Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Tom and Joey (and maybe Arturo?)!

Is that right, RG? Is it also Arturo's birthday?

I do know it is the birthday of two of my brothers, and no they are not twins. Tom is 45 and Joey is 58. Yeesh. What happened?

I would love to sit and chat with you all, but I have to go to work. What's that, you say? Work? Why, it's Saturday!

Yes it is. But we (about 40 of us from work) are converging on the Convention Center to work this homes auction - roughly 220 homes on the block from a builder we do business with in Gloria's unit. Should be interesting. Should be a long day. And then another one tomorrow. But I could use the overtime and it will be an interesting process. So it's 6:52 am and I am showered and almost ready to go. Big fat hairy Starbucks run and I will be on the freeway headed east.

Hope the birthday boys have a great day!


At 11:53 AM, December 16, 2007, Anonymous RiveroGirl said...

Yes Joyce, you got it. We had a little fiesta that didn't end until 3 am this morning. It was fun, I wish you'd been there.

Arturo says "thank you" for the birthday wishes!


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