4WD Jeep Grand Cherokee her drive in (and ours out) was treacherous. Murray Blvd (Road? I don't know, only lived here most of my life) was nearly impassable, definitely so without chains. Big huge ruts that made changing lanes insanity. Same with Scholls Ferry Road. Huge, foot-deep ruts with hard packed snow and ice in between. My car with chains would have high-centered within 20 feet of my street. She'd change lanes to turn left and we'd go sideways. This happened a few times. But there were tons of cars on the road, all battling it like we were. Insanity. But I was just happy to be out.

Amanda from LT is coming to get me today - she took me home last night and we stopped at 7-11 for some supplies. That put me in a great mood (I remember just after Wilma when Laura and I were scrounging around the Chedraui for their last remaining packs of smokes. It was like that for me, rationing). But it all worked out.

So my ride just called me and I am on my way out to wait for her - this is good. Working is good. Getting out is good. The kitties and I aren't ready to kill each other yet.

No, I won't be able to get up north for Christmas, but what the heck, I probably won't be able to leave my house at all until sometime on Friday. That's cool, I have my little kits, power, and heat. Merry Christmas to you with all of your blessings, too!


At 8:02 AM, December 24, 2008, Blogger CancunCanuck said...

Have a very merry, warm and snuggly Christmas Miss JJ! Could you please put some bells and ribbons and antlers on the kitties and take pictures? You know, if you're bored and stuck at home, you've got to find ways to entertain yourself!

Big warm hugs and wishes of a safe and happy holiday! Mua!

At 10:06 AM, December 24, 2008, Anonymous Jackie said...

It's crazy but at least I get out of here on Friday. I have one of my sisters getting me a hotel room out by the airport for tomorrow night. I just am too stressed out about making it to the airport Friday for a 7:00AM flight.
Stay safe and warm if you can.


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