Saturday, December 01, 2007

DA da de da, DA da de da

The Mannheim Steamroller concert was good. My only exposure to them were the many cds that Rhonda had/has, and truthfully she didn't really play them that much when we were roommates in the House of Cards. Or if she did I blocked it. I like to sing. Singing instrumentals just sounds stupid. But yeah, we met at a bar called the Thirsty Lion in old town and had a couple of pops, then trained it over to the Rose Garden and pretty much sat down when they started. The visual effects were nice and the music was full and rolling. Lots of vid, I guess that's their gig. I was kind of shocked, though, that the first set lasted like 45 minutes, the intermission about 25, and the second set about another 45. They did three encores (you pretty much just expect an encore anymore, don't you?) and sure as anything, they played the Carol of the Bells. I pretty much gritted my teeth through and tried to focus on the (rather odd) vid that went with it, and soon enough it was over. I'm no fool, I'll hear it another 79 BAZILLION times before, you know, next Thursday.

After, we went to Paddy's for another couple of beers, but the walk back to Marsha's parking garage took any sort of alcoholic after effects out of me, and by the time the car heated up, I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed. Which I did, because it was midnight. It's been pretty dang cold for around here, and what with my solid rule of "no coat until December 1", I thought I might simply die. I will say that just being in the old town area, where a lot of the missions are, I felt pretty lucky that I get to ultimately be warm, as opposed to not sure when I might be warm again, which is pretty much the case for all the homeless-types that hang out down there. It made me sad.

Anyhoo... this a.m. I am going to breakfast with the girls at Maxwell's, and they are going off to cut down their Christmas trees and I am going to run some errands, and then I will head to Barbie's to watch the game (Go Ducks) and then I do believe Barbie and I will hit the Square and I do believe I might. just. buy. that. purse.

I'm shaking.

But I do feel like it's the Christmas season now. Thanks to those crazy flute and organ players from Nebraska.


At 4:23 PM, December 01, 2007, Blogger Mexico Way said...

You're weekend isn't even over and yet it sounds so enjoyable! Vancouver got snow this morning and Cancun got sun. I don't know why I just said that but I did so deal. Bells bells bells bells!


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