Saturday, November 01, 2008

Random Saturday morning thoughts before I convince myself that one more cup of coffee won't hurt me and I end up sick all day again

So it's been a busy week. Here are some thoughts.

I have never liked change but have always thrown myself in to it. This week is no exception. I only phonebanked twice this week, but both times it was on the east side and I live pretty far west (to me anyway) and by the time I got home both nights it was past 9pm and since 10pm is my bed time, I didn't get to do my normal routine things so it sent me into a tailspin. Even though Thursday night was a "me" night I still had a last minute color appointment change and ended up feeling gypped again. I really need to shake things up.

I allege I am going to Mexico in December and yet I haven't booked anything, and Hi November! It just seems like so much flipping money this time around! Is it? It drives me nuts to spend it considering everything, and yet I haven't been in so long and I really feel the need to lay down for 10 days. Laying down in a lounger by a pool or ocean is much different than laying on my couch. Plus I want to see my friends and shit.

Phonebanking and waxing political (kinda) on this blog and in real life aside, I just moments ago finished up my own ballot. Those ballot measures are a pain in the ass. They seem to be written in such a way that a smart girl like me can't figure them out. It's lucky there are websites that explain better. Or, you know, tell me how to vote. Like the sheep I am but claim not to be. But hey, it's all done now, and in a little while I'll drop it off and avoid the rush, right?

The rains are starting to set in again, and I know to expect it (a coworker yesterday assumed I was from California... uh, just because I was born and raised here and choose to live here again doesn't mean I can't hate the rain...), but it still brings me down.

I found out yesterday from Barbie that one of the neighbors from my old 'hood died. I used to play with one of his kids, Paul, when I was a kid. We went to the same grade school (Catholic). They (the parents, you know) never left the street. From time to time I drive by my old house and stuff, so it's kind of sad to know he died. Funeral on Tuesday, I'm thinking I should go.

I am going to watch the Ducks at Barbie's after what seems like a long time since I've done it. The game starts at 12:30 and it's almost 10 and I haven't even gone to the supermarket. What am I thinking?

I worked in the Main escrow branch downtown for the last two weeks. I really like it there. It has some quirks, but I love being in the thick of things.

I'm really getting into that "Life on Mars" show. That and "Sons of Anarchy". I DVR them and watch them on Friday nights. I probably should get some kind of life again.

I wonder if I am ever going to quit smoking. This is getting ridiculous.

What's next? I mean, really, is this it? Please tell me this isn't it.


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