Thursday, December 20, 2007

I am going to complain.

Yeah, you know what? I deserve to complain. I just got a tiny (and yet oh so effective) claw jammed right into the arch of my foot. Yeah, the bottom soft part that doesn't get beat up by the pavement when you're barefoot. I'll look beyond the scabs all over my legs and the complete shambles of my apartment. But the claw to the foot hurt. And these cats have NO FEAR when they are wound up like this. They go through stages from the time I get home to the time when I consider letting them run free all night long to the time I decide there is NO WAY I am going to let them run free all night. Yay the human is home, then woo hoo we're kitties and romping is fun, then let's climb on the human while she answers her email, then look the human is eating something other than kibble, let's see if we can actually make it on to the table this time, then ooh I am so weary, let's snuggle up a little bit and show some love (this stage lasts roughly 3 1/2 minutes), then DEVIL WHIRLING DERVISH POSSESSED RUNNING LIKE CRAZY TEARING THINGS JUMPING FLYING BITING SCRATCHING WHACKO ALL HUMANS BAD IS THAT JUST HAIR OR IS THERE SKIN UNDER THERE TOO PAPER MOUSE WALL CHAIR LEG LEG LEG LEG...

It is by that stage they are herded into the bathroom (because that stage can last a good hour if you let it).

You know what? I'm fucking exhausted. I have worked a lot, and in this work, I have had to think a lot. And make decisions and solve problems and ease guilt and reassure fears and be diplomatic. I am flipping DONE. I am scooping those cats up and hauling their furry little bastard asses into the vet whereupon they will be declawed, because there is no stopping the bleeding on that part of your back that you cannot reach from above or below, and because I LIKE my sofa, and I am SICK of vacuuming every other FLIPPING day, and when I get home after a 12 day run like this, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH PAIN.

I'm done complaining.

And seriously right now as I type this there is an ad on TV for a Peticure - a cat/dog electric nail file. A message from somewhere?


At 7:54 PM, December 21, 2007, Anonymous RiverGirl said...

That was a great rant!! It's not hard to trim their nasty little nails. You just scoop them up and pin them down and squish their paws til the nails come out and then snip with the nail clippers (just don't go to the quick). You only need to clip the front paws usually. I clip a couple of my more wild kits' nails and it lasts about 6 or 8 weeks. Declawing is pretty extreme, you might try clipping and see if it works. And when you clip their nails they can't scratch stuff and forget about it, I think it can train them not to scratch since it becomes an unsatisfying experience when they try to. Out of 10 cats I only have one that uses her claws inappropriately on a regular basis, that bitch.

At 2:32 PM, December 22, 2007, Anonymous LGRT said...

You know if you cut their little feet off... they wont scratch either... And once de-pawed they're much easier to catch when you need to scoop them up for visits to the vet... they don't wonder off if you leave the slider open while you go have a smoke and they wont jump on the laundry all over the floor.

Of course would have to change their names to stump and post but you're no more attached to their names than they are to their paws.

At 4:53 PM, December 22, 2007, Blogger JJ said...

Oh my hell that was funny, Paul.

At 11:10 AM, December 23, 2007, Blogger CancunCanuck said...

Remember that wittle bitty kitten claws are much sharper and pointy than adult kitty claws. I have declawed cats in the past but really try everything else first. The last one had to be declawed because he had a thing about scratching my eyeballs when I went into REM sleep at night, little fucker.

Do as Rivergirl suggested, try to trim them. Look at the claws and just snip the tip, do not go far enough down that you can see the black stuff on the inside, they will bleed and possibly get infected. If you can handle waiting til they are a bit bigger (and fixed, they calm down after being fixed), try it. Once they are adults, if they still mangle you everyday, then I would consider it.


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