Sunday, November 23, 2008


So I haven't blogged in a while and I really don't have much of an excuse beyond the usual nothing-ever-happens-in-my-life sort of drivel, but I'll recap my last few days simply by saying that I have basically been at work, home sleeping, or over at Becky H.'s taking care of her little kitty Bella. Bella is a love of a cat. I wish I could have taken her home (but Lava and Seca would never have forgiven me). Becky H. was in Mexico for roughly 2 weeks and before she left I wasn't very jealous of her but now I am, for I am not going to Cancun for my December vacations. Hell I probably won't even take the days off now. I'm not sure. Anyway I decided not to book because for the first time in years I actually noticed how expensive it is to flipping fly down there and stay somewhere, and I'm not really sure that right now is the right time to do it. So there you go. Pasty white for the holidays. Humbug.

I have been in Lincoln Tower for the last week (wow it seems like way longer than that) which has been great for my commute. Nicky and I watched the season (cycle, sorry) finale of ANTM and frankly I wasn't surprised and it was a stupid ending. I am getting to where I almost don't care. Almost. I DVR like 40 shows or something like that, and frankly, shows like "Life on Mars"* and "Sons of Anarchy" are way more appealing to me right now than some broad with enormous ears and a horrific hair cut. And while I am on the subject, WHEN IN THE HELL IS "BIG LOVE" STARTING UP AGAIN?

So I did the usual Saturday thing yesterday and completely forgot wet cat food so this morning when I got up and saw that the hair was serviceable enough for the Winco (and I am running low on that good coffee again), I decided to try to hit said Winco at church time. Which ended up not working because that Becky H. phoned me to tell me she got my messages yesterday and we chatted some about her trip. So off to the Winco I flew at 11am. NOT church time. I am impressed with myself, however. I managed to get in, get two cans of the coffee, some cotija cheese and bolillos, stand in line, realize that I forgot the cat food again, get out of line, race to the cat food section and select a variety of loaf style delicacies for the kitnesses, race BACK to the line, thank profusely the lady that held my place in said line (I wonder if she would have done that if I were Mexicana) (see what an assuming bitch I am?), pay, pack my own groceries and get the hell back to my car in UNDER 20 MINUTES. This is exceptional, folks, because seriously, the Winco on a Saturday or Sunday is an absolute zoo. It is packed. People meander. They block the aisles with their carts. They let their 3 year olds steer. It's like the tourist Walmart in Cancun. EXACTLY like it.

I am considering a mall run today just because I have no clothing, but it's doubtful I will actually do it. I am also considering Costco, but maybe around dinner time. I am supposed to bring pies for Thanksgiving at Shelia's, and though Nicky has offered to have her daughter make them for me, I think it will be way cheaper just to go to the Costco. But I wonder if I am really that crazy. Will I have this spirit and energy at dinner time today? Hm. Doubtful. I might be groggy from the inevitable nap.

So that's it, checking in. Not too much going on, as usual, and now no fun fabulous vacations to anticipate or report on. Until that dang LGRT (Paul) tells me when EXACTLY he plans to do his Baja run.
*On a "Life on Mars" sidebar, OH MY HELL the next NEW episode isn't til the end of January! Where am I, Mexico? That's like 2 months away! I'll totally forget (and God knows my DVR is about due to take a dump anyway, it appears to be an annual thing)! I'm pretty pissed off about it, what with the climactic ending and all. Bastards - finally something decent to watch on network TV and then THIS happens.


At 10:11 AM, November 24, 2008, Blogger My Way said...

It made me laugh when you made reference to the tourist Walmart in Cancun.

But then I got to thinking. It seems like Walmarts in general all over the world are a huge haven for people who aren't wearing their smart caps.

At the walmart I go to here, people seem to let their kids go buck wild and they are always in your way while parents are oblivious to the fact that the kid is in the middle of the isle moving the cart back and forth so you can't get by.

If you know of a Walmart that isn't as insane...let me know and I will go there.

At 12:09 PM, November 25, 2008, Anonymous Mindy in Tulum said...

I am bummed you will not be coming down to visit. Soon!!!


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