Saturday, January 19, 2008

End of the tunnel?

Angela wants to know why the link in my last post saved my life. Because it was flipping hilarious and I really needed to laugh my ass off after the week I had. I was sort of sitting in a fog after a really long telephone conversation with Marshy (there was a lot of rambling on my part) and as much as I wanted a drink, I was home sort of trying to mel. Kudos to Marshy, though, she has held fast to this whole no-drinking-for-a-month thing - when I left work I phoned her (since I have been deathly silent to my friends lately) and made a lame attempt to talk her into meeting me somewhere for a cocktail (which for me is beer and hasn't been "a" in some time. Let's just say that there is no having "a" beer or cocktail for me. Just doesn't happen. "A" means "a whole bunch"). But Marshy held strong and said no! Really I'm glad because once I was in my houseclothes and trying to mel I knew I didn't want to be out anywhere. Plus too I wouldn't have been able to read that link. So it's a good thing. I need to put up a link to that blog so you guys don't forget it (since I know you go to all my links pretty regularly. Don't you.). That blog is consistently funny EVERY TIME. I love it.

All right then. So the 18th has passed. Yesterday we had something like 54 files that needed to record, which in itself is pretty hilarious, simply because on like a busy escrow day, say, month end or something, you'll ask an officer how many she has going for the day - you know, one of those crazy busy months or something. You look at her sympathetically when she says, I have 13 going, you offer help if she has anything over 15. We had 54 going. I mean, it's almost unheard of for one day.

Truth be told, not all of them went. But the thing about that is you don't know which ones AREN't going, so you have to be prepared for all of them. There were a few that didn't have occupancy certs on them (a few, but that just means they'll go Tuesday or so), and I am not sure how many the girlies actually DID record, but let's just say it was crazy. It was way more than what is normally considered a lot.

At the same time, docs continued to come in and HUDs still needed to be reviewed and signings needed to be scheduled. It's not over by any stretch, but it isn't anywhere near the organized pandemonium that it has been for the last few weeks. Wednesday for instance was bad for me. I lost it a little bit and yelled and stormed out and all that. Turns out the next day people bought me stuff and did stuff for me and generally tiptoed around me (not Gloria's unit, but the other staff members), so it worked out, but I still felt guilty about it. It was just a lot of pressure and I think at that point I couldn't see the end of it. The only person who could was Gloria herself. I don't know how she does that, but she does, it works, and now the auction company wants to use us for all of their Oregon auctions no matter who the seller is. That's a compliment we all need.

You know, I am only talking about work right now because it has been the main focus of my life for the last month. I haven't done anything else. I won't be doing anything else until Friday, February 1 when Marshy (who will FINALLY be able to drink) takes me to the airport to go to Isla with Dave and Marita (you know, Marshy, Barbie can probably take me, so don't feel obligated if you have an opportunity to celebrate the success of your dry month!). Yes I have the kittens, and there is never a shortage of Stupid People Tricks that leave me reeling in wonderment that many of these people have survived this long given they way they crash through life, and I'm sure I can come up with some sort of a list like I haven't done in quite some time, and maybe I will even have time to get really deep and deliver some sort of introspective that makes me think I'm smart and you think I'm stoned. I have some running around to do today, and I am trying not to drink too much coffee in an effort to not have a panic attack, so perhaps my experiences today will inspire me to finally deliver to you something you actually WANT to read. I always have said, Live life like you are telling a story; I am ready for my story to resume.


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