Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 4: I start to peel my skin off

Okay, not really. But seriously, this is getting just slightly ridiculous. My ride, my poor neighbor Robert (he's "my poor neighbor Robert" because he has to put up with me a little bit, and even a little bit can be a little too much), was trapped across town for the weekend so my options on getting to work were nil. So of course I flipped out muchly and harassed my boss, Whitney (whose desk I was supposed to be covering) and the branch manager of Main Escrow all morning. Because I couldn't get there, I have to take the time out of my PTO, and that's cool, I don't care about that, I just care that apparently EVERY PERSON IN MY COMPANY was able to get in to work but me. That's probably not exactly true, but I was flipping out so you can see where I wouldn't be rational.

Anyway, they closed the offices at 12n yesterday, and told us to check in this morning at 6am to see if we would be open today. I am up and showered by then anyway, so the good news is I am clean. The bad news is we are closed today (which really is good news, except that I haven't left this condo since Saturday). I guess it's bad news if you figure that if we were OPEN, there might be a faint glimmer of hope that someone could venture out in their chained up 4WD and get me out of here. Plus I have 17 cigarettes left. That's probably good news. But not really.

So yesterday morning when I trudged out to find that neighbor Robert was not in the 'hood I measured a foot of snow. Did I mention I don't own boots? I should mention that. Anyway, none of the cars in my general looking-out-the-window area have moved since Sunday at least. I really want to get my hands on the by-laws of this condo association - apparently they pay almost $200 a month in fees and yet not one bit of snow has been cleared. Isn't it safe to assume that would be part of the gig?

Okay. Enough of that. It's Christmas. My friend Lynda W. sent this to me via Facebook and I thought I would share it because it is quite fun and festive. You enjoy this video, and I'll go back to slowly losing my mind.


At 7:28 PM, December 23, 2008, Anonymous Road Trip said...

See if you hadn't harassed and harangued me into staying north I would be there to free you from those prison shackles.

And while you're not equipped for the Arctic, if we get hit with a Cancun tropical storm you can pull out the flip flops and grass skirts to skip to work.

Just pull out your copy of White Christmas and settle down... It's not like you're trapped there with B and C for inmates.


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