Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finally getting my sh*t together

Hey I just realized this is probably my last post before my trip!

Work has finally started to slow a bit (today anyway) and today was the first day I wasn't 100% cranky all day. It was Tracy's last day in Escrow-Land, silly silly girl has decided to go back to the lending world and be a star for them for a while. It's a smokin' deal for her and frankly I'm jealous. We'll miss her desperately, but you gotta support your staff and be happy for them when they move on to bigger and better things.

So after work we went over to Friday's and had a drink to send her off. I haven't had a drink all month (pinky pact, you know) and didn't tonight, which is good because I wouldn't have come home and done the laundry that is steaming up the apartment at this moment. It's a step in the right direction, because beyond getting the waxing and the coloring and the leg shaving, I haven't done shit to get ready for this trip.

So the weather has been shitty out too, Monday was treacherous enough to make me white-knuckle it all the way to work (ice), and other areas have seen some snow, but for the most part it's been cold and rainy and yick. I forget winter every year, I swear. I am always just shocked when it continues to be cold, dark and wet for weeks on end.

Oh, I got a cookie bouquet at work today, for my "five years" at First Am. Which kinda cracks me up since I started in like March or April of 2001. Granted I was gone for about a total of 20 months in the middle there, but bless their hearts, they did the math and sent me the bouquet. It's really the best company out there, I just wish Tracy would change her mind and stay. And I am not sucking up, Vicki and Alysa. Nobody else from work reads this but you, and maybe Bri, so shaddup. :)

Perhaps the next time you read this you will be enthralled with tales of boozy tomfoolery and crazy adventure on the high seas (it's about a 15 minute ferry ride to and from Cancun, and I think you can see the bottom of the sea all the way across, but you could call that "high". It's higher than me.). I will try to be true to my theory of living life like I am telling a story. In the meantime, happy February to you all!


At 5:31 PM, January 31, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip, and a wonderful vacation!



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